Atlas Fallen: Essence Stones [Explained]

Discover Essence Stones in Atlas Fallen that are magical tools shaping your combat experience and empower your Gauntlet-wielding journey.

The Essence Stones are a significant component of the combat system in Atlas Fallen. They provide unique passive or active skills and abilities. Essence Stone will provide players flexibility in how they develop their character by experimenting with the various gauntlet weapons and Essence Stones.

Key Takeaways
  • There are over a hundred unique Essence Stones scattered throughout Atlas Fallen’s environment, each providing distinct buffs.
  • Essence Stones are critical to Atlas Fallen’s combat system, offering passive or active skills.
  • These magical tools provide a range of abilities to the Gauntlet-bearer, shaping combat experiences.
  • Essence Stones can be acquired through various means, including the Fusion system, defeating wraiths, and purchases from the Traveling Vendor.
  • These Stones play a significant role in the Momentum system, influencing a player’s power and vulnerability in combat in Atlas Fallen.
  • Each type offers a unique set of abilities or effects, and is categorized into different types listed as follows:
    1. Damage
    2. Tricks
    3. Momentum
    4. Healing
    5. and Survivability
  • The Momentum system and Essence Stones are intricately linked in Atlas Fallen, shaping a dynamic and strategic combat experience.

What Are Essence Stones In Atlas Fallen?

How Essence Stones Impact Combat In Atlas Fallen

Essence Stones in Atlas Fallen are magical tools that provide a variety of abilities to the Gauntlet-wielder, tailoring combat to individual playstyles. These Stones, integral to Atlas Fallen’s gameplay, affect characteristics like Damage, Tricks, Momentum, Survivability, and Healing.

Players can acquire them via the game’s Fusion system, defeating wraiths, buying from the Traveling Vendor, discovering them in world chests, or through quests. With Essence Stones, combat transforms into a strategic playground, influencing not only the player’s power but also their vulnerability through the Momentum system. Hence, Essence Stones are pivotal in defining and modifying a player’s combat experience

Types Of Essence Stones In Atlas Fallen

Perriolious Parry Essence Stone

Essence Stones in Atlas Fallen are categorized into different types, each providing a unique set of abilities or effects to the player:

  1. Damage Essence Stones: These stones enhance the damage output of the player. By equipping these stones to your Gauntlet, you can deal heavier hits to your enemies.
  2. Tricks Essence Stones: Providing an opportunity to inflict status effects on adversaries, these stones add another layer of strategy to your combat style. The effects could include interrupting, crystalizing, or supercharging, among others.
  3. Momentum Essence Stones: These unique stones influence the gain or loss of Momentum, a key combat mechanic in Atlas Fallen. They can alter the dynamics of the battle, making them pivotal in high-stakes fights.
  4. Healing Essence Stones: They offer effects related to healing and HP management. With these stones, a player can ensure sustainability on the battlefield by enhancing their health recovery.
  5. Survivability Essence Stones: As the name suggests, these stones enhance a player’s defensive or evasive capabilities. They are critical in tough battles, helping you withstand and evade enemy attacks.

How Momentum System Is Linked With Essence Stones?

Essence Stones combat in Atlas Fallen

The Essence Stones and the Momentum system in Atlas Fallen are intrinsically linked, shaping a dynamic and strategic combat experience.

1. Essence Stones Influence Momentum

Essence Stones, especially the Momentum category, directly affect the accumulation or loss of Momentum, a key combat mechanic. Using the right Essence Stones, players can significantly amplify their Momentum during battles.

2. Momentum Power-Up

As players accumulate Momentum in combat, their power increases, resulting in more potent attacks and abilities. This relationship allows players to strategically utilize their Essence Stones to boost their Momentum and, consequently, their strength on the battlefield.

3. Risk-Reward Balance

However, this relationship isn’t without its risks. As Momentum increases, so does the damage received, making players more vulnerable. This balance between risk and reward adds a deeper layer of strategy to combat, encouraging players to thoughtfully consider their use of Essence Stones and their approach to building Momentum.

4. Enhancing Combat Strategies

The Essence Stones’ influence on Momentum also opens up various combat strategies. Players can build up Momentum against weaker enemies before dealing a powerful strike against a stronger foe. Essence Stones will help players to counter enemies with powerful haymaker attacks, excellent dodges, and improved aerial combos.

Overall, the interplay between Essence Stones and Momentum creates a compelling and strategic combat experience in Atlas Fallen. Each of these Essence Stone types adds a different dimension to the gameplay, offering a chance to tailor combat style according to the situation and the player’s preference. 

How To Upgrade Essence Stones In Atlas Fallen

Essence Stones List In Atlas Fallen

Upgrading Essence Stones in Atlas Fallen follows a specific process, enhancing the capabilities of the stones and hence the player’s power in combat. 

  1. Access Upgrade Menu: All Essence Stones and their upgrade paths can be accessed from the Gauntlet Menu. This is the central hub for managing your stones and understanding the next available upgrade.
  2. Upgrade Display: The Gauntlet Menu displays the next potential upgrade for each Essence Stone. This information helps players strategize their upgrades and prioritize their resource usage.
  3. Resource Requirements: To execute an upgrade, specific resources are needed, listed in the Gauntlet Menu. These resources may be gathered through gameplay, and careful management of these resources is key for effective upgrading.
  4. Essence Stone Configuration: The Gauntlet menu allows players to sort all collected Essence Stones and view their Tier Slots. The player has three Tiers, with four slots in each for Essence Stones, thus providing a framework for organizing and planning upgrades.
Finalizaing Arsenal including Essence Stones In Atlas Fallen

Upgrading Essence Stones, thus, is a strategic process, offering players a way to boost their capabilities and adapt to the increasingly challenging Atlas Fallen world.

In conclusion, the Essence Stones in Atlas are Falenare scattered throughout the environments and there are over a hundred stones to discover, each of which provides unique buffs. You’ll find the stones by smashing off enemies into pieces. Some stones can be crafted as well. 


Image Credits: Official Atlas Fallen

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