BG3 Monk Weapons [All Types & Proficiency]

Learn everything about the Monk Weapons in BG3, their Monk Proficiency traits, and see what weapons or combos work best with this class.

The Monk class is one of the recent classes added to BG3 following the early access patch. It has several versatile skills that are more than helpful for a brawler class. One of the more notable features of this class is the weapons bonus, which will be the main focus of most Monk Weapons BG3.

Key Takeaways
  • Monks are special Dexterity-based classes in BG3 that excel at close-range repetitive damage.
  • They have certain perks with their kit, like the Monk Weapons bonus.
  • Monks have proficiency with eligible weapons and deal bonus damage with them.
  • No weapon with the “Two-Handed” attribute can classify as a Monk Weapon in BG3.
  • The Monk can use Martial Weapons, which include Longswords, The Morningstar, and Battleaxes.
  • The Simple Weapons that a Monk can use with the bonus are Javelin, Spear, and Daggers.

What Are Monk Weapons In BG3?

Monk Class BG3
Monk Class (Image Credits: eXputer)

The Monk Weapon description in BG3 is vague, especially if you’re a relatively new player. The text description states, Monk weapons are those which the Monk has Proficiency, and which do not have the two-handed weapons or heavy properties.” While this is a good definition, much is still missing from it.

This leaves questions like which weapons the Monk is proficient with or which weapons are included in that criteria. We will see the answers to these questions in a later section. However, some more critical traits that come with opting for the Monk class are listed as follows.

  1. Viable Monk Weapons give a significant Dexterity boost when wielded.
  2. Your Weapon Proficiency will change based on what race your character is.
  3. Monks can go for a viable unarmed “Ninja” build without using any Monk weapon.

Monk Weapon Proficiency

Monk Ki Skill
Monk Ki Trait (Image Credits: eXputer)

When you opt for the Monk, you gain several perks, one of which is proficiency with certain weapons and skills that will help you in combat. The Monk’s proficiency attribute is perhaps the most critical aspect of the class. The simplest way to browse your proficiencies is by going to your character sheet and looking at the “Proficiency Bonus” section.

  • The number of weapons you can choose will change significantly based on what subclass you’re opting for.
  • However, the restriction on two-handed weapons will still take effect and give you the proficient bonus.
  • There is the exception of certain weapons, like the Quarterstaff, which is a two-handed weapon but does not have the two-handed trait, which makes it a viable Monk Weapon.
  • Finally, you can choose from many builds that can allow you to boost weapon damage and choice.
  • Because of your Dexterity boost, you can go for wielding Battleaxes and Warhammers as a Barbarian.
  • Additionally, you can play around with your Wisdom trait to dish out decent burst damage.

Unarmed Monk Proficiency

Monk Unarmed Strike Skill
Unarmed Strike Bonus (Image Credits: eXputer)

The Monk class also has several special bonuses like Flurry of Blow and several Martial Arts bonus that only works with unarmed strikes. While these skills are not triggered by any Monk Weapon that you may use, there is a way for you to make use of them in certain combos.

  • You can use your weapon for the initiating strike or trigger the Flurry of Blows effect in your bonus attack.
  • This combo will allow you to make use of the Ki Points abilities and do the most damage with this class.
  • This combo is almost necessary to master as a monk if you want to keep up with some of the other high DPS classes like Fighters and the Barbarians.

All Monk Weapons in BG3

BG3 Simple Weapons
Simple Weapons (Image Credits eXputer)

In the last section of this Monk Weapons BG3 guide, we will look at all the different weapons that you can use with the Monk bonus. A few weapons won’t be listed here, like the Quarterstaff, because their eligibility is not guaranteed because it is based on the build you go for.

Martial Weapons

All eligible Martial Weapons for the Monk class with the proficiency bonus are listed as follows:

  • Longswords
  • Morningstar
  • Battleaxes
  • Trident
  • Warhammer
  • War Pick
  • Rapier
  • Scimitar
  • Shortsword

Simple Weapons

All eligible Simple Weapons you can use with the Monk Proficiency bonus can be found below:

  • Handaxe
  • Javelin
  • Spear
  • Light Hammer
  • Mace
  • Sickle
  • Clubs
  • Dagger

With that, we conclude our Monk Weapons BG3 guide. You can check out a similar guide to this one, like the Best Sorcerer Build. If that doesn’t suit your style, you can always learn more about the Withers in BG3. Lastly, if there is anything you wish to add regarding any of the Monk Weapons, feel free to use the comments below.


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