BG3: BEST Healer Build & Progression [Definitive Guide]

With more than 80 hours invested solely in Celrics, this is my take on the best Healer Build in BG3.

The Cleric class is mostly preferred in case you wish to do a healer playthrough, but even then, the questions arise on which spells work best and which stats to invest in if you want the best possible healer in Baldurs Gate 3.

Key Takeaways
  • You need to start out with the Cleric class and Dwarf race.
  • Pick the Life Domain subclass for optimal healing utility in BG3.
  • Choose the Sanctuary spell when starting out.
  • At level 4 learn Hold Person, increase Wisdom to 18, and choose a Cantrip.
  • Around level 5, learn Spirit Guardians and Protection from Energy.
  • Pick up the Freedom of Movement at level 7.
  • You will get Heal, Harm, and Heroes Feast at level 11.
  • Learn a spell of your choice and increase Constitution to 18 with Ability Improvement at the last level.

How To Create The Best Healer Build In Baldurs Gate 3

I have prepared a table containing all the things you have to select during character creation:

Class/ SubclassRace/ SubraceCantripsDeity/ BackgroundAbilitiesPrepare SpellsSkill Proficiencies
-Class: Paladin
-Subclass: Life Domain
-Race: Cleric
-Subrace: Dwarf
-Sacred Flame
-Deity: Any
-Background: Guild Artisan
-Guiding Bolt
-Inflict Wound
-Shield of Faith
best healer build bg3
Starting Class for the best healer [Image Taken by Me]
There is a lot of variety in builds, classes, subclasses, and playstyle. Therefore, in order to know how to create the best healer build in BG3, I must at ground zero, Character Creation.

Races And Subraces

best healer build bg3
Subrace for the Dwarf [Image Captured by Me]
Naturally, I recommend selecting the Cleric as your main class. In all the BG3 races, the most preferred one for a healer is Dwarf. In terms of the subrace, I will recommend choosing the Gold Dwarf. Aside from healing, you also need to be able to do some proper damage with your weapon.

Subclass And Cantrips

best healer build bg3
Cantrips for the best healer build [Image Credit: Me]
When choosing the Subclass, it should be quite obvious to choose the Life Domain since you are going for the best healer build Faerun has ever seen. The two spells offered by the Life Domain during character creation are

  • Cure Wound
  • Bless

The Cantrips you can pick from are:

  • Guidance
  • Resistance
  • Sacred Flame

The Guidance spell gives the target a +1d4 bonus to Ability Checks, while the Resistance spell makes the target more resistant to spell effects and conditions. And finally, the Sacred Flame is a basic spell that deals 1d8 Radiant damage.

Deity And Background

best healer build bg3
Choosing a Deity [Image Credit goes to Me]
For Deity, players can choose anyone they want, as this doesn’t really affect the play style. It only gives the players some unique dialogue options. 

And for background, I will recommend choosing the Guild Artisan, as it offers the players bonus in Insight and Persuasion, and I never say no to some extra Persuasion.

Abilities And Prepare Spells

best healer build bg3
Choosing abilities for your build [Image Taken by Me]
For the ability points, I will recommend giving the +1 bonus to Consitution and the +2 bonus to Wisdom.

The Ability Point Distribution should be like this:

  • Strength: 14
  • Dexterity: 10
  • Constitution: 16
  • Intelligence: 8
  • Wisdom:16
  • Charisma: 10

For skills, the combination you need to pick is Religion, Insight, Medicine, and Persuasion.

The four spells I will recommend you pick during character creation are:

  • Guiding Bolt
  • Inflict Wound
  • Shield of Faith
  • Bane

The Guiding Bolt has a range of 18 meters and does damage between 4-24. This spell also grants an advantage on the next Attack Roll. The Inflict Wound is a Necromancy spell that putrifies your target. It can do damage between 3-30.

The Shield of Faith is a fantastic spell in case you want some defense, as it protects the target from attacks, increasing its Armour Class by 2. This spell has a range of 18 meters. The Bane skill, on the other hand, can cause a -1d4 penalty to Attack Rolls and Saving Throws to three targets. It has a range of 9 meters.

What To Choose As You Level Up

best healer build baldurs gate 3
Leveling up in Baldur’s Gate 3 [Image Captured by Me]
Now, as you level up in Baldur’s Gate 3, you will be given a choice to choose new spells, cantrips, and more. Choosing the right ones is paramount in deciding whether your current build can reach its full potential and can truly become the BG3 BEST Healer build or not.

Level 2 

Once you hit level two, you will gain two new actions called the Turn Undead and Preserve Life. Aside from these actions, you will also gain a new spell slot. I recommend choosing the Sanctuary spell for now. It will help your character protect your frontline from impending doom if used correctly.

Level 3

leveling up the build in baldurs gate 3
Reaching level 3 [Image Taken by Me]
Once you hit level 3, you will obtain another spell slot and a plethora of level 2 spells to choose from. Here, I will recommend removing the Sanctuary spell and exchanging it with the level 2 spell- Spiritual Weapon instead. As for the newly unlocked slot, I recommend selecting the Warding Bond spell.

  • The Spiritual Weapon summons a spectral weapon that attacks alongside you. It offers 4-11 damage and has a range of 18 meters.
  • The Warding Bond spell wards an ally. The ally gains resistance to all damage and gets a +1 bonus to their Armour Class and Saving Throw.

Level 4

leveling up the build in baldurs gate 3
Increasing Wisdom as you reach level 4 [Image Captured by Me]
At level 4, players will gain an additional Cantrip slot, a Spell slot, and a Feat option.

