BG3: Underdark Map [All Points Of Interest With Pictures]

Here you can learn all of the Underdark's points of interest, waypoints, and locations that may give you some extra loot.

Underdark BG3
Underdark (Image Captured by Me)

The Underdark is an underground area in Faerun that is home to the most dangerous plants and entities that defile all the lands.

The Underdark is one of the most dangerous places in Faerun, but you only have access to a small part of it in BG3. There are many different ways to get to the Underdark, however, we’ll only focus on what you will find once you get to the region.

I have listed below some of the key features of the Underdark in BG3:

  • You have to travel through the Underdark at the end of Act 1 to get to the Shadow-Cursed Lands.
  • When adventuring through the Underdark, you can also find key items like the Sussur Tree bark, a Scroll of Invisibility, and a Phalar Aluve.
  • There are many sub-areas within the Underdark that you can easily miss, like the Arcane Tower, the Myconoid Colony, and the home of the well-known Fish people, the Festering Cove.
Key Takeaways
  • The Underdark is an underground region in the world of Faerun.
  • You have to enter the Underdark towards the end of Act 1 to progress further.
  • It is home to the infamous Fish People, Myconoids, Duergar, and the Sussur Tree.
  • In the Underdark, you can explore areas like the Myconoid Colony, the Adamantite Forge, and the Arcane Tower.

The Complete BG3 Underdark Map

Underdark Map
Complete Underdark Map (Image Credits: Me)

This section will cater to the entire Underdark map with all points of interest and all the waypoints you can access in the area. You will naturally run into some of these areas when progressing through the main quest line, but some are very easy to miss, so keep an eye out for these if you plan on exploring all of the Underdark.

Zhentarim Hideout

Zhentairm Underdark Outpost
Zhentarim Storage (Screenshot Captured by Me)

In my opinion, the Zhentarim Hideout outpost is one of the most common entrances to the Underdark in Act 1. Once you take the elevator down to the outpost in the Underdark, you can loot the boxes around you before you progress further into the Underdark.

Underdark Selunite Outpost

Underdark Selunite Outpost
Underdark Selunite Outpost (Image by Me)

The Underdark Selunite outpost is one of the first few instances of the Shar and Selune questline in BG3. It is directly below the Blighted Village and has a lot of locked rooms around the entrance. After opening the Iron doors, you can loot the rooms and keep exploring outwards.

If you take this entrance, it will be your first waypoint in the Underdark. You can navigate to X: 176 and Y:-235 in the Underdark if you didn’t enter the Underdark from the Blighted Village and wish to explore this area.

The Hag Lair

The Hag Lair
Underdark Hag Lair (Image credit: Me)

In my experience, the Hag Lair is one of the trickiest entrances to the Underdark. If you explore the area around the Hag’s Lair in Act 1, you will see a conspicuous circle made of plants that ultimately leads you to the Underdark. You can access the other Circle towards the extreme North-West of the Underdark.

Arcane Tower

Underdark Aracne Tower
The Arcane Tower (Image Credit Copyright: Me)

The Arcane Tower is in the South region of the Underdark. It is also one of the main loot areas in Act 1. You need to solve several puzzles, including disabling the arcane turrets to get into the Arcane Tower. Once inside, you can explore the entire tower and maybe find Bernard. If you successfully pass the riddle, you can access the basement, which has even more loot for you to grab and a familiar face.

Sussur Tree

The Sussur Tree
Sussur Tree (Image Credit Copyright: Me)

One of the most sought-after places on the Underdark Map is the Sussur Tree. It is crucial to the Sussur Weapon questline and is in the western region of the Underdark. The Sussur Weapons are mighty weapons you can get early on in the game. They are especially useful if you have a character/companion that uses a lot of melee attacks.

Underdark- Beach

Beach Underdark BG3
The Underdark Beach (Image Captured by Us)

The Underdark Beach is the only place in the Underdark that you will have to explore to progress in the main quest line. It is present towards the south-west region of the Underdark. I suggest you explore this region after a long rest because there may (or may not) be a rather ugly fight waiting for you there.

Myconoid Colony

Myconoid Colony Underdark BG3
The Myconoid Colony (Image credit: Me)

The Myconoid Colony is one of the most beautiful places in the Underdark, home to the Myconoids. You may or may not have to access this area depending on what choices you make, but you should check it out nonetheless because of the vendors Blurg and Derryth that reside there.


Adamantite Forge Underdark BG3
Grymforge Map (Image by Me)

The BG3 Grymforge is another sought-after area on the Map. It is a crucial area for some early game equipment and is home to the Adamantite Forge. You can potentially skip the entire quest line associated with this area of the Underdark, but if you’re looking for early experience, good equipment, and context for more forge quests later, definitely play it out.

With that, my BG3 Underdark Map guide has come to an end. The Underdark is one of the scariest places in Baldur’s Gate 3, but I highly suggest checking it out before you venture too deep into the Shadow-Cursed Lands. However, if you liked this guide, consider checking out the Best Jaheira Build when you venture into the Shadow Cursed Lands. If that isn’t your style, check out the BG3 Dyes guide instead.

Also, check out Huzaifa’s review of Baldur’s Gate 3, where he gave it a solid 5/5.

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