Diablo Immortal: All Side Quests

This Diablo Immortal Side Quests guide will showcase Bilefen, Library of Zoltun Kulle, Shassar Sea, and more quests!

Diablo Immortal is a game filled with enticing lore aspects, combined with a storyline that involves players traveling from one end to the other to progress through the early game. Half of the progress consists of completing main and side quests, which we will cover in our Diablo Immortal Side Quests and main quests guide!

Key Highlights
  • Diablo Immortal comes with a main storyline to follow and just like many games with a storyline, they also come with many side quests for some rewards.
  • When you finish with the main story, you can find the side quests on the six main zones of the Diablo Immortal map.
  • These are locations where you will find the quests along with how many:
    • Bilefen Island (9 side quests)
    • Library of Zoltun Kulle (11 side quests)
    • Shassar Sea (9 side quests)
    • Westmarch (13 side quests)
    • Dark Wood (9 side quests)
    • Ashwold (8 side quests)
  • All of these side quests will differ and also be found at different locations after you reach certain conditions.
  • Some of these side quests will be long, and some will be short, and depending on that is how much rewards you will get.

Diablo Immortal Location-Based Quests

The game itself consists of many different locations, and as far as the release, there has been little to no information released fully. Therefore, we aim to compile the main and Diablo Immortal Side Quests in 6 main locations: Ashwold Cemetery, Dark Wood, Westmarch, Bilefen, Library of Zoltun Kulle, and Shassar Sea. with that, let’s get started!

Here’s a summarized table of all the information about quests: 

