Diablo Immortal Barbarian Build: Skills, Weapons & Armor 

This Diablo Immortal Barbarian Build guide will showcase the Barbarian's role, armor pieces, and skills used in combat!

The Barbarian Class in Diablo Immortal is considered a well-balanced class that can wield melee weapons, both in their main and off-hand, all the while being able to take out vicious beasts without having to put in much effort. 

They are a “nomadic warrior” who will use both their wit and physical strength to take out any enemies in sight, whether it is used as a PvE class or a PvP class. With their experienced skills, they can hone their melee weapons, charge forward and take out evil without exhausting themselves. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Barbarian class in Diablo Immortal wields both main-hand and off-hand melee weapons.
  • Four weapons, including The Tempest, Howler’s Call, The Remembered, and Cutthroat’s Grin, are essential for Barbarian Build.
  • Armor pieces for Barbarian Build, such as shoulders, chest, hands, feet, waist, finger, neck, and legs, provide crucial protection in battles.
  • Upon reaching level 60, Barbarian players unlock Paragon skills, with investments in the zeal and wrath nodes enhancing their tank capabilities in Diablo Immortal.

Before that, let’s quickly check out the Build Summary for Barbarian:

Weapon OptionsArmorSkillsPriority StatsParagon Points Focus
- The Tempest:
Howler's Call
- The Remembered:
Cutthroat's Grin
- Ydama's Cyclone
- Determination
- Berserker's Sanity
- The Gathering
- Overwhelming Gauntlets
- Bolstered Greaves of Terror
- Cunning Girdle of Terror
- Bolstered Signet of Authority
- Fearless Amulet of Terror
- Wrath of the Berserker
- Furious Charge
- Undying Rage
- Whirlwind
- Strength
- Vitality
- Fortitude
Vanquisher Class:
- Zeal
- Wrath
- Health

Best Weapons For Barbarian Build

When mentioning options, players will be able to choose a main-hand weapon and an off-hand weapon, which they can hold both and use to pierce and slash their way through the enemies. I’ve listed two solid options below that players can go with!

The Tempest 

Diablo Immortal The Tempest
The Tempest Weapon
Rank Weapon Slot Damage Power Stat Boost
18 Main Hand 1190 13606
  • +76 Strength
  • +102 Fortitude

Starting with ‘The Tempest’ as the player’s main-hand weapon, it’s a Whirlwind-focused item that wreaks havoc among enemies. At rank 18, it boasts 1190 damage and bolsters Vitality, Strength, and Fortitude by 152 each, making it a cornerstone of my Barbarian Build.

Its magic increases damage against ‘Full-life’ enemies by 15% and grants additional bonuses of 18 Strength, 15 Vitality, and 20 Willpower in Diablo Immortal. Based on my gameplay experience, The ‘Stormbringer Inscription’ enhances Whirlwind radius but reduces movement speed as a side effect.

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Howler’s Call 

As for its main gem will be using the Howler’s Call, which fits in perfectly with this build and allows players to gain an increase of 70% base attributes of the other socketed items. The player’s primary attack will gain a 30% chance to cast forth a spirit wolf, which will deal 100% damage to the enemy. 

The Remembered 

Diablo Immortal The Remembered
The Remembered Weapon
Rank Weapon Slot Damage Power Stat Boost
18 Off Hand 418 11181
  • +50 Willpower
  • +39 Fortitude

As for the next off-hand weapon, The Remembered can be a good option, which will deal 418 damage at rank 18, alongside providing 152 Vitality, 152 Strength, 50 Willpower, and 39 Fortitude. With its magic, Diablo Immortal players can get increased damage by 3%. 

As a bonus, it will provide 13 Vitality, 15 Fortitude, and 19 Willpower. 

Cutthroat’s Grin 

As for its main side-gem, players will be using the Cutthroat’s Grin; it will grant the player the ability to gain 55% socket’s item’s base stats. The Barbarian Build will also be enhanced with a 10% increased crit rate and deal with a 3% increased damage output. 

Armor For Barbarian Build

As far as the Armor in Diablo Immortal is concerned, many armor pieces include dedicated shoulder, chest, hand, and even finger pieces. This asserts ultimate protection for the player in Diablo Immortal, being able to guard them throughout their battles and when they are busy taking out enemies. 

