Armored Core 6 Tips And Tricks [Top 15]

Unleash your inner pilot in Armored Core 6 with these tips and tricks, providing essential insights for successful mech combat.

Controlling mechs in Armored Core 6 feels incredibly true as to piloting giant robots. While you might be ready to take on the challenge of mastering the commands and systems needed for this task, you need some Armored Core 6 Tips and Tricks to get started.

Key Takeaways
  • In Armored Core 6, piloting mechs accurately is a real challenge, and while you might feel ready to take on this task, having some tips and tricks at hand can provide a smoother start.
  • These tips offer valuable insights into maximizing damage, improving survival, and utilizing different game mechanics effectively.
  • By understanding these strategies, you can better navigate battles, enhance your mech’s performance, and gain the upper hand against enemies.
  • Some tips include using melee attacks for cost-effective damage, upgrading repair kits for survivability, or mastering spatial dynamics to minimize damage.

Armored Core 6 Tips And Tricks

Here is an overview of all the tips and tricks in Armored Core 6 that offer the best value in-game:

Sr. NOArmored Core 6 Tips What It Offers
1Use MeleeIncrease efficiency and save on ammunition costs
2Upgrade Your Repair KitsImproved survivability and optimized mech performance
3Fly Out Of TroubleMinimize unnecessary damage by utilizing spatial mechanics
4Utilize CompassGain tactical advantages and manage multiple targets across different elevations
5Always ScanGain valuable information and counter hidden threats
6Play Training MissionsEarn free parts for completing missions
7Replay MissionsEarn extra money
8Surprise Enemy ACsInitiate combat with the upper hand
9Pay Attention To WarningsReact effectively to combat events and enhance situational awareness
10Use BlockEnhanced damage mitigation and improved survivability in battles
11Learn About The HUDEfficiently monitor critical aspects during combat
12Upgrade Body PartsImprove overall mech performance and enhance mech capabilities and versatility
13Leg TypesEnhance AC Mobility and Tactical Versatility
14Sell AC Parts For Full ValueEfficiently Experiment with Builds and Manage Resources
15Respec OS TuningCustomize Abilities, Boost Damage, and Adapt with Ease

Use Melee

armored core 6 tips and tricks Using Melee in a Fight
Using Melee in a Fight [Image by eXputer]
If you find yourself struggling to deal enough damage early in Armored Core 6, consider focusing on melee options. Although engaging in close combat puts you at risk of taking more damage, the rewards are substantial and immensely satisfying. 

Taking down the initial boss becomes achievable with a few well-timed and accurately aimed strikes of the Pulse Blade. Moreover, as you progress, you’ll unlock even more powerful melee options capable of swiftly incapacitating even the mightiest bosses with a single blow.

  • No Ammo Consumption: Melee weapons don’t consume ammunition, ensuring you never run out of bullets during missions.
  • Cost Savings: Unlike ranged weapons that come with an ammunition cost, melee attacks won’t deduct from your final earnings. This translates to increased overall earnings from each mission if you make effective use of melee combat.

Upgrade Your Repair Kits

armored core 6 tips and tricks Repair Kits
Repair Kits [Image by eXputer]
Managing damage incurred during missions poses a distinctive challenge in Armored Core 6. To enhance your experience, consider prioritizing the upgrade of your repair kits. In each mission, you are allotted only three repair kits, and their standard effectiveness falls short of fully healing you. 

This often requires using multiple kits to mitigate risks. Replenishing kits are limited to dying or rare resources from Walter, the handler. Therefore, focusing on promptly upgrading repair kits proves to be the most beneficial choice.

  • Unlock Upgrades via Arena: Access the Arena, a mode offering 1v1 NPC battles, to unlock upgrade opportunities.
  • Win Arena Matches: Succeed in Arena matches to earn rewards, including money, cosmetics, and OST Chips.
  • Upgrade: Once the Arena is available, utilize the OS Tuning system to spend OST Chips on mech upgrades.

Fly Out Of Trouble

Flying Away from Enemies
Flying Away from Enemies [Image by eXputer]
In Armored Core 6 missions, the core objective is to ensure your survival until the mission’s completion. Preventing needless damage is essential, and this can be achieved by skillfully capitalizing on the Armored Core 6 spatial dynamics.

Airborne Defense Strategy:

  • Stay in the air and maintain constant movement.
  • All mech builds have the ability to jump into the air.
  • Airtime duration varies between builds.
  • Even brief glides and midair position adjustments make your mech a harder target.

While this strategy may seem basic, mastering your mech’s airborne endurance without the frequent need to monitor fuel levels necessitates practice. 

