Diablo Immortal Skarn Helliquary Location & Boss Fight

Our guide will help you find Skarn Helliquary Raid Boss in Diablo Immortal and defeat him in battle using different strategies.

Who is Skarn?

One of the main antagonists that you will face in Diablo Immortal is a menacing demon called Skarn. With no regard for humanity, he wishes torture on every living being. Being the endgame boss, you will face him after you have finished the main story campaign.

Key Highlights
  • Skarn is the ruler of the Realm of Damnation, searching for a Shard of the Worldstone and the end-game boss. You face him at the opening village and the end of the campaign.
  • You’ll need to be level 56 to fight Skarn in the Pit of Anguish dungeon.
  • The boss fight has two phases that require different strategies.
  • The first phase lasts for over 70% of the boss’s HP. He will perform a high-damage Laser Beam attack, which you’ll need to dodge laterally.
  • Skarn also summons worms and Immortals to fight you. Among the summoned Immortals, be on the lookout for the Monks, as they can deal significant damage.
  • Once Skarn’s health is below 33%, phase two of the fight begins. Skarn will create four mirror images of himself, and you’ll have to find the real one within 8 seconds.
  • The real Skarn has a red circle under him. The fake Skarns will disappear when you find the real one.
  • After defeating Skar, you can unlock the Paragon and Hell difficulties by reaching level 60.

This makes him the hardest boss to defeat since he will be more powerful than the enemies you’ve faced before. If not prepared, he can easily eat up a lot of your HP. Fighting Skarn will increase your Combat Rating in Diablo Immortal devastatingly.

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Skarn Helliquary Raid Boss

Even the most seasoned players are tested by this boss. Skarn is said to be one of the lieutenants of Diablo. He is also the ruler of the Realm of Damnation. He is in search of a shard of the Worldstone, which has the ability to remove the angelic side of humanity. Make sure you have enough Potency in Diablo Immortal before you go into the fight.

Doing so, only the demonic counterparts would be left in the world, which for Skarn is the perfect world of his dreams. He first appears in the opening village, and then you, later on, face him later on in the campaign as he tries to get the hold of that shard. The difficulty level of the boss can be compared to Ancient Nightmare in Diablo Immortal, which you will face early on in the game.

Skarn Location

You will find Skarn after you have completed the main campaign quest in the Ream Of Damnation. The realm of Damnation comes right after the region of Frozen Tundra. The realm of Damnation consists of several districts as well as a dungeon, so locating Skarn can be quite hard.

There are Demon Gates in the area from where the demons from other kingdoms of the Underworld can join Skarn in his quest. Make sure you have the best solo class in Diablo immortal because fighting with skarn is not going to be easy.

Before you fight Skarn, you will have to face these demons and defeat them before they join the forces of the Demonic boss. For this purpose, you can team with two other players using Crossplay. You can earn plenty of rewards in the region of Diablo Immortal and maybe even find loot that will help you in the battle with Skarn.

Keep in mind that you can’t take on the quest to defeat Skarn until you have reached level 56 in Diablo Immortal. After you have cleared the region of enemies, make your way to the dungeon called the Pit of Anguish. In the dungeon, there will be a portal that will lead you straight to the boss arena of Skarn.

But to open this portal, you will have to defeat all the bosses in it and save the Archangel. When you save the Archangel, they will open up the portal to Skarn, and you can then fight and defeat him.

Skarn Helliquary Raid Boss Battle

Much like the Vitaath Boss in Diablo Immortal, the Skarn Helliquary boss fight can be divided into two phases. Skarn would be much harder to defeat, and if not equipped properly, you can die in the first phase of the fight with him. Both of the phases require different strategies, and ae have explained them in detail below.

First Phase

The first phase of the fight will last till about 33% of his health is left. While Skarn will have fairly weak attacks in this phase, if you aren’t skilled enough, you won’t be able to last long enough. The attacks can be dodged easily by moving in a lateral direction.

Make sure you attack him while dodging so you won’t be dependent on just direct attacks to get you through because, in all fairness, they won’t. 