Following are the Armor Pieces I’ve listed below for the build:

Shoulder Piece 

Diablo Immortal Shoulder Set
Shoulder Piece
Rank Armor Slot Damage Power Stat Boost
18 Shoulders 333 10584
  • +40 Strength
  • +50 Vitality

For Barbarian class players, the optimal choice is ‘Ydama’s Cyclone.’ This shoulder piece amplifies damage against enemies with health below 30% by 12% and provides a bonus of 16 Willpower, 20 Fortitude, and 12 Vitality.

Additionally, it boosts Whirlwind damage to opponents by 10%, ensuring that players can secure victory without risking their health. In my experience, this shoulder piece provides ample protection until the end of battles.

Lightning Core 

For its gem piece, the Ydama’s Cyclone will hone the Lightning Core, a 3-star gem, and will grant the player 55% of the base attributes.

There will also be a 10% chance that players can call down chain lightning on enemies, inflicting 80% damage output as bonus damage.

Leg Piece 

Diablo Immortal Leg Protection
Leg Piece
Rank Armor Slot Life Power Stat Boost
18 Legs 3012 11052
  • +40 Strength
  • +48 Willpower

The next item to discuss is the leg piece, adorned around the player’s legs. For this piece, players will hone the Determination armor piece, which will offer the player the ability to reduce their intaken damage by 9%.

As its bonuses, the Determination will offer up 13 strengths, 18 Vitality, and 16 Willpower, making the player even stronger in battle, allowing them to take out enemies with much ease.

I was surprised to know that this skill can be charged up for its inscription to deal increased damage to enemies. 

Trickshot Gem 

Diablo Immortal players will go for the Trickshot gem, which will consistently allow the player to use 16.50% less energy and intake 3% less damage from enemies that target their attacks at them. 

Head Piece 

Diablo Immortal Head Protection
Head Piece
Rank Armor Slot Damage Power Stat Boost
18 Head 322 10234
  • +44 Strength
  • +46 Fortitude

For head protection in the arena, the ideal choice for the Barbarian class is the ‘Berserker’s Sanity.’ This helmet enhances Vitality and Strength by 152 each and grants immunity to debilitating debuffs that can disrupt player control.

Equipped with the ‘Fervant Fang’ socketed gem, a three-star item that can be ranked up, it allows players to gain 50% of the base attributes of each socketed item.

This setup increases damage dealt to enemies when lunging into attacks, steadily depleting their HP and securing kills.

Chest Piece 

Diablo Immortal Chest Protection
Chest Piece
Rank Armor Slot Life Power
18 Chest 9811 13271

The essential chest piece, ‘The Gathering,’ offers the much-needed protection to maintain health in battles. Worn on the stomach, it not only repels incoming attacks but can also pull in opponents using ‘Whirlwind pull.’

At rank 18, it boasts 9811 life and includes a socket called ‘Power and Command,’ which advances the Barbarian Build with a 40% base attribute boost.

With this socket, it enters different states for 9 seconds, enhancing primary attack damage output by 7.5% and boosting active skills by 7.5%. 

Hand Piece 

Diablo Immortal Hand Piece
Hand Piece
Rank Armor Slot Damage Power Stat Boost
5 Hands 174 4119
  • +24 Strength
  • +40 Willpower
  • +24 Vitality

To get the most out of the Barbarian class being occupied by players, the Hang Piece that is highly recommended in battle is the Overwhelming Gauntlets. It grants a bonus of 24 Strength, 40 Willpower, 24 Vitality, and 40 Fortitude. At rank 5, its damage output is 174, and its power stands at 4119. 

Its main aim is to essentially provide a 10% increase to their overall base damage output being dealt with the enemies so that they can take them out with ultimate willpower.This is the most recommended piece for this build.

Feet Piece 

Diablo Immortal Feet Piece
Feet Piece
Rank Armor Slot Life Power Stat Boost
5 Feet 1745 3993
  • +32 Strength
  • +27 Vitality
  • +24 Fortitude

When I say that this build is full of guarding armor pieces, I mean it! Even a foot piece protects it from getting attacked, and it is known as the “Bolstered Greaves of Terror.” It can give the player an extra 32 strength, 27 Vitality, 24 Fortitude, and 40 extra Willpower. 

With its magic, players can cast out attacks while staying ultimately protected and gaining a duration increase of their beneficial effect by a total of 8%. 

