Diablo Immortal World Bosses: Locations and Rewards

Diablo Immortal World Bosses guide entails the locations to find the bosses, steps, and rewards of beating these bosses.

There are various bosses in Diablo Immortal, and the fights with these bosses drop loot for the players. The most dangerous bosses to fight are World Bosses. You can tackle the fights with the World Bosses together with friends and randoms. This guide entails the Diablo Immortal World Boss’s Locations and Rewards to defeat these bosses. 

Key Takeaways
  • Diablo Immortal has many bosses to fight and world bosses can be fought repeatedly for earning specific resources from them.
  • One of the world bosses is Blood Rose which can be found on the northwest side of Dark Wood.
  • Another world boss called Sandstone Golem which can be found at the Library of Zoltun Kulle Area.
  • Fleshcraft Hydra is another world boss which can also be found at the Library of Zoltun Kulle.
  • Lord Martinas is another world boss whose location is at Mount Zavian near the Zakarum Graveyard.
  • Another boss called Ancient Nightmare can be found in the same place as Lord Martonas.
  • World Boss Vittah is an Hellidary world boss and can be found near Caven of Echoes. 

Before kicking off the guide, let’s briefly look at the World Bosses in Diablo Immortal:

World BossLocationRewards
Blood RoseNorthwest of DarkWoods in the AlcoveSignificant level-ups, Corruption meter fill
Sandstone GolemLibrary of Zoltun Kulle Area2-3 random equipment pieces, Enchanted dust
Fleshcraft HydraLibrary of Zoltun Kulle, Writhing Ingress WaypointLoot and Enchanted dust
Lord MartanosMartanos Tomb near Zakarum GraveyardZakarum Sigil
Ancient NightmareMount Zavain, East of Caven of EchoesRandom loot, Enchanted dust, Nilfur's Precision
VitaathFrozen Tundra, near Bitter Harth WaypointRewards depend on difficulty level
Tax CollectorHaunted Carriage event in Ashwold CemeteryEnchanted dust, valuable armor pieces

World Boss Blood Rose

World Boss Blood Rose
Blood Rose

Blood Rose is an important World Boss in Diablo Immortal. Let us start by mentioning that you do not need to be in a group to defeat the Blood Rose. Before diving into the depth of how to defeat Blood Rose, we will first discuss the location where you can find this World Boss. We have also covered a separate guide on Diablo Immortal Blood Rose for you.

Blood Rose Location

The location of Blood Rose is the same as it was in the main story. It can be found in the Northwest of the DarkWoods in the Alcove, not far from the relay. If she has been killed, she will respawn after some time. The exact duration of time is not known. However, it seems to be somewhere between 15 to 30 Minutes. Before Blood Rose respawns, you will get a short message so that you can prepare yourself.

How to Defeat Blood Rose

To defeat Blood Rose effectively, limit the player count to 2 or 3. Too many players increase her hit points, causing her to target more players, kill them, and regenerate health.

Blood Rose employs specific strategies during the fight:

  1. She uses a sweeping laser attack that covers the entire area. Dodge it by standing on the sides or using movement abilities.
  2. Avoid standing in pools of blood within the area.
  3. Move out of the way of thorny vines before they attack.
  4. The countess’s servants may look menacing but aren’t a significant threat.
  5. When her health drops, she initiates a suction attack. Run in the opposite direction to avoid it.
  6. Utilize the terrain on the left side as cover during the suction attack.

Reward For Beating Blood Rose

Killing Blood Rose gives players significant level-ups. Moreover, it is an important step to get your corruption meter filled. Filling the corruption meter is essential in the Dark Wood Zone. It will later result in rewards that will enhance the in-game experience. 

World Boss Sandstone Golem

World Boss Sandstorm golem
Sandstone Golem

Sandstone Golem in Diablo Immortal is also an important boss that you need to defeat by smartly tackling all its moves. We have discussed the location of Sandstone below and the tips to dodge all its moves. 

