Diablo Immortal Lord Martanos: Location & Boss Fight

Our guide entails how to defeat the Ancient Nightmare and Lord Martanos in Diablo Immortal to get high-tier rewards and Zakarum Sigil.

Diablo Immortal’s mechanics are similar to its predecessors, such as playstyle and leveling up. However, there are new additions such as Helliquary, extracting Essence, and joining shadow Factions, which have tasks like Lord Martanos in Diablo Immortal.

Key Highlights
  • In Diablo Immortal you can trigger certain events that involve fighting bosses which can give you rewards for upgrading materials and other resources.
  • One of those events is the Ancient Nightmare which can only be triggered from 8 am till midnight and for this Lord Martanos is important.
  • Lord Martanos can be found at Frozen Descent but he will only be triggered after you activate the altars at his grave.
  • Lord Martanos is also not easy and had many attacks such as AOE, and Shields.
  • The main purpose of fighting Lord Martanos is for Zakarum Sigil which will help you stun the Ancient Nightmare boss.

Lord Maranos Location & Boss Fight

The game consists of six-character classes, which are necromancer, barbarian, demon hunter, crusader, monk, and wizard. Each class has its unique playstyle, and players need to assess which class will match their playstyle the most. If you are confused about choosing any class, then read the Diablo Immortal Best Class guide. It talks about all classes in depth along with their pros and cons.

Since the game is multiplayer, you will need teammates to complete some raids and quests. They will expect you to behave in a certain way when you pick a class. So, level up the character you are most interested in. Read the Diablo Immortal Server list guide to know which server will give you optimal ping along with good teammates.

What Are Events in Diablo Immortal

In Diablo Immortal, the vast world map is further split up into eight regions. Each region gives a special event during a specific server time. After winning the event, players get rewarded with rare materials such as Enchanted Dust or other valuable resources.

Diablo Immortal: Ancient Nightmare Event

Among these eight regions, one is Ancient Nightmare in Diablo Immortal. It takes place near Misty Valley in Mount Zavain Region. It starts after every two hours of the server’s time, from 8 am to midnight. When the event starts, Ancient Nightmare the monster spawns near Misty Valley.

Diablo Immortal: Ancient Nightmare's Shield
Ancient Nightmare’s Shield Stats

The monster is protected by a shield that not only protects but also deals substantial damage to nearby players. The main objective of this event is to keep on damaging Ancient Nightmare’s shield until you finally defeat the mighty monster.

However, taking down the shield is not as easy as it sounds. You will need to activate Altars in Ancient Nightmare’s path so you can cast an Aura of light. The Aura of light will be able to stun this monster for a while. Remember that this Aura does not constantly emit on its own. You need Zakarum Sigil: a special item that comes only after defeating Lord Martanos in Diablo Immortal.

How to Find & Defeat Lord Martanos

Near the Frozen Descent waypoint, you will be able to find Martanos. However, you can only fight him after activating his grave altar. Defeating Martanos is also not easy, as he comes is one of the toughest bosses in Diablo Immortal.

His AoE attacks are pretty deadly, and you might have to try again and again if you play in a high-difficulty setting. But before you think of lowering the setting, remember that the game rewards you based on the difficulty level you are playing on. Lord Martanos in Diablo Immortal can be activated and defeated in 30 minutes gap, so try doing it as my times as possible.

Lord Martanos also has a persistent shield around him which nullifies any incoming damage and also sends out an AoE attack that has high damage but deals in a short surrounding radius.

If you are planning on defeating this boss with your teammates, we will suggest that you keep long-range characters in your team composition.

Remember that you will be fighting Lord Martanos for the Zakarum Sigil, which allows you to keep the Altars activated. It also gives an additional stun and 20% damage to Ancient Nightmare’s shield.

Reward of Zakarum Sigil
Zakarum Sigil, after defeating Lord Martanos

However, remember that your Altars can stay activated without the Zakarum Sigil, but each Altar will take a minute to activate. It may not sound practical enough to rely on, but you have to use them anyway.

Advise your team to spread around Martanos, so all of you don’t fall in his AoE together. When Martanos is engaging with one player, tell the short-ranged characters to hit a serious blow and retreat as soon as they can. When the boss tries to get closer, tell the long-ranged characters to hit, so he keeps on getting weak and eventually gives up.

Defeating Ancient Nightmare

After defeating Lord Martanos in Diablo Immortal, you will receive rewards, but most importantly, you will get Zakarum Sigil. It was the reason why you awakened Martanos and put him back to sleep.

Diablo Immortal: Altar Proximity
Altar’s Proximity

Now to take down Ancient Nightmare, when the battle starts, move ahead of him and activate the Altar and Sigil. When the Altar is activated, the durability of the shield will deplete more, and there will be a range of it. As soon as he enters the Altar’s proximity, you will have more time to attack him while lowering his shield.

However, as soon as he gets out of Altar’s proximity, you will not be able to deal any damage to him directly. That is why you need to be ahead of him throughout the game so you can activate the Altars and keep him in its proximity.

Once you manage to take down Ancient Nightmare’s shield, he will start attacking you, so be prepared. He has AoE attacks, too, and if your teammates are in the proximity of his AoE attacks, then their health will go down significantly. You can activate the Altar to protect your teammates and use that time to take him out.

When you finally defeat the Ancient Nightmare, near his corpse will appear a treasure chest, and in it, you will find high-tier loot. Even if you join the battle late, you will get a minimum reward of Enchanted Dust.

Farming Ancient Nightmare 

Some players who like to farm these quests for high-tier loot should do this more often. In the beginning, you can complete these battles with the Ancient Nightmare and Lord Martanos on low difficulty.

When you learn all the tricks, start increasing the difficulty level to get better rewards once they are defeated. You will also see Ancient Nightmare’s reemerging time on the screen, but if it’s past midnight, you have to wait till 8 AM server time. 

Tips & Tricks Against Lord Martanos

Many might overlook this, but your teammates matter a lot in these battles. Make sure you pick teammates who have quite an experience of side quests and have an appropriate level. Also, make sure that there is not too much skill disparity, so the coordination stays on point. 

Keep some health potions in your inventory as Lord Martanos and Ancient Nightmare’s AoE attacks can be deadly. To outlast them, you will need health potions so you can consume them whenever you are low. Also, try to play defensively and smartly rather than rushing in.

Don’t forget that communication matters. When the situation gets tough, you and your teammates will need callouts and information. If your teammate is busy fighting someone else while the boss is about to attack him, let him know about it and try to cover him. 

That is all about how to defeat Lord Martanos and the Ancient Nightmare. Now you know what to expect, plan accordingly, so the battles go smoothly. Keep these battles as a priority because you will be getting high-tier loot, and once you master it, play on high-difficulty for better loot.

You can also read the Diablo Immortal Hidden Lair Locations and Rewards guide to get the most exquisite loot after discovering them as hidden objectives. Along with the chance of finding in these lairs the Best Gems.

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