However, even with this learning curve, it’s generally recommended to minimize ground exposure. This principle holds even for less mobile builds with weight-related mobility constraints.

Utilize Compass

armored core 6 tips and tricks Compass
Compass [Image by eXputer]
The Armored Core 6 compass, positioned at the screen’s bottom, contains valuable data that can provide you with a strategic edge in battles. This is especially valuable when facing multiple enemies at varying heights.

Compass Utilization:

  1. Enemies are depicted as red squares on the compass.
  2. Indication of enemy elevation (above or below).
  3. High-elevation foes can pose significant challenges, particularly without cover.
  4. Prioritize dealing with elevated/stationary targets before engaging others.

In a certain mission, you’ll start in the middle of strong artillery attacks from units near a dam. It’s tricky to fight the ground targets with all the artillery firing, so you should take out those artillery units first.

Some targets are hidden because of their camouflage until they attack. So, make sure to watch your compass carefully before you start fighting, as the compass is really useful for staying careful and finding any hidden enemies nearby.

Always Scan

Scanning in Armored Core 6 is a really helpful tool. It’s like looking around to find hidden enemies. Imagine it as your super eyes during the fight. You can’t use it all the time, but it’s ready again pretty quickly.

Scanning Benefits:

  • The pulse’s radius is quite generous.
  • Highlighted targets remain visible for a brief period.
  • Indoor scenarios require scanning to unveil ACs lurking for surprise attacks.
  • A specific mission features ACs with active camo, only discernible momentarily via scanning.

You can use scanning by pressing down on the D-pad. Remember to use it often, especially when you’re inside buildings or when enemies could be hiding. It’s like a secret weapon to know where your enemies are.

Play Training Missions

armored core 6 tips and tricks Training
Training [Image by eXputer]
As you progress in Armored Core 6, you’ll unlock training missions. These missions are like practice sessions that help you get better. 

  • Learn the Basics: Training missions teach you important tactics and help you understand some terms used in the Armored Core 6.
  • Know Archetypes: Each training mission focuses on a specific AC type. It explains when and why to use them. This not only gives you ideas for your builds but also lets you try them out for free.
  • Free Rewards: After completing a mission, you get rewarded with parts. These parts are usually from the AC type you just practiced with.

Replay Missions

Replaying MIssions
Replaying MIssions [Image by eXputer]
One of the main problems you’ll face in Armored Core 6 is money. If you want to boost your funds in Armored Core 6, consider replaying missions.

  • Side Objectives: You can complete any side objectives you might have missed during your initial playthrough.
  • Bonus for Kills: Replaying missions allows you to earn bonuses based on the number of enemies you defeat.
  • Testing Ground: It’s an opportunity to test new builds and see how effective your AC is against certain bosses.
  • Income Source: After completing the main campaign, replaying missions becomes a significant way to earn money.
  • Bounty Hunt: Replaying missions helps you find missed bounty (loghunt) targets and boosts your chances of hunting them down.

Surprise Enemy ACs

Surprise Attack
Surprise Attack [Image by eXputer]
In Armored Core 6, not all enemy ACs are immediately aware of your presence. Missions usually start far enough from enemies, allowing you to assess the situation and plan your approach.

  • Surprising Enemies: Some enemies can be caught off guard, offering you a chance to initiate combat from a position of strength.
  • Scan for Awareness: The scan feature reveals enemies’ awareness status on your HUD, helping you identify those who are unaware.
  • Elevated Advantage: If you have an elevation advantage, you can stagger enemies with a surprise attack, securing precious time for critical hits.

Pay Attention To Warnings

Warnings [Image by eXputer]
Being a skilled AC pilot involves responding adeptly to combat events. Awareness of the Armored Core 6 sound cues and warning tones is essential:

  • Sound Cues: Armored Core uses various sound cues and warning tones to communicate your AC’s status and armament conditions.
  • Key Cues: Listen for tones that indicate overheating, low ammo, and successful enemy lock-on, among others.
  • Differentiating Tones: It’s crucial to distinguish between tones that signal successful enemy lock-on and those advising you to take cover.
  • Familiarization: Play around and deliberately trigger different scenarios to learn the meaning of each warning tone.
  • Enhanced Performance: Understanding warning tones enhances your situational awareness and overall AC pilot skills, leading to better combat outcomes.

Use Block

Early in the first chapter of Armored Core 6, you’ll encounter a new component called the shield. Utilizing a shield effectively can significantly reduce incoming damage to both your health and stagger meter. 

