Atlas Fallen: How Coop Works [Explained]

Experience unprecedented coop gameplay in Atlas Fallen; share loot, solve puzzles, and conquer monsters in a semi-open world.

In Atlas Fallen, Coop is an optional playing mode, where you can explore a semi-open world full of sand adventures and beat monsters with your friend. Atlas Fallen is perhaps the most awaited game of this year, and from the trailers, the game looks pretty hard. Though Atlas Fallen is designed for a single-player experience, however, to bring ease into our lives, the developers have introduced a Coop mode, where the players can battle with sand monsters and avail various powers and abilities with their friends.

Key Takeaways
  • Atlas Fallen features an optional Coop mode for shared exploration and combat with a friend.
  • Coop mode becomes available after 10 minutes of gameplay and isn’t hindered by progression gaps.
  • It utilizes an invite system for seamless synchronization.
  • A shared loot system enables players to exchange weapons and equipment.
  • Exploration allows players to split up, interact with NPCs, and complete quests independently.

What Is Coop Mode In Atlas Fallen?

Atlas Fallen Co-op
Atlas Fallen Co-op

Coop in Atlas Fallen, similar to any other RPG, is a mode in which you can play with your friend and explore and defeat legendary creatures in the open world of Atlas Fallen. The Coop Mode, in Atlas Fallen, can be synchronized throughout the whole game apart from the first 10 introductory minutes. Moreover, no matter how much progression gap you and your friend have, you both can still play together as the official Focus Entertainment trailer suggests.

All Coop Features In Atlas Fallen

Two Player Coop lobby & difficulty settings in Atlas Fallen

Atlas Fallen has taken Coop play to another level, as Coop here is seamlessly done with an invite system just to make sure you don’t miss it out, and also there is no progression check. Therefore, it’s entirely your decision if you want to enjoy the whole experience alone or want to take someone on this roller-coaster journey over sandy dunes.

Shared Loot

Apart from it, the makers of Atlas Fallen have introduced another interesting concept which is shared loot. This means that you and your friend can exchange weapons and stuff, therefore, there’s no need to run faster to beat your friend whenever playing Atlas Fallen in Coop. Thus, after initial 10 minutes, you can play the entire Atlas Fallen with your friend and enjoy the rewards later.

Coop Exploration

When playing Atlas Fallen, it is always more fun to explore the dunes and reveal chests with your friend. The Coop, allows you to freely explore Atlas Fallen’s open world, and while your partner interacts with NPC on one side of the map, you can discover your way and complete other quests.

The Coop also benefits from different elements that come while Exploration. Some puzzles require you to raise the element and then they shoot the array to the next element. Thus, when playing with a friend one of you can stand at a puzzle location and the other can see where the next element falls.

Coop Combat

Combat is very essential part of Atlas Fallen, and these combats become much easier and more fun when you are playing in Coop. Several abilities of you and your friend can be a blessing in disguise for each other when you are on the verge of being knocked out. The Aura you have are great for Coop combat, as whenever Auras are thrown to generate momentum, your Coop partner can heal while being in the circles generated.

Apart from it, you don’t have to worry about your build when encountering a tough enemy as one of you can focus on a healing build and the other one on a strong attack build. Thus, there are several synergy options and all of them are better than others.

  • While playing Coop has so many benefits, there are some drawbacks as well.
  • Coop Balancing is harder than single handling as you have to make sure that while your friend is attacking, you may get eaten by the other enemies.
  • However, the good thing about Atlas Fallen, is that you can change your difficulty level anytime whenever you feel that the current level is harder than your expertise.

In conclusion, the Coop mode in Atlas Fallen offers a fresh gaming experience. It allows players to team up with friends, explore the game world together, share loot, and tackle puzzles and enemies. Despite the challenges of balance in combat, Atlas Fallen offers flexibility with adjustable difficulty levels.


Image Credits: Official Focus Entertainment

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