Diablo Immortal Combat Rating: The Definitive Guide

Our Diablo Immortal Combat Rating guide will give an explanation about combat rating and different methods to increase the rating.

Combat rating heavily depends upon your starting class, and it is vital to choose the best class in Diablo Immortal for your playthrough in order to make the best build possible. Every class has a different build upon which you can improve further. You should read our NecromancerBarbarian, and Demon Hunter Build guides. 

Key Highlights
  • You can think of Combat Rating as your character’s level. It determines the areas and bosses you can do.
  • Combat Rating also affects your Base Damage
  • There are Primary, Secondary, and Additional attributes in the game. You can check attributes from your inventory.
  • Primary effect Base Damage and Defense, Secondary focus on Buffs/Debuffs on top of Damage and Defense, and Additional improve your Equipment.
  • Gear Rarity & Score, Equipped Gems, and State of Helliquary all factor into your Combat Rating.
  • We suggest the Legendary Necromancer gear, Priest’s Grubknife weapon, and Beacon of The Led Shield get the best Combat Rating possible. 
  • As for Gems, we recommend Seled’s Weakening, Chained Death, Zod Stone, and Cutthroat’s Grin.
  • You’ll either have to pay for these legendary items or get them by farming in-game.
  • Hell 2 or higher difficulty enemies and bosses have a chance to drop legendary items.
  • You can switch skills between gears through Essence Transfer while keeping the combat rating.

What Is Combat Rating In Diablo Immortal

Combat rating is the most important stat that requires most of your attention. It basically determines your character’s level and separates areas based on difficulty. Some of the raids and challenges will be locked behind a certain combat rating. You will have to grind combat rating to progress Diablo continuously.

Combat rating also constitutes the amount of damage you do in-game. Base damage scales the most with this particular stat. If you end up approaching an area of higher combat rating, then you might not deal enough damage to the enemies there.

Different Stats In Diablo Immortal

Stats in Diablo Immortal are divided into Primary attributes, Secondary attributes, and Additional attributes. Combat Rating is included in the secondary category of attributes.

Primary Attributes increase your base damage and defense. Health and resistance to different ailments are also boosted by these attributes. Secondary Attributes primarily focus on the buffs and debuffs applied to you and your enemies. They also boost damage and defense. Additional Attributes boost different qualities of the equipment that you wear.

How To Check Combat Rating

Diablo Immortal combat rating
Combat rating Stat

In order to check your combat rating, follow these steps;

  • Open your inventory and click on “attributes”. (Icon of attributes appears like a tiny model)
  • Click on “more attributes” next.
  • You should now see combat rating listed at the very top of “Secondary Attributes”.

How To Increase Combat Rating In Diablo Immortal

Combat rating is decided by the following merits:

  • Gear rarity
  • Gear score
  • Equipped Gems
  • The state of the Helliquary

All these factors will contribute to your combat rating. Increasing your combat rating means you’ll do more damage to your enemies. And everything mentioned above also boosts your base damage. It will require a lot of grinding to acquire the best item in each category. Legendary items give a huge boost to combat rating.

Gear Rarity is very easy to understand. The higher the rarity of your gear, the better will be your combat rating. It is advised to use legendary gear in Diablo Immortal. Although acquiring the amazing gear can get a bit tedious and requires grinding. But once you unlock legendary gear, your combat rating will sky-rocket.

Gear Score translates to the current level of your gear. Similar to your character’s level, gear can also be leveled up. It also means that you should always be wearing gear of the highest possible level. High-level gears will considerably increase your combat rating.

Gems are the most important factor in increasing combat rating. Almost every gem boosts this stat. However, you should be on the lookout for legendary gems. Legendary gems are a must-have for optimal combat rating.

The State Of The Helliquary is a set of missions unlocked at the midpoint of your campaign. You should focus on completing these missions as soon as they are unlocked. Perks that give a significant boost to your combat rating are unlocked by completing such missions. These perks boost not only your rating but also other attributes.

Now let us talk about the best gear and gems obtainable in Diablo Immortal that boosts your combat rating.