Laser Beam Attack

The only attack you should be worried about is the laser attack of Skarn. The highly damaging attack can take a lot of your HP and can even be fatal. Try to dodge the attack by moving in the lateral direction. In case you fail to do so, the laser beam will melt you, and you’ll have to fight the boss again. Get hold of some Essence in Diablo Immortal to get you through this phase.

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Laser Attack

Make sure you have a stable internet connection while fighting Skarn because in case of high ping, even if you dodge the attack at the right time, you will still get damage from 2 or 3 ticks of the laser beam. 

Ai Controlled Immortals 

In the first phase of the fight, Skarn will summon some Immortals that you have envisioned to come and defeat you. These immortals are AI-controlled. They can belong to any of the classes in Diablo Immortal. 

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Skarn’s Minions

You should look out for Monks because they are the ones that will cause a lot of with their powerful strikes and can take you out before Skarn does. Target them with quick AoE attacks as fast as you can so you won’t take much damage from your battle with them and save some of your health for fighting Skarn. 

Skarn will also spawn little worms, and they will attack you from a distance. They are not that big of a threat, and you can dodge them easily. Finish them off with powerful AoE attacks and shift your focus to Skarn.

Second phase

The second phase of the boss fight will start when Skarn reaches 33 percent health. In this phase, Skarn will create four mirror images of himself in the battle arena. You will have to find who Skarn is in just 8 seconds. Finding Skarn is hard enough, but the time limit makes it a lot trickier.

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Skarn is making clones of himself.

But the is a way through which you can identify who is the real Skarn. If you look closely, you will notice that one of the four clones has a red circle beneath them. This is the identification of real Skarn. If you feel the battle is too overwhelming at any point, you can always change the difficulty setting in Diablo Immortal.

After identifying who the real Skan is, the boss will return to its original solo form. He continues attacking in the same rotation. Make sure you have a good combat rating when fighting Skarn.

Otherwise, you will face a lot of difficulties while defeating the boss. You will have to fight Skarn a total of three-time in order to defeat him.

moveset and attacks
Attack the clone with the red circle around him

Single target abilities will help you a lot if you want to get this fight over within a short time. Make sure you cleverly utilize your powerful weapons while dodging the attacks.


When you have defeated Skarn, you will need to reach level 60 in Diablo Immortal as you progress further. Paragon and Hell’s difficulties will be unlocked at this point. If you started the Skarn boss battle at level 56, by now, you would have reached level 57 or 58.

diablo immortal skarn
Recover the Shard of Worldstone

You need to work a lot if you plan on reaching level 60. The best way to level up in Diablo Immortal is to visit a lot of dungeons, like the dungeon where you fought Skarn.

Spamming these dungeons will help you level up. It will give you 15 battle pass XP points. You will also get the same amount of XP points as an Elder Rift.

Dungeons can also provide set items if you are on level 58 or above. Try to get as many XP points as you can by finishing contracts, bounties, and other activities like postgame raids.

After this, you will shift to the Paragon level system, and your Combat Rating will increase significantly as well.

This concludes our extensive guide on the Skarn Helliquary Raid boss in Diablo Immortal, along with its location and fighting strategies.

More Tips

The free-to-play MMORPG Diablo Immortal is the latest craze among mobile gamers. The hype for it is valid as this arcade-like game has a lot of side quests along with the main story to get you hooked, and classes in Diablo Immortal like Wizard, Monk, and Necromancer gives you a variety of skills to choose from. The game has it all: many hidden lair locations in Diablo Immortal to explore and fight hardcore bosses like the Tax Collector. But Diablo Immortal is incomplete without mentioning the Skarn Helliquary raid boss, one of the hardest bosses in Diablo Immortal.

From finding the boss in Diablo Immortal to beating it, we have covered everything in our Skarn Helliquary Raid Boss guide. Before you go any further, check out our tips and tricks for Diablo Immortal guide to help you in your journey to beat Skarn.

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