AC Valhalla Fenrir’s Incisor Location, Stats and Perk

Our detailed Guide on AC Valhalla Fenrir's Incisor Location tells you everything that you need to know about the weapon location and stats.

Get ready to take a deep dive into the world of Norse Mythology as Ubisoft has finally launched the third and final Assassin’s Creed Valhalla DLC. The Dawn of Ragnarök DLC adds some of the best weapons and armor sets to the game, and you can make some of the best builds using these new additions. Fenrir’s Incisor is a one-handed dagger that is a part of this new DLC. Our guide will tell you everything you need to know about Fenrir’s Incisor location in AC Valhalla.

Key Highlights
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla comes with many melee weapons, and one of those is the Fenrir’s Incisor.
  • The Fenrir’s Incisor dagger is only available through purchasing Dawn of Ragnarok DLC and is at a specific location called Vangrinn.
  • The weapon is found at a house that is accessible only through the Power Of Jotunheim which helps you teleport inside a house in Gimsteinhus.
  • Players can find the weapon inside a chest within the house in Gimsteinhus.
  • The stats of Fenrir’s Incisor Weapon is also amongst the best in the game:
    • Attack: 129.5
    • Speed: 78
    • Stun: 170
    • Weight: 5.5 units
  • Fenrir’s Incisor is a dagger, its special perk is that every time you attack, it costs 20% less stamina.

Fenrir’s Incisor Weapon Location In AC Valhalla 

AC Valhalla Power of Jotunheim
The power of Jotunheim is required to get the Fenrir’s Incisor.

Finding Thorgrim’s Dying Breath is much easier than Fenrir’s Incisor. So, before we get into the weapon‘s location, there are a couple of prerequisites that you must fulfill to unlock the weapon. Players must know that Fenrir’s Incisor weapon is only available in the Dawn of Ragnarök DLC. So, you can’t unlock Fenrir’s Incisor unless you purchase the DLC. 

Additionally, you’ll need Perk (Hugr-rip): Power of Jotunheim, which is an ability that is needed to reach this weapon location successfully. It allows you to teleport to specific locations by shooting at world knots using your bow and arrow. This perk makes it a lot easier to explore particular places.

Moreover, when this skill is activated, Giants perceive you as Jotun until provoked. Dodges and rolls will teleport you, and this skill has a 25-second duration.

That was all you needed before trying to get the Fenrir’s Incisor. Now let’s move on to the location of the weapon.

Reaching Vangrinn

AC Valhalla Fenrir's Incisor Map location
Map location for the Fenrir’s Incisor in AC Valhalla.

The Fenrir’s Incisor is to the south-west edge of the map inside a house in Vangrinn. The exact location of the weapon can be seen in the image above. Once you get to the location, you will see a giant house surrounded by smaller buildings. Here is an image for your reference.

AC Valhalla Fenrir's Incisor Location
The house contains Fenrir’s Incisor inside it.

The Fenrir’s Incisor is inside the giant house, hidden away in a chest. Though it may seem quite simple to go and get it, getting inside the house is the challenge. At this point, you need your Power of Jotunheim. The details of getting inside the house are as below.

Getting Inside The House

AC Valhalla Fenrir's Incisor Location
The tree with the first World Knot.

Once you reach the location on the map, face the house looking south. If you ping, you can see your weapon upstairs. However, there is no easy way to enter the house. If you turn to your left, there is a world knot on a tree branch. Use your Power of Jotunheim to teleport yourself onto the tree branch. See the image above of the tree for your reference.

Once you are on the tree branch, turn around and look towards the building. You will see another world knot inside the house. Again, use your Power of Jotunheim to teleport yourself inside the house. Once you are inside the house, all left now is to find the chest with the Fenrir’s Incisor.

Finding The Fenrir’s Incisor

When you get into the house, you will now be on the top floor of the house. The weapon is on the floor below you. So, to get to the lower floor turn around, you will notice some ice frozen on the floor. Shoot it with your bow, and the wood will break, creating a giant hole in the bottom—dropdown through this opening.

Once you drop down and face west, you will see an ice wall inside the room. Shoot this wall with your bow. This will break the wall. When the wall breaks, you’ll see a chest behind it. The Fenrir’s Incisor is inside this chest. You may now open the chest and take your weapon.

Now that was all that you needed to know about Fenrir’s Incisor Location in AC Valhalla. However, this guide would be incomplete if we didn’t go into the details of the weapon’s description and stats. So, let’s investigate the in-game description, perks, and stats on Fenrir’s Incisor.

Fenrir’s Incisor Weapon Stats & Perks In AC Valhalla

The Fenrir's Incisor
In-game inventory look of the Fenrir’s Incisor.

Here’s the in-game description of the weapon, “Crudely assembled from a giant tooth and rough materials.”

A careful look at the weapon reveals the attention to detail that the developers put into making it. The blade itself looks like a sharpened tooth with visible signs of wear and tear. There are prominent engravings on the neck of the edge with a medallion in the middle of the grip and the blade.

The grip itself is covered with fur and leather. Nonetheless, the dagger looks fantastic, and it’s a cool-looking weapon for your character.

Weapon Perks

The dagger comes with one perk, which is as below.

  • Special attacks with this weapon consume less stamina: (Stamina cost reduction 20%)

The perk is not bad. Since this is a small, single-handed weapon, it doesn’t consume that much stamina. However, this essentially means that you can attack enemies more than the average amount, which is always a good thing.

We are now moving on to the weapon stats for Fenrir’s Incisor.

Fenrir’s Incisor Weapon Stats

Here are the weapon stats for this weapon. Beware that these are the stats for the mythical form of the weapon. You can always upgrade it if you want to improve its stats further.

Weapon statsFenrir’s Incisor’s Weapon stats
Critical Chance136.0

This concludes our guide on AC Valhalla Fenrir’s Incisor Location. What are your thoughts about the weapon? Let us know in the comments below. If you are looking for reviews on the new Dawn of Ragnarok DLC, then read Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok Review.

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