Beyond Remnant’s Root, We Need More Games Like This Soulslike With Guns

Craving a brutal shooter with deep exploration? Remnant is your fix.

 Story Highlights

  • Fast-paced combat with loot drops keeps the action pumping.
  • Diverse worlds offer endless surprises and challenges.
  • Co-op shines where solo play can be a lonely struggle.

Look, we all love a good Soulslike here and there. The punishing difficulty, the in-depth lore, the epic boss fights—all make these particular titles so engaging. But sometimes, I just want to unload a shotgun into a godforsaken beast, not dance around it with a sword, and that’s exactly where Remnant: From the Ashes and its sequel, Remnant 2, come in.

from the ashes
A great spin on some soul-like concepts into a weird world | Source: PC Gamer

Remnant games are a perfect combination of soulsborne challenge and roguelike shooter mayhem. You get the intense combat, the rewarding exploration, and the constant threat of death around every corner. But instead of rolling away from giant hammers, you’re blasting them with your trusty firearms. It’s a fantastic twist on the formula, and frankly, we need more games like it.

Guns, Guts, And Generated Worlds Are Remnant’s Recipe For Success

Forget Soulsborne’s slow, sword-and-shield slog. Remnant injects pure shooter mayhem into the brutal difficulty we crave.  It’s like blasting your way through a nightmarish world with a shotgun in one hand and a desperate prayer in the other. The threat of being overwhelmed by hordes of enemies or a boss fight keeps you on your toes, demanding mastery of both reflexes and strategic thinking.

Procedurally generated worlds? Genius! Every playthrough feels fresh, a new maze of enemies and secrets begging to be discovered. You never quite know what awaits around the next corner – a hidden passage leading to a powerful weapon or a difficult boss guarding valuable resources. Remnant even throws in that sweet roguelike loot grind to keep you hooked. You never know what overpowered weapon or armor you’ll unearth next. 

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Sure, dying sucks, but unlike other roguelikes, it doesn’t mean starting from scratch. You respawn at a central hub, ready to dive back into the chaos. This Soulslike design makes the game accessible to a wider audience, allowing players to jump back into the fray without the despair of losing everything.

Why We Need More Remnant-Style Games

Remnant is a blast solo but with two friends by your side? Pure, glorious magic. Coordinating attacks, reviving fallen teammates, and finally bringing down that annoying boss after countless attempts is what peak gaming feels like. The shared struggles and victories create a bond that lasts memories and a deep appreciation for the game’s challenges.

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Although bosses feel like bullet sponges and will one-shot you often if you’re playing solo, the challenge is certainly present. Some players who prefer to go solo might feel unfair and disheartened by bosses’ difficulty. Listen up! We need more games like Remnant but where the single-player experience is just as rewarding as the epic co-op moments.

The Second Serving, Remnant 2, Improved the Formula

Remnant 2 wasn’t just a rehash of Remnant: From the Ashes. It built upon the strengths of the first game and addressed some of its shortcomings. the wider range of environments – from sprawling deserts to ruined cities – kept exploration exciting. 

The character classes received a much-needed overhaul in Remnant 2. They became more distinct, offering a wider variety of builds. This made the loot grind feel less like a chore and more like a strategic pursuit. Boss fights were reworked too, feeling more balanced and less frustrating. Plus, Remnant 2 added crossplay, letting PC and console players team up. This expanded the pool of potential co-op partners.

A brief review on Remnant 2. What are your thoughts? It’s a game of the year contender for me.
byu/trio3224 invideogames

Remnant 2’s success is a challenge to other major companies to make a new generation of games that offer a thrilling blend of exploration, action, and the ever-present threat of death. With the upcoming update, players are happy to see Gunfire Games address a variety of bugs in Remnant 2’s latest hotfix.

Must-Haves For The Next Generation Of Soulslike Shooters

Remnant is a breath of fresh air, but let’s be honest, there’s room for improvement. The future of this genre is bright, but it hinges on your ability to learn from Remnant’s successes and shortcomings.

Some key takeaways to consider are to stop punishing lone wolves and make the difficulty scale fair for both solo and co-op players. The procedural generation is fun, but repetitive layouts get old. The thrill of the unknown is a core part of the experience, but don’t neglect handcrafted elements. Sprinkle in unique landmarks, hidden areas, and handcrafted encounters within the randomly generated world.

Maybe Git-Gud is the friends we made along the way | Source: GodisaGeek

By integrating these elements, developers can create Soulslike shooters with roguelike twists that are not only challenging but also deeply engaging. Remnant 2 wasn’t perfect I know, but it showed the immense potential for this genre. We’re hungry for more Soulslike shooters with roguelike twists that offer a balanced solo experience, surprising worlds, and deeper character builds. Let’s keep the genre alive and blast some more horrifying creatures into oblivion!

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