Best Gear In Diablo Immortal That Increases Combat Rating

We recommend using the legendary necromancer gear. It provides the best boost to your combat rating. Not only does it help your PVE, but it also gives you an edge in PVP battles. This armor aesthetically looks very good on your character too. Legendary necromancer gear consists of the following;

  • Head Piece: Crown Of The Gilded Leash
  • Shoulder Piece: Lone Preserver
  • Chest Piece: Parting Gift
  • Leg Piece: Mournful Destroyer

Crown of the Gilded Leash has an ability that can resurrect a skeletal captain to help you in battle. Lone Preserver inflicts ailments on your enemies with explosive damage. Parting Gift is especially useful in CO-OP. It provides immunity to you and your party members from a certain amount of hits. Mournful Destroyer has a useful AOE attack. It curses the whole ground causing continuous damage to enemies.

Diablo immortal gear
Legendary Gear in Diablo Immortal

Best Weapons In Diablo Immortal That Increase Combat Rating

As for your main weapon, we recommend using the Priest’s Grubknife. This is a legendary weapon, meaning it will highly increase your combat rating. The weapon looks good in-game and also has an amazing ability to boot. It can summon stone golems that throw boulders at your enemies. They will also roll through opponents and help neutralize losing battles in your favor. 

Diablo Immortal best weapon
Priest’s Grubknife in Diablo Immortal

Beacon of The Led will be your shield of choice for the best combat rating. It acts as a support weapon for your Grubknife. This is also a legendary shield and increases the damage dealt by your summoned golems by 10%.

Best shield diablo immortal
Beacon of the Led in Diablo Immortal

Best Gems In Diablo Immortal That Increase Combat Rating

We already offer a guide on the Best Gems in Diablo Immortal that you might want to check out. Following legendary gems are recommended to increase combat rating;

  • Seled’s Weakening
  • Chained Death
  • Zod Stone
  • Cutthroat’s Grin

Cutthroat’s Grin increases the damage of critical hits, which is very useful in boss battles. Even bosses with higher combat ratings can be dealt with if you deal more critical damage. Zod Stone increases the skill duration of your weapon by 20%. You can repeatedly cast your skill and summon golems in battle.

Chained Death will basically continuously increase the damage output with the number of successive hits. So as long as you are hitting your shots, damage should get buffed. Seled’s Weakening will boost your damage by 6% every time you kill an elite monster.

Gems in diablo immortal
Different Gems in Diablo Immortal

How To Farm Legendary Items In Diablo Immortal

Unless you pay to buy legendary items, you’re going to have to farm these in-game. Farming can take hours and get tedious, but it is the only way. Every enemy and boss has a percentage chance to drop legendary stuff at Hell 2 or higher difficulty. To start the game at H2, follow these steps;

  • Reach level 60
  • You should see an icon that looks like a skull on your map. Select that icon. 
  • Choose Hell 2 as your difficulty level of choice. 

H2 will considerably increase the combat ratings of enemies as it makes the game harder. But it is a price to pay in order to receive legendary gear. Aside from higher difficulty, finishing bounties are also viable for farming. Take part in zone events as they have the highest chance for legendary drops. Farming Elder Rifts should also be kept as an option.

Essence Transfer To Increase Combat Rating

Essence transfer is a method to switch skills between different legendary items. Suppose you happen to get gear with a higher combat rating but a bad skill, then switching that skill out is where essence transfer in Diablo Immortal is going to come into play. In this way, combat rating gets buffed while keeping the best possible build for your class.

Cross-platform games are especially rare, but Diablo Immortal once again provides Cross-Play between PC and mobile devices. You can also check out our guide on Hidden Lair locations and Best Solo classes guides. Now let us talk about the combat rating in Diablo Immortal and how you can increase it. 

Blizzard has set a new standard for cross-platform games by making diablo one of the best cross-progression systems. This concludes our guide on the explanation of combat rating in Diablo Immortal. We hope it helped you to boost your combat rating so you can reach the top spot. Combat rating is the most vital aspect of the game, and our guide covers almost every little detail about it.

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