QuestLocationRecommended LevelUnlockedRewards
The Final SummoningBilefen41After you exit the solo Story Dungeon, Rhodri's Private Docks64,330 EXP, 2,250 Gold, Gift of the Nephalem (Main-Hand), Bilefen Auto-Navigation
Parlay With PerilBilefen41After you exit the Kikuras Rapids dungeon42, 886 EXP
Heart of The JungleBilefen41At the end of "Among the Bodies" questSurvivor's Chain (Waist), Geli's Gratitude (Neck)
Among The BodiesBilefen41After you exit the solo Story Dungeon version of Port Justinian.Refugee's Boots (Feet), 16-42,886 EXP
The Demon’s LairBilefen---
Hostile Territory.Bilefen---
Blazing RaidBilefen40Once you reach the outskirts of Port Justinian in "Overgrown Temple"42,900 EXP, 1,500 Gold
Overgrown TempleBilefen40After speaking to Talva silvertongue during "Welcome To The Jungle"16k EXP
Welcome To The JungleBilefen40After the events of the main quest "Heart of the unknown"16k EXP
Library Beneath The SandLibrary of Zoltun Kulle35After unlocking the entrance to the Library of Zoltun Kulle-
Unseen GuardianLibrary of Zoltun Kulle35After entering the Library of Zoltun Kulle during the previous quest34.8k EXP
Restoring OrderLibrary of Zoltun Kulle35After defeating the Curator during the previous quest7k EXP
Lost RuneLibrary of Zoltun Kulle35After inspecting the pedestal during the previous quest6-34,810k EXP, 1300 Gold, Grimaldi's Ruin (Helm), Cloudy Mirror-Sliver (Neck)
Central CoreLibrary of Zoltun Kulle35After placing the three runes on the pedestal during the previous quest, Lost Runes.7k EXP
Well of KnowledgeLibrary of Zoltun Kulle35After reaching the central core and defeating its guardians during the previous quest7-34.8k EXP
The Eternal GuardianLibrary of Zoltun Kulle35After you turn in the Master's Journal to the Curator at the Central Core34,810 EXP
Reforging The SoulLibrary of Zoltun Kulle35Defeat the Eternal Guardian-
Recalling The PastLibrary of Zoltun Kulle35After completing the previous questDiscordant Plates (Chest Armor),3,900 Gold
The Dark ExileLibrary of Zoltun Kulle35After you reach the entrance of the Destruction's End dungeon Horadric Brand (Main-Hand Weapon)
The Heart of The UnknownLibrary of Zoltun Kulle40After you speak to the Curator at the end of Dark ExileLibrary of Zoltun Kulle Auto-Navigation, Curator's Gift (Ring)
Revealing The PathShassar Sea31After giving Tabri the third scepter piece during the "Final Fragment" quest34.6k EXP, 800 Gold, Magic Feet piece
Final FragmentShassar Sea30After giving Tabri the second scepter piece during "Fahir's Legacy" quest62.3k EXP, 2.4k Gold, Rare Chest piece
Fahir’s LegacyShassar Sea30After giving Tabri the first scepter piece during the "Wisdom's Fragment"23.1k EXP, Fahir's Visage
Wisdom FragmentShassar Sea30After taking the first map piece during "Loyalty's Price" quest23.1-41.5k EXP, 2.4k Gold, Fahir's Command, Magic Hand piece
Loyalty’s PriceShassar Sea29After finding Tabri during the "Lacuni's Roar" quest11.5-23.1k EXP, 800 Gold, 3 Tourmaline
Lacuni’s RoarShassar Sea29After talking to the injured lookout during the "Amber Blades" quest.11.5k EXP
Amber’s BladesShassar Sea29After saving Zov from the bandits during the"A Trail in the Sand" quest-
A Trail In The SandShassar Sea29After finding the bandit group during the 'Sea of Fire" quest11.5k EXP
Sea of FireShassar Sea29Upon arriving at Shassar Sea after talking to Captain Rehm-
Cain’s RequestWestmarch---
Fragments of The PastWestmarch46After completing the "Shard bearer" questRobe of Insight (Chest), 21,621 EXP
A Walk Through WestmarchWestmarch28After completing the Delivering the Shards quest-
Rift of The EldersWestmarch29After completing the previous quest-
Diamond in The RoughWestmarch22While doing the Bounties Abroad main quest.6,000 EXP, 200 Gold
Tools of The TradeWestmarch23After saving Vic in the previous questCharsi's Gift, 20,000 EXP, 750 Gold
Trading At The MarketWestmarch29After completing the previous quest-
Honorable RewardsWestmarch---
Answers in The EastWestmarch29After the quest The Hilts Trader,-
A Captain’s NeedWestmarch29After completing the previous quest20,000 EXP, 750 Gold
Bounties AbroadWestmarch21After Completing the
"Braving the Rift"Quest
6,000 EXP, 200 Gold
Docks of WestmarchWestmarch29After Completing the
"To the Docks"Quest
Blackstone VillageDark Wood24After passing through the portal to Dark Wood during the previous quest-
Lucian’s HopeDark Wood24After picking up Lucian's letter during the previous quest4.1k EXP, 800 Gold, Magic Head piece
Bloodsworn DenDark Wood25After checking on Alyssa at the end of the previous quest4.1-16.4k EXP
The Horadic BestiaryDark Wood25After defeating Lakrii during the previous quest4.1-4.5k EXP, 800k Hold, Magic Shoulder piece, Magic Main Hand weapon
Gathering The ReagentsDark Wood25After talking to Hemlir during the previous quest18k EXP, 1.6k Gold, Magic Chest Piece
Between Two EvilsDark Wood26After ter giving Hemlir the three quest items during the previous quest18-19.7k EXP, 1.6k Gold, Magic Leg piece, Magic Head piece
Tree of InifussDark Wood26After getting the Ember of Dark Magic during the previous quest5.3k -21.3k EXP, 1.6k Gold, Magic Main Hand weapon, Magic Shoulder piece, Rare Belt
Blood RessurectionDark Wood27After the fight at the end of the previous quest3.46k EXP, 37.3 EXP
Delivering The ShardsDark Wood28After completing the Blood Resurrection quest-
The Risen DeadAshwold11After getting the World Map and completing the Prologue5k EXP, 1k Gold, Magic Off Hand Weapon
The Exiled ApprenticeAshwold11After completing the previous quest2.7k EXP
Consulting The GuardsAshwold12After talking to Guard Bramden during the previous quest6.3k EXP, 1k Gold, Red Leg Armor
The HandmaidenAshwold12Automatically unlocked after the previous quest3.8k EXP
The Tomb of The QueenAshwold13Automatically unlocked after the previous quest,12.6k EXP
Into Ashwold ManorAshwold14After clearing Queen Asylla's Tomb during the previous quest11.3k EXP, 1k Gold, Magic Waist Armor
Masters of DeathAshwold15After destroying the third Death Ritual during the previous quest12.6k EXP
Battle For The ShardAshwold20After leaving Mad King's Breach during the previous quest2.34k EXP, Rare Shoulder Piece

Bilefen Quests 

Diablo Immortal Bilefen
Bilefen Area

The Bilefen Island is located across the southern location of Aranoch in Diablo Immortal. It has about 9 or so quests, including both side quests in Diablo Immortal and others. 

The Final Summoning 

Starting with The Final Summoning, it entails the player exiting the Rhodri’s Ship and heading into the Temple of Namari Dungeon, which will contain a few storylines and dialogues to complete. Place down some beacons, talk to NPC Namari, and return to Jin to complete it. 

Parlay With Peril 

For this quest, Diablo Immortal players will need to go to the Crimsonblade Haven, come across Jin, and talk to him. After which, he will lead you to Rhodri’s Private dock, from where you can go into the ship. Investigate the cabin, Desk, and Iron cage, and get rid of Rhodri the Red. Talk to the NPC again and go out of the ship. 

Heart of The Jungle 

For this one, players will come across some survivors and have to communicate with an NPC named Watts. After going into the “Fetish Village,” there will be 3 survivors that players will need to rescue. Try to find Geli, talk to him and go to the Kikuras Rapids and enter it. 