You should opt for the following configuration:

  • As for the Cantrip, you can choose whichever one you want, as they don’t influence the healer aspect of your build.
  • In the case of Feat, you need to select Ability Improvement and increase your Wisdom stat from 16 to 18.
  • In terms of which spell to learn in BG3, the Level 2 spell- Hold Person, will be the best choice for your BEST Healer build in 2024.

The Hold Person spell allows you to hold a humanoid enemy. The enemy unfortunate enough to be under the influence of this spell can’t move, attack, or react. So, all attacks within a 3-meter radius will always be Critical Hits.

Level 5

leveling up the build baldurs gate 3
Reaching level 5 [Image Credit: Me]
Once you hit level 5, you will gain a new class feature- Destroy Undead. You will also gain two spell slots and two new Life Domain spells called the Beacon of Hope and Revivify

For the new slots, I recommend choosing the Spirit Guardians spell and the Protection from Energy spell. But that’s not all; you also need to remove the Hold Person spell and exchange it with the Mass Healing Word Spell.

Their perks are listed as follows:

  • The Spirit Guardians spell call forth spirits to protect you. It has a range of 3 meters, and nearby enemies take 3-24 Radiant damage or Necrotic damage.
  • The Protection from Energy spell grants the target resistance to Fire, Lightning, Thunder, Cold, or Acid damage.
  • Finally, the Mass Healing Word offers 5-8 healing and can heal up to 6 allies. It has a range of 18 meters.

Level 6

This one is not as lengthy as level 5, as reaching level 6 doesn’t offer much to your character. Players will unlock the Blessed Healer feature, which gives them the ability to heal themselves as they are healing others. Additionally, you will gain a new spell slot.

Level 7

At level 7, players will gain two more Life Domain spells.

The Domain Spells are listed as follows:

  • The Guardians of Faith spell can call forth divine guardians that attack nearby enemies, but every time it deals damage, the guardian also loses an equal amount of hit points.
  • The Death Ward skill protects the target from death. Suppose the target was to receive enough damage from an attack that was supposed to reduce its hit point to zero. The target will remain conscious with one hit point.

Aside from the Life Domain spells, players will also gain an extra spell slot and access to level 4 spells. From these spells, I will recommend selecting the Freedom of Movement spell, as it will allow you to snap an ally out of Stun, and Difficult Terrain won’t be able to slow them down.

Level 8

leveling up healer build in baldurs gate 3
Reaching level 8 [Image Taken by Me]
At level 8, players obtain a new action called the Divine Strike: Life, which offers +1d8 Radiant damage. Aside from the action, players will also gain a new spell slot and a Feat slot. 

In terms of spells, players can choose the spell of their choice, and in terms of feats, you will need to choose War Caster. It will give you an advantage on Saving Throws to maintain Concentration on a spell.

Level 9

Once you hit level 9, you will gain access to two new Life Domain spells named the Mass Cure Wound and the Great Restoration.

  • The Greater Restoration spell negates charm, petrification, or Stun when used on the inflicted target.

At this level, players will also gain access to level 5 spells and a new spell slot. You already have all the healing you need so I recommend building the following spells for damage and crowd control.

  • The Contagion spell can poison your target, afflicting them with a disease of your choice.
  • The Flame Strike offers 10-60 damage, with 5d6 fire damage and +5d6 Radiant damage.

Level 10

You are nearly at the end of creating the BEST Healer build in BG3. At level 10, you will gain a new class feature named the Divine Intervention, which is used to invoke your God’s aid. Be warned, though, that this feature can only be used once throughout your playthrough. You will also gain another spell slot and a new Cantrip slot.

Level 11

At level 11, players will only gain one extra spell slot and also access to level 6 spells. Here, just select a spell that you chose on your own previously, alongside the level 2 Warding Bond and Spiritual Weapon spell, and exchange them with the level 6- Heal, Harm, and Heroes Feast spell.

  • The Heroes Feast makes you and everyone around you immune to poison, disease, or fear. Your HP also increases, thus making it one of the ideal spells for the best healer build in Baldurs Gate 3.

Level 12

best healer build baldurs gate 3
Reaching level 12 [Image Credit goes to Me]
And finally, after this, your BG3 BEST Healer build will finally be completed. At level 12, players will gain their last spell slot and the option to choose a feat.

Here, you can choose the spell of your choice, and as for the feat, select Ability Improvement and increase your Constitution to 18. And with that, my guide on the BEST Healer build in Baldurs Gate 3 comes to an end. 

  • Heal and support utility early on.
  • Mobility and out of combat utility.
  • Decent damage output in the late game.
  • Cheap and consistent healing.

  • Dependent on other companions for damage.
  • Little to no self sustain and poor health.

My Thoughts on The Healer Build

I am mostly a wreckless player, so I like to sacrifice my players for the sake of the fight. Granted, it is an expensive strategy, but it is effective nonetheless. However, healing is quite important in Baldur’s Gate 3, in and out of combat, especially if you want to recruit certain companions and they are about to die.

My updated hours on Baldur’s Gate 3 (Steam ID: Ibzie)

As mentioned above, Clerics are the best healers, and I would suggest going with the best Cleric of them all, Shadowheart. Her utility is already more than enough what your team would need, and she packs a punch as well. Just make sure you don’t keep healing the cleric and heal your team, too, unless your cleric is also filling a tank role.

This is it from me on my take of the Best Healer Build in BG3. While here, why not read the BEST Magic Items and the BEST Companions guide as well? You can also check out Huzaifah Durrani’s review of Baldurs Gate 3 to get a better idea on how to use healer’s efficiently.

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