Armored Core 6: Attack The Dam Complex Combat Logs Locations

Navigate Armored Core 6 Attack The Dam Complex Battle Log locations for enhanced AC strength and strategy.

Prepare to explore the depths of the Armored Core 6 Attack the Dam Complex mission, where hidden Battle Logs hold immense power. These logs are your path to AC dominance, making the Armored Core 6 Attack The Dam Complex Battle Log guide your ultimate tool for success.

Key Takeaways
  • Explore the depths of Armored Core 6’s Attack the Dam Complex mission with Battle Logs.
  • Elevate your AC’s prowess by obtaining Combat Logs in Attack the Dam Complex.
  • Mission 6 reveals two vital Combat Logs, enhancing your AC with ranged tactics.
  • Follow these steps to find the two logs:
    1. Leap over the wall after the MT squad engages a lone Tetrapod on the frozen lake.
    2. Defeat the Tetrapod for the Silver Combat Log.
    3. Proceed east post-generator on the frozen lake.
    4. Confront a swift Armored Core near the mission’s end.
    5. Defeat the Armored Core near the next objective and then finish the mission.
  • Combat Logs lead to advanced parts and rank elevation via LOGHUNT, which unlocks new AC parts and missions in AC6.

For a quick a easy tutorial, here’s our video on the Battle Log locations in the ‘Attack the Dam Complex’ mission in Armored Core 6:

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Locating Combat Logs In Attack the Dam Complex

Attacking The Dam Complex Mission
Armored Core 6: Attack The Dam Complex Battle Log guide (image credit: eXputer)

In Mission 6, called Attack the Dam Complex, within Armored Core 6, you’ll come across two important Combat Logs. These are like battle records and can be really useful.

Remember, we’re not including any special playthroughs like New Game+. The trick here is to face tough enemies with courage. But don’t get too close – use long-range weapons like missiles on your back and guns in your hands.

Finding The Silver Combat Log

Fighting an AC for the Silver Battle Log - Armored Core 6 Attacking The Dam Complex Battle Log guide
Fighting an Armored Core for the Silver Battle Log (Image captured by eXputer)

Here’s how to uncover the first (Silver) Armored Core 6 Attack The Dam Complex Battle Log after completing the Annihilate Enemy MT Squad mission:

  1. As you move towards the third objective, destroy the remaining target facilities – jump over the wall on your right after dealing with the MT squad.
  2. On the frozen lake, there’s a lone enemy waiting, which will be your main target in Mission 06.
  3. On top of the dam wall, there are two more enemies shooting missiles at you.
  4. Dodge those missiles by moving around so you can focus on the main enemy, a moving Tetrapod.
  5. To beat it, try using close-range weapons, and when you succeed, you’ll earn a Silver Combat Log.

Getting The Gold Combat Log

Fighting AC for Gold Log - Armored Core 6 Attacking The Dam Complex Battle Log guide
Fighting an AC for the Gold Battle Log (image by us)

For the second (Gold) Armored Core 6 Attack The Dam Complex Battle Log location, try the following method:

  1. Go far east after the last generator on the frozen lake.
  2. You’ll find a fast Armored Core here, near the end of the mission, between the generator and dam systems.
  3. This Armored Core holds the Gold Combat Log, but watch out as it moves around a lot.
  4. To take it down, you could try a blade or shotgun up close, but you can also use long-range weapons – it’s your choice.
  5. The Armored Core loves using shoulder missiles, and it zips around the lake to avoid your attacks.
  6. Try to stun it against the rocks close to your next objective instead of fighting it in the open area of the frozen lake.

Armored Core 6 LOGHUNT Program Explained

LOGHUNT Program Progress
The LOGHUNT Program Progress Screen (image credit: eXputer)

After you finish Operation Wallclimber in Chapter 1 during your first playthrough, you’ll receive a message introducing you to LOGHUNT, a support program for mercenaries by ALLMIND.

From now on, specific foes will be highlighted in several upcoming missions. When you find and defeat these targets, you’ll obtain a Combat Log. As you collect these logs, your count will increase, raising your rank in the LOGHUNT initiative. This progress lets you unlock extra parts for your AC as you move up the ranks.

Finding Combat Logs

To discover Combat Logs, your main task is to pinpoint levels containing enemies carrying these valuable records. During your first playthrough of a level, it might not be clear, but you can take advantage of the Mission Replay function. 

  • A special marker next to the health and stagger indicators will pop up when you come across an enemy holding a Combat Log.
  • These logs come in different tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
  • Each tier contributes varying amounts to your LOGHUNT progress.

Rewards From LOGHUNT

As you conquer all Combat Logs and ascend to Tier 15 in the LOGHUNT program, you’ll earn the prestigious Elite Hunter Decal for your AC. Moreover, you get to unlock diverse AC Parts as you progress through tiers, enhancing your AC’s capabilities with each achievement.

Collecting all Combat Logs not only awards you the Combat Log Collector trophy but also plays a pivotal role in raising your Hunter Class, a value showcased on the Garage screen.

In the heart of the frosty battleground that is Attack the Dam Complex, Battle Logs hold the key to your Armored Core’s evolution. These hidden treasures, once conquered, will elevate your prowess and standings within the mercenary world.

Hopefully, this Armored Core 6 Attack The Dam Complex Battle Log guide has equipped you for triumph – now go, pilot your AC, and etch your mark in history!

Looking to further hone your skills in Armored Core 6? Make sure to check out this guide on maximizing your potential with these AC6 tips and tricks for your in-game ventures. Additionally, for a comprehensive understanding of the in-game challenges, explore some insights into Armored Core 6’s Difficulty Settings. Armed with these resources, you’ll be well-equipped to dominate the battlefield and ascend to AC greatness!

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