Among The Bodies 

The quest “Among the Bodies” entails players in Diablo Immortal to find the NPC Cadeus, talk to him, follow him, and investigate a Corpse, from where you will need to kill 6 Maggot enemies. Communicate with Cadeus again, and find the corpses in the river. Get rid of Maggot Brood, go to the Abandoned Village, talk to Cadeus again and kill Elder Owen. 

The Demon’s Lair 

This particular quest, known as “The Demon’s Lair,” is not one of the Diablo Immortal Side Quests but the main one, and it will cause players to go into the Court of Madness. After entering it, they will need to obliterate the Purus the Decimator. 

Hostile Territory 

Yet another important quest is the Hostile Territory, which will have the players in Diablo Immortal venture close to the Abandoned Village, whereby they will come across a few enemies whenever they go in. There will be 50 monsters, which players will need to decimate. 

Blazing Raid 

For The Blazing Raid, it will mean that this particular side quest in Diablo Immortal will have the player talk to an NPC by the name of Jin; from here, they will need to find Talva Silvertongue and then murder the Soul Killer Shaman. Talk to her again, and then go out of Port Justinian. 

Overgrown Temple 

The Overgrown Temple aims to make the player head over to the Temple of Namari, then kill the guardians that stand outside the temple. After that, talk to Jin, then Namari again, and then Jin again to exhaust their long dialogues, and then return to Port Justinian. Yet another important one of Diablo Immortal Side Quests will be finished. The Vitaath Boss fight might be difficult for many people; therefore, referring to our Diablo Immortal Vitaath Guide might be useful!

Welcome To The Jungle 

Last but not least, go into the jungle, talk to its inhabitants, talk to Sandro the Mouth and then go over to the Talva Silvertongue NPC and talk to her, exhaust her dialogues, and then the quest is done. With that, the Bilefen quests in Diablo Immortal are all done! 

Library of Zoltun Kulle Quests

Diablo Immortal Library of Zoltun Kulle
Library of Zoltun Kulle Area

As for the Diablo Immortal Side Quests in the Library of Zoltun Kulle, the Library itself is present in Kehjistan and is known to be an area of the Zoltun Kulle. 

Library Beneath The Sand 

Starting with the first Diablo Immortal side quest, it requires the player to go into an area known as the Unseen Guardian, which will be present near the Library of Zoltun Kulle itself. There isn’t much information about this particular quest yet; apart from that, players need to head into the Library. 

Unseen Guardian 

To progress through this quest in question, players need to venture forth again and make their way over to the Unseen Guardian, where they will come across 12 Mysterious Phantom’s enemies. From there, murder them off and get rid of The Curator, who will complete the quest. 

Restoring Order 

Next up, the Restoring Order quest entails communicating with the NPC by the name of The Curator, after which when they enter the Library, there will be 12 different monsters. From here, go to the Statue located in the Library itself, and there, the Pedastal will be present, and Diablo Immortal players will need to inspect it. 

Lost Rune 

After coming across the First Rune, light up by solving the lamps puzzle in Diablo Immortal, and grab the rune. Place two different runes, and a boss will appear by the name of Grimaldi. Kill it, and get the second rune. After finding the third rune, inspecting it, and illuminating it, players will need to place it and then wait for an NPC Curator. 

Central Core 

The next Diablo Immortal Side Quests also include the Central Core, where the players need to reach the Central Core itself. Try to find the Curator, where there will be around Core’s Guardians, which you will need to defeat. After doing so, go back and talk to the NPC again. If you are planning to main as a Demon Hunter, read up on our Diablo Immortal Demon Hunter build guide!

Well of Knowledge 

For this one, players in Diablo Immortal will yet again need to venture and find the Curator and then go into the Well of Knowledge to get their hands on the Master’s journal. After that, obliterate 16 Arcane Trails, and go back to the Curator and hand him the Master’s Journals. 

The Eternal Guardian 

To complete this quest, go into the Chaos Engine, kill 12 undead enemies, find some Golem’s Remains, and find the NPC Insightful Sands. Come across the Eternal Guardian, and kill more Undead. Activate the mechanisms, get rid of the Eternal Guardian, and get out of the area. 

Reforging The Soul 

This quest is tied in part to the Library quests in Diablo Immortal. For this, go into the Chaos Engine and place in some remains, after which you can activate the orbs while killing some Burning Dead enemies. After the Chaos Engine has charged, get the Spark of Life, and these Diablo Immortal Side Quests are also done. 

Recalling The Past 

Now, players will deliberately have to carry on from the previous quest and hand over the Spark of Life to the NPC Curator for this quest. After communicating with him, go into the Archive of Secrets, where you can find him, and talk to him again. He leads you to the Alcove