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Waist Piece 

Diablo Immortal Waist Piece
Waist Piece
Rank Armor Slot Life Power Stat Boost
5 Waist 1745 4045
  • +19 Strength
  • +37 Vitality
  • +27 Fortitude

If the player wants to protect their waist, they better put on the Cunning Girdle of Terror, which enhances the player’s Vitality, Fortitude, and WIllpower by 37, 27, and 40, respectively. With its life being 1745, its power is at 4045 at rank 5, making it pretty damn viable in combat and murdering enemies. 

Its main magic means that players will intake reduced damage from enemies by 4% and be able to unleash their wrath on enemies themselves, taking them out one by one without getting hurt in attacking. 

Finger Piece 

Diablo Immortal Finger Piece
Finger Piece
Rank Armor Slot Armor Power Stat Boost
5 Finger 80 3072
  • +31 Strength
  • +19 Willpower
  • +19 Vitality

In Diablo Immortal, finger protection is vital, and the “Bolstered Signet of Authority” ring provides essential defense. It boosts Strength, Willpower, and Vitality by 31, 19, and 19 respectively. Its primary function is to extend beneficial effect duration by 8%, making the Barbarian class even more formidable.”

Neck Piece 

Diablo Immortal Neck Piece
Neck Piece
Rank Armor Slot Armor Power Stat Boost
5 Neck 80 3662
  • +19 Strength
  • +45 Vitality
  • +23 Fortitude

This amulet adds 19 Strength, 45 Vitality, and 23 Fortitude, bolstering core stats. Its skill boosts Fear Immunity by 8%, enhancing the player’s resilience in both PvE and PvP encounters.

Skills For Barbarian Build

Now, there are going to be four main skills I’m going to mention that players can choose to min-max their build. These skills will provide both buffs, not only defensive but also attack speeds and offensive buffs. In my opinion, these skills allow players to dominate their enemies by taking them out. 

Wrath of The Berserker 

Skill Type Buff
Cooldown 30 Seconds
Effect ATK & Movement Speed buffed by 50% for 6.5 seconds

Kicking things off with the first skill, players will be able to cast this down, which will cause them to enter into a stage of “Berserker rage,” which will enhance their overall attack speed by 50%. With that, their movement speed will also be buffed up by 20% for 3 seconds. 

From the headpiece, players will also receive the ability to reflect and negate any debuffs that will have normally caused the player to lose possession of their Barbarian character

Furious Charge 

Skill Type Cooldown Damage Max Charges
Dash & Damage 9 Seconds 9216 3

The next skill I would like to discuss is the Furious Charge. Boost your power in Diablo Immortal with Furious Charge, granting swift movement, severe knockback, and 9216 damage to enemies. You have 3 charges, each available every 3 seconds in combat. Empowered Charge Inscription can extend its range and increase damage to a deadly 15457.

Undying Rage 

Skill Type Buff
Cooldown 30 Seconds
Effect Heals you for 30% of the damage taken and prevents death for 5.7 seconds

Undying Rage turns any Barbarian main into an arena beast. It grants invincibility for 5.7 seconds and heals the player for 30% of the damage they take. The skill activates whenever the player suffers severe damage, preventing immediate death.


Skill Type Cooldown Damage
Damage 0.5 Seconds 2884 

Another important skill is going to be the Whirlwind which will essentially summon out a tornado that will be so strong that it will continuously head over to obliterate enemies in its way, dealing a total of 2884 damage. On the other hand, it does require a bit of energy to cast forth the skill as is expected. 

Best Attributes for Barbarian Build 

In Diablo Immortal, your Barbarian Build relies on five key attributes: Strength for damage, Vitality for Life Stat, and Fortitude for Armor and Armor Penetration. Based on my gameplay experience, you can ignore Willpower and Intelligence, as they provide minimal benefits.

Gear determines attribute scores. Check inventory stats, but note that low-level gear offers limited bonuses. Opt for magic items for significant attribute improvements, including Legendary Gear that boosts the three crucial attributes.

Best Paragon Skills for Barbarian Build

At level 60 in Diablo Immortal, unlock Paragon Skills for your Barbarian Build. Each level grants one Paragon point to spend on specific skills. Prioritize the Vanquisher Class for Barbarian Build, emphasizing the Zeal node followed by the Wrath node for increased potency and a formidable frontline tank.

Allocate some Paragon points to upgrade the health node for added survivability. Activate your chosen Paragon Tree, or opt for Treasure Hunter for XP boosts. For PvP, invest in the Gladiator tree to strengthen your Barbarian Build.

With that, I will finish off with the Diablo Immortal Barbarian Build, let us know what you think!

Build and Photo Credits: ECHOGamingDiablo

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