  • Shields excel at blocking damage, benefiting both health and stagger resistance.
  • Proper timing during the initial block moments maximizes the shield’s protective capacity.
  • Initially, shields might not seem crucial, but in Chapter 2, they prove invaluable in battles where dodging isn’t viable.

Learn About The HUD

HUD Readings armored core 6 tips and tricks
HUD Readings [Image by eXputer]
The HUD of Armored Core 6 might initially appear overwhelming, but it efficiently conveys crucial data at a quick glance, particularly related to the targeting reticle.

Elements of significance are marked with numbers in the screenshot above, and here’s what they represent:

  1. Target’s Health
  2. Target’s ACS Gauge
  3. Missile Lock Readiness
  4. Target Tracking Reticle
  5. Left Arm Weapon
  6. Left Shoulder Weapon
  7. Right Shoulder Weapon
  8. Right Arm Weapon

If the Target Tracking Rectile is red, your shots will automatically track and hit the target. This depends on your mech’s FCS (Fire Control System). The HUD’s clear presentation allows you to monitor these critical aspects during combat efficiently.

Upgrade Body Parts

Upgrading Body Parts
Upgrading Body Parts [Image by eXputer]
It’s common to focus on weapons, but don’t overlook customizing other parts for unique mechs:

  • Complete Customization: Customize head, core, arms, legs, generator, thrusters, FCS, and core expansions for unique mechs.
  • Beyond Weapons: Remember to upgrade non-weapon components for balanced performance.
  • Shop Upgrades: Consider purchasing boosters, generators, and other parts from the Shop.
  • Holistic Improvement: New body parts contribute significantly to mech effectiveness.

Leg Types

Legs Armored Core 6
Leg Types [Image by eXputer]
In Armored Core 6, the performance of your AC is significantly influenced by the type of legs you equip. Given the strong emphasis on movement, it’s logical to realize that your mech’s mobility is primarily determined by its leg configuration.

  • Leg types dictate your AC’s movement characteristics.
  • Reverse-joint legs excel in agility and speed, ideal for hit-and-run tactics.
  • Tetrapod legs introduce hovering capabilities, advantageous for aerial maneuvers.
  • Leg choice impacts tactical adaptability and engagement strategies.

Choosing the right leg type aligns your mech with your preferred combat style and opens up innovative ways to approach battles. By grasping the impact of leg selection, you can optimize your AC’s performance in various scenarios.

Sell AC Parts For Full Value

Selling AC Parts armored core 6 tips and tricks
Selling AC Parts [Image by eXputer]
Armored Core 6 employs a unique approach to resource management. While it charges you for ammunition, it’s exceedingly lenient with the buying and selling of mech parts.

  • Purchase and Sale Flexibility: Any mech part you buy can be sold back to the shop for its full value. 
  • Additionally, you can freely buy, sell, and rebuy parts multiple times without any penalties.
  • Especially early in the campaign, when funds might be limited, this system allows you to explore new weapons or leg types without straining your budget.
  • Feel free to sell unused parts to fund your exploration of new mech configurations, as you’re not locked into any decisions, making experimentation risk-free.
  • If you save a specific mech build in the AC Data menu and subsequently sell some of its components, you can still easily restore that build. 

By embracing this fluid mech parts economy, you can confidently customize and fine-tune your mech builds according to different challenges and playstyles. This flexibility grants you the freedom to adapt and experiment while managing your in-game resources more effectively.

Respec OS Tuning

Reset OS Upgrades
Reset OS Upgrades [Image by eXputer]
In Armored Core 6, The Arena battles hold a valuable key to refining your mech’s capabilities. By completing these battles, you earn chips that can be invested in the OS Tuning menu. This system not only unlocks new abilities for your mech but also empowers you to enhance damage output, resistance, and repair capabilities.

  • Adaptability and Respec: You have the flexibility to reallocate your chips based on changing needs or preferences. 
  • For instance, if you initially allocate chips in a way you later regret, you can respec your mech.
  • While respeccing requires spending 100,000 credits (assuming you have accumulated all the OST chips), it’s a relatively minor investment considering the potential benefits.
  • Gathering the necessary credits for respeccing is straightforward by replaying a quick mission, which can net you the required amount in a matter of minutes.

This adaptability empowers you to fine-tune your mech without long-term commitments, ensuring your arsenal is well-suited for any situation you encounter.

That’s it on Armored Core 6’s Tips and Tricks. If you’re still stuck at the first boss of Armored Core 6, read the guide on How To Beat HC Helicopter with proper strategy. Unfortunately, you can’t change the Difficulty Settings of Armored Core 6. However, you can tone it down using some customization, like getting the Best Armor and following these tactics.


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