Diablo 4: How To Get Blurred Beast Aspect

The Blurred Beast Aspect in Diablo 4 enhances damage against poisoned enemies & can be gotten through strategies.

When I discuss the powers and especially the legendary ones in Diablo 4, the first of them that stands out is the Legendary Aspect of the Blurred Beast. The Blurred Beast’s Aspect is a very unique and powerful Ability in Diablo 4 you will ever know. Players with Druid build in Diablo 4 will need it the most in the middle stages of their leveling progress. When they will be dealing with Bosses and more powerful Enemies.

Key Takeaways
  • The Blurred Beast Aspect is a legendary ability in Diablo 4, beneficial for the Druid class.
  • You can get this Aspect by looting various offensive items and extracting the legendary Aspect after sacrificing the item.
  • The Aspect increases the damage of shred on enemies poisoned during a duel.
  • Once you imprint the Blurred Beast Aspect, it’s a one-time-use item, and you’ll need to obtain it again from another legendary item.
  • This Aspect enhances your attacks on poisoned enemies, automatically targeting them and dealing high damage.
  • For the best use, adopt a Poison Werewolf build that utilizes skills like Rabies and Poison Creeper.

What Is Blurred Beast Aspect In Diablo 4?

Blurred Beast Aspect In Diablo 4
Blurred Beast Aspect In Diablo 4 [Image Credit: eXputer]
The Aspect of the Blurred Beast increases the damage of shred on Poisoned Enemies during a duel. This Aspect of the Blurred Beast is a legendary Aspect that can be used by the Druid class. However, being a legendary Aspect, it becomes more challenging to obtain. Don’t worry, though. We’ll talk about the simple methods to acquire it.

How To Get Blurred Beast Aspect

The Blurred Beast Aspect can appear on Various offensive items, you can get it by looting these legendary items and extracting the Legendary Aspect from it after the sacrifice of that item. Also search for them in Dungeons, World Bosses, and events.

If you want a better chance of getting the Aspect when trading Obols for Legendaries at the Purveyor of Curiosities, select Offhands. They cost 40 Obols and can only have Offensive Aspects. These legendary items can be one-handed and two-handed Weapons, rings, totems, gloves, and amulets. A specific item doesn’t matter much but one-handed Weapons or totems might be better because of their resemblance with the faster Attack and speed of Werewolf Attacks.

But one thing to keep in mind is that once you imprint it you will not be able to use it again, it is a one-time use item, and then you will have to get it again from another legendary item. Using a two-handed Weapon will make the legendary powers twice as effective (200% stronger) while wearing an amulet will make them stronger by half (50% stronger).

What Does Blurred Beast Aspect Do In Diablo 4?

This legendary power makes the dashes automatically target and deal high damage up to 100% of the Poison effects damage to the Enemies that are Poisoned, resulting in an enhanced Werewolf shred skill. 

The Poison on your enemy will not end after just one Attack. It stays there, Each time you hit your target with the dash, you unleash the full force of the Poison, dealing significant damage. So as long as your dash connects, you can use Poison’s effects, making your Attacks even deadlier.

Best Usage

rabies [Image Credits: d4builds]
To use this aspect at its best, it is better to use a Poison Werewolf build that uses skills like rabies, Poison Creeper, and other buffs. For the best use of the Aspect of the Blurred Beast, it is better to use a Poison Werewolf strategy. This involves utilizing skills such as Rabies, Poison Creeper, and buffs that boost the chances of landing Critical Strikes. 

Poison Creeper
Poison Creeper

Remember that poison and similar ongoing damage effects cannot cause critical strikes, and it’s not necessary that on every hit the extra damage from Blurred Beast can do so either. But you will add venomous strength to your Attacks through this move by using abilities like Rabies and summoning a Poisonous creeper to support you. 

It’s important to improve your gear and abilities to increase the chances of landing critical strikes. The Blurred Beast Aspect is deadly against the Poisoned Enemies, and with the Automatic targeting Ability it becomes even more deadlier with the Ability to deal with multiple Enemies at a time and speed up the Attack.

The Blurred Beast Aspect is a key part of Diablo 4, perfect for the Druid class. It helps you deal more damage to poisoned enemies. But remember, it’s a one-use item, so you’ll need to find it again after each use. To make the most of it, use a Poison Werewolf build. This will let you attack more powerfully and more often. So, get out there and find the Blurred Beast Aspect to boost your game.

And with this, I wrap up my Diablo 4 Blurred Beast Aspect guide where I have listed every detail about the Aspect. Further, you can look up these guides: Diablo 4: How To Transmog, All Waypoint Locations, and How To Respec.


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