Sandstone Golem Location

You will have to go to the Library of Zoltun Kulle Area to find the Boss. You will collect as many portal tomes as you can with your group. Then open the portal as this will increase the chances of spawning a boss. Sandstone Golem will spawn on the Northeast part of the game above the Chaos Engine that is across the bridge.

How to Defeat Sandstone Golem

Sandstone Golem will have the following attack tactics, so we have discussed them in detail. We have also incorporated the tips to dodge these attacks so that you can save yourself.

  • One of the attacks of the Boss will be slamming down with one hand. You will be able to dodge the attack by rolling to the side or back by pressing Q. You should get up and face him during the attack.
  • The Boss will also clap with his two hands, and you need to use a shield to block it. Another way to deal with the attack is constantly hitting his hands. 
  • Another important attack is a fist rocket. To dodge the attack, run away from it and attack him. 

A general tip is to block the attack and hit him constantly.

Reward For Beating Sandstone Golem

The Boss will drop two or three random pieces of equipment. You should also farm for Legacy of Horadrim Vessel and six enchanted dust per drop from Sandstone Golem.

World Boss Fleshcraft Hydra

World Boss Hydra
Fleshcraft Hydra

Fleshcraft Hydra is a very strong World Boss in Diablo Immortal. You need to know the location of Hydra in order to defeat it. The location of Hydra and its attacks are discussed below.

Fleshcraft Hydra Location

An interesting fact about Fleshcraft Hydra’s Location is that it is also found in the Library of Zoltun Kulle, where Sandstone Golem is found. Fleshcraft Hydra will spawn to the left of Writhing ingress waypoint in the Hydra’s Lair. While mentioning Lair, it is important to talk about our guide on Diablo Immortal Hidden Lair Locations and Rewards.

How to Defeat Fleshcraft Hydra

To summon it, collect Lost Pages scattered throughout the Library. Enter the portal and summon the Boss. If others are present in the portal, you’ll all receive the notification when someone triggers the Boss.

To fight Hydra, continuously dodge its attacks and strike when opportunities arise. Given the difficulty and the presence of numerous players, defeating Hydra might still prove challenging.

Reward For Defeating Fleshcraft Hydra

The completion of defeating Fleshcraft Hydra will be followed by some amazing loot and enchanted dust. The enchanted dust will help you upgrade your items at the Blacksmith so collect them as much as you can.

World Boss Lord Martanos

World Boss Lord Martanos
Lord Martanos

Lord Martanos in Diablo Immortal is a powerful boss who is also a source of powerful loot and upgrades. In order to fight it, you need to find it. It is found on Mount Zavain, and the exact location of the Boss is discussed below in detail. We have also mentioned the tips to defeat Lord Martanos.

Lord Martanos Location

You will have to move to the Mount Zavain area to fight with Lord Martanos. There is a Martanos Tomb that is located near the Zakarum Graveyard. Once you arrive at the location, you will find the tomb. You will have to wait for the altar to charge up to open it. It occurs several times in an hour, so do not worry about the waiting time. 

How to Defeat Lord Martanos

The real threat in the area is Ancient Nightmare because Lord Martanos spawns frequently. An important thing that you can do to kill Lord Martanos is take it down as soon as it shows up. The Boss is fairly an easy one to get, as it will come out when the altar charges up. 

Charging up the altar will open up the tomb, and Lord Martanos will come out. It is the best time you can take the Boss down. In short, kill the Boss as it rises from Sarcophagus. 

Reward For Defeating Lord Martanos

The best thing about defeating Lord Martanos is getting Zakarum Sigil; that will make defeating Ancient Nightmare a lot easier for you. This means that the defeat of these two bosses is interlinked, as defeating one will make killing the other one easier. 

World Boss Ancient Nightmare

World Boss Ancient Nightmare
Ancient Nightmare

A dozen players are usually needed to kill the Boss called Ancient Nightmare. The Boss has a strong shield around it for protection. The location to find the Boss and the steps to defeat him are as follows. To know more about Diablo Immortal Ancient Nightmare, read our guide. 

Ancient Nightmare Location

The location of Ancient Nightmare is similar to Lord Martanos location on Mount Zavain. Move to Mount Zavain to find the Ancient Nightmare here. Make sure to reach level 60 to find the Boss. 

How to Defeat Ancient Nightmare

To defeat Ancient Nightmare, ensure a minimum Hell 1 difficulty level. Start by targeting its protective shield, which is the initial objective. Using the Zakarum Sigil obtained from defeating Lord Martanos makes this step easier. Once the shield is down, coordinate your attacks to take down Ancient Nightmare together and reap the rewards.

Reward For Beating Ancient Nightmare

The Ancient Nightmare drops random loot and can also drop enchanted dust sometimes. It may also drop Nilfur’s Precision, which is a special vessel for the Diablo Immortal Legacy of The Horadrim shrine. It provides players with bonus armor protection. 

World Boss Vitaath 

There is no doubt that the fight with the Vitaath boss is one of the toughest fights you will encounter in Diablo Immortal. Make sure to have a combat rating of greater than 2280. You should try avoiding the fight with Vitaath with a combat rating lower than this, as it is a tough fight.

Vitaath Location

You will have to reach Frozen Tundra to fight Vitaath. It is close to Bitter Harth Waypoint, east of Caven of Echoes. There will be a gate that you can enter to start the raid. After reaching the location, you will first face Ice Clan Warriors.

You will have to defeat them, as they will be attacking you. Once you defeat these warriors, the actual fight with the Vitaath will begin, which is in four phases. 

How to Defeat Vitaath

Defeating Vitaath requires completing four phases of the fight:

  1. In phase one, avoid icy zones, the effective zone, and telegraphed zones while taking her down.
  2. In phase two, eliminate her summons to bring her back to the ground, then face her phase one attacks again.
  3. Phase three introduces her most dangerous abilities, so precision and caution are key.
  4. Phase four is the toughest, as she uses all her abilities and summons minions. Deal with the minions, and a few more hits will defeat her.

Rewards of Beating Vitaath

The rewards of defeating Vitaath will depend on your difficulty level. A special reward that you will get is the Frozen Wing of the Shivering Dead.

World Boss Tax Collector

Tax Collector is one of the important bosses in Diablo Immortal that you will defeat in the Haunted Carriage event. It is advisable to fight him with many other players, as it is not easy to take him down individually. 

Tax Collector Location

The haunted carriage event takes place in Ashwold Cemetery. Players first need to go to the Eastern gardens Waypoint. Once you reach the location, a notification will appear telling you that “Haunted Carriage” has started. Once you press OK, you will be automatically navigated to the carriage. Players can also travel to the carriage themselves using their mount, as it will save their time. 

How to Defeat Tax Collector

Surrounding the tax collector with so many other players will make the fight progress rapidly. Beating him with other players will fasten the process of melting his health bars. All the players need to take out the best weapons from their collection to fight the tax collector.

You need to have proper positioning during the fight and stay consistent with the attacks. Keep checking on your teammates, as you all working together will finish the entire fight in a few minutes. Just remember that huge chunks of damage can take him down. 

Rewards of Beating Tax Collector

If you want to upgrade your legendary armor, you will have to take down the tax collector. Taking down the tax collector will help you earn enchanted dust. This boss will also drop some of the valuable armor pieces in the game.

The seven Diablo Immortal World Bosses have been discussed in the guide above. If you follow the locations and steps mentioned to defeat these bosses, you will be able to take them down easily.

Final Words

Diablo Immortal is a free-play MMORPG that takes place between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III. The game offers players six classes to choose from, including Diablo Immortal Barbarian, Crusader, Wizard, Monk, Necromancer, and Demon Hunter Classes. It also offers a wide range of weapons and gears to choose from. 

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