A Plague Tale Requiem Best Skills [Top 7]

Every skill has a unique effect on Amicia

There are twelve skills in A Plague Tale Requiem, and you can not unlock every skill in a single playthrough; thus, in this guide, we will be covering seven of the best skills in Plague Tale Requiem, so you know which skills you should focus on unlocking first in the game.

Key Takeaways
  • Every skill is different and has a unique effect on Amicia. Players cannot unlock every skill in a single playthrough.
  • Skills are further divided into three categories: Prudence, Aggressive, and Opportunist.
  • In the “Prudence” category, players should go for:
    • Light Footstep.
    • Nimbleness.
  • In the “Aggressive” category, try going for the following skills:
    • Vital Point.
    • Recovery.
    • Quick Fingers.
  • In the “Opportunist” category, the following are the abilities to go for.
    • Pure Product.
    • Alchemy Knowledge.

Skills In Plague Tale Requiem

The skill tree system in Plague Tale Requiem is quite unique compared to other games.  Each skill has a unique effect on Amicia, and the skill tree is further divided into three categories, and all three categories unlock have their own skill points.

  • Prudence
  • Aggressive
  • Opportunist

Each one of these categories has 4 different skills. These categories also correspond to three different playstyles. If you are a stealth player, then you will unlock the Prudence skill points. If you kill intentionally and like to play aggressively, then you will unlock the skill points for the “Aggressive” category. 

Players who prefer crafting different potions and Alchemy items will unlock skill points for the “Opportunist” category. 

Best Skills In Plague Tale Requiem

Here we will be listing all the best skills, and we will further explain every one of these skills so you can make the choice of which skills you should unlock first more appropriately.

  • Vital Points
  • Light Footstep
  • Nimbleness
  • Recovery 
  • Quick Fingers
  • Pure Product
  • Alchemy Knowledge

Here’s a quick look on the stats all the best skills:

Skill Skill TreeFocus of the Skill TreeSkill Description
Vital Points Aggressive Combat skillsAmicia can stangle enemies with her sling faster and quieter.
Light footstepPrudence Stealth capabilitiesAmicia makes less noise when moving near enemies.
Nimbleness Prudence Stealth capabilitiesAmicia moves faster while crouching.
Recovery Aggressive Combat skillsAmicia is able to stand up faster after getting knocked down.
Quick Fingers Aggressive Combat skillsAmicia reloads and uses her weapons faster.
Pure ProductOpportunistAlchemy skillsAmicia crafts an additional alchemical ammo with the same resources.
Alchemy Knowledge OpportunistAlchemy skillsAmicia can craft alchemical ammo faster.

Vital Points

best skills in plague tale requiem
Vital Points skill (Image Captured By Us)

The Vital Point Skill is a must-have for players who like to play aggressively, as this skill will allow them to strangle and incapacitate their enemies much more efficiently and quietly. You wouldn’t need to worry about another enemy spotting you from a distance as you are strangling one of his allies unless you were really careless with your timing.

It is a helpful skill and very much deserving to be on this list. Players can find this skill in the “Aggressive” category.

Light Footstep

different skills
Light Footsteps skill (Image Captured By Us)

The Light Footsteps is a simple skill that can be unlocked quite early in the game, but it can also very easily be considered one of the best as it can greatly reduce the stress that some players feel during the stealth sections of the game.

This ability lowers the noise Amicia makes while running, and generally, your footsteps make less noise thus, you can very easily move around quickly without the fear of your enemies overhearing you. In a nutshell, this skill allows you to traverse through the combat zone more quickly and makes avoiding combat a lot easier. This skill can be found in the “Prudence” category.


best skills in plague tale
Nimbleness skill (Image Captured By Us)

The Nimbleness skill paired with the Light Footstep skill will be quite a combo as it is also extremely useful in the stealth sections. It allows you to move faster while crouching; thus, you gain the ability to move from cover to cover more quickly and completely avoid detection altogether.

This is the ideal skill for players who prefer stealth, and the Nimbleness skill can be found in the “Prudence” category.


best skills in plague tale
Recovery skill (Image Captured By Us)

The Recovery skill can aid you in escaping and hiding more quickly if you ever get ambushed or find yourself spotted in a combat zone. If you are hit by an enemy, then this skill will allow you to recover much faster and run away from your enemy or land a counter hit more quickly. 

The Recovery skill is found in the “Aggressive” category and can very easily be considered one of the best.

Quick Fingers

differnet skills in plague tale
Quick Fingers skill (Image Captured By Us)

This skill can be considered the best skill in the “Aggressive” category and is a must-have for every player who likes to play aggressively. The Quick finger ability decreases your reload speed. This might not seem that big of a deal for new players who haven’t gotten the crossbow yet, but once you have obtained the crossbow, you will notice that its reload speed is excruciatingly slow.

This skill can truly help you out, especially in the second half of the game, and is well deserving to be called the best aggressive skill in Plague Tale Requiem.

Pure Product

best skills in the game
Pure Product skill (Image Captured By Us)

If you like to craft, then do not under any circumstances forget to unlock the Pure Product skill. Whenever you decide to craft alchemical ammo, you will craft one more ammo free of cost. This skill is extremely helpful in higher difficulties or in new game plus. Aside from crafting, you also need good armor, and Bracer Secret Armor in Plague Tale Requiem is by far the best one in the game.

This ability is found in the “Opportunist” category.

Alchemy Knowledge

best skills in plague tale requiem
Alchemy Knowledge skill (Image Captured By Us)

This skill allows you to craft ammo faster, it doesn’t boost your abilities or anything, but the Alchemy Knowledge skill can be of huge help when you are surrounded by multiple enemies and in need of some ammo.

Aside from being able to craft faster, it can also get you more Ignifiers and Odoris. This ability can be found in the “Opportunist” category.

Being a single-player action-adventure game, it is only natural that the game will offer a ton of different skills that will give you certain advantages in the combat sections of the game.

That concludes our guide on the best skills. The game is available on PS5, Xbox Series S/x, and PC. It is also available on Nintendo Switch through the Cloud.


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