Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Solve The Plaque Puzzle

The Baldur's Gate 3 Plaque Puzzle guide will showcase how to solve the puzzle and gain access to Sharran's Sanctuary!

Baldur’s Gate 3 is full of puzzles for players to solve, such as the Plaque Puzzle, a statue puzzle located in the Shadow-Cursed Village area that can grant players access to a Sanctuary. Players might want to know how to locate it and solve it. 

Important: Players will need to defeat the Shadow-Cursed Harpers while they are reaching the Plaque Puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3!
Key Takeaways
  • The Plaque puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a statue puzzle that has three plaques that need to be interacted with in a Northern, Western, and Eastern order. 
  • To solve the Plaque puzzle, players must interact with the Northern plaque with the correct inscription, then the one on the Eastern side, and then the Western side. 
  • The main benefit of solving the plaque puzzle is that it will grant you access to Sharran’s Sanctuary. 
  • The drawback is that there will be enemies that you will need to fight off before accessing the puzzle. 
  • Players must correctly follow the correct order of plaques to open the door to the Sharran’s Sanctuary in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

What Is The Plaque Puzzle? 

BG3 What Is The Plaque Puzzle
What Is The Plaque Puzzle

The plaque puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a three-way statue puzzle located in Shadow-Cursed Land in the Reithwin area

If you open your map, you should be able to see the Shar’s Statue that holds the plaque puzzle, and it can be found in Reithwin Town in the Western region of the Shadow-Cursed Village. 

  • You might encounter a few enemies, such as the Shadow-Cursed Harpers, while on your way to reaching the statue, and they are a bit difficult to fight as they surround you as a crowd. 

A flight of stairs protects the Statue itself and holds three plaques that can be solved to solve the puzzle and lead to the Sharran Sanctuary, a crucial part of the puzzle. 

How To Solve The Plaque Puzzle 

BG3 Interacting With The Plaques
Interacting With The Plaques

As you approach the Plaque Puzzle, you will encounter a giant statue with three plaques, each serving a different purpose and puzzle piece. 

Below are the steps I followed to solve the puzzle: 

  1. The statue will have a Northern side, a Western and an Eastern plaque puzzle, each of which can be noted. 
  2. Head over to the Northern plaque puzzle part located at the front and center of the statue, which will have an inscription. 
    BG3 First Plaque
    First Plaque
  3. The inscription will read the following lines, “OUR-L MISTR WHEN-NI THORM.” 
  4. A small click will be heard, indicating that the first plaque has been solved. 
    BG3 Second Plaque
    Second Plaque
  5. Head to the Western plaque located to the side of the Northern plaque. 
  6. The Western plaque puzzle reads the inscription as “ADY-O ESS-OF GHT-F SHAL.” 
    BG3 Third Plaque
    Third Plaque
  7. Interact with the Easternplaque behind the Western plaque, which reads the inscription as, “F-LOSS PAIN ALLS L-RISE.” 
    BG3 Entrance To Sanctuary
    Entrance To Sanctuary
  8. As you do so, the door to the Sanctuary opens between the Eastern and Western plaque puzzle. 


After the Puzzle, I entered the Sharran Sanctuary, located between the Western and Eastern plaques. 

  1. Head down the stairs and interact with the first plaque on Shar’s Statue, which asks you to accept Shar’s test of your intellect. 
    BG3 Heading Down The Stairs
    Heading Down The Stairs
  2. Roll one of your Saving Throws, and it will test your Charisma, Wisdom, or Intelligence. 
  3. If you pass the test, you get a 5 5-point increase to that certain ability. 
    BG3 First Test
    First Test
  4. Head to the statue in the middle and interact with the plaque again to test yourself in Baldur’s Gate 3. 
  5. Head to the final statue to the far right, and this time, it will ask if you are wise enough to be granted the Blessings of Shar. 
    BG3 Second And Third Statue
    Second And Third Statue
  6. After being tested, go to the Shar Altar after the door opens, and it asks for your blood. 
    BG3 Shar's Altar
    Shar’s Altar
  7. Choose to recite Shar’s inscription and offer your blood, an essential step in the plaque puzzle. 

After this, you gain her Blessing and can choose to take the best items, such as the Potion of Angelic Repreive, Elixir of Necrotic Resistance, the two scrolls, and the Ritual Dagger of Shar located on Shar’s Altar. If you decide to take the dagger as a reward, then 3 Sentinels will attack you. 

And that’s just about it! All that players need to know about the Plaque Puzzle, so let’s wrap up the guide! 

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