Atlas Fallen: How Momentum Works? [Explained]

The Momentum system in Atlas Fallen heightens gameplay, offering attack options while increasing vulnerability as players dive into combat.

What Is Momentum System?

Momentum Gauge in Atlas Fallen

The Momentum system in Atlas Fallen is a unique combat mechanic where each successive attack fills a momentum bar. This passive system enables more attack options as the bar fills, encouraging an aggressive playstyle. 

However, a high momentum bar also increases the player’s vulnerability to damage, necessitating strategic decision-making in combat. This delicate balance of power and fragility provides a dynamic combat experience. High momentum may unlock powerful attack sequences but also forces the player to consider defensive tactics. This system is intricately tied with weapon choices and combat styles, adding depth to the overall gameplay.

Key Takeaways
  • The Momentum system in Atlas Fallen enhances combat by offering more attack options as players successfully strike enemies.
  • Momentum builds through a bar that fills with each successful attack, unlocking more potent options like spawning additional arms with the Knuckledust ability.
  • However, increased Momentum also heightens vulnerability to enemy attacks.
  • The Momentum system is influenced by weapon choices and combat styles, affecting the rate at which Momentum builds.

How Momentum Mechanic Works?

Higher Momentum gives great damage potential

The Momentum mechanic in Atlas Fallen is an innovative feature that adds a strategic layer to combat.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Momentum Accumulation: Players build Momentum by successfully landing attacks. Each successful hit contributes to filling the Momentum bar.
  2. Threshold-Based Abilities: As the Momentum bar reaches certain thresholds, new and more powerful attack options become available to the player. These enhanced abilities offer greater damage potential and effectiveness in combat.
  3. Enhanced Offense: With higher Momentum levels, players can access potent offensive maneuvers and abilities. For example, certain weapons may gain additional attributes or effects when used with high Momentum, allowing players to deal significant damage to enemies.
  4. Increased Vulnerability: However, as Momentum increases, players become more vulnerable to enemy attacks. This creates a risk-reward dynamic, where players must balance aggressive offense with defensive maneuvers to avoid taking excessive damage.
  5. Strategic Decision-Making: Players must make strategic decisions about when to utilize their enhanced abilities based on the current Momentum level and the tactical situation in combat. Choosing the right moment to strike or defend becomes crucial for success.
  6. Weapon and Combat Style Influence: The Momentum system is influenced by the player’s choice of weapon and combat style. Certain weapons may be more effective at building Momentum quickly, while others may require a more measured approach to avoid overexposure to enemy attacks.

Essence Stones’ Impact On Momentum

Essence Stones In Atlas Fallen

You can find Essence Stone while exploring and killing enemies, which you can attach to the momentum bar to activate different abilities or upgrades. These abilities could range from a passive defense boost to an AEO sand tornado or a modification to your dodge.

An AEO sand tornado is an ability in Atlas Fallen that causes a sandstorm to appear around your character, damaging and stunning nearby enemies. The Sand Tornado is an example of an AEO ability, which means it affects a specific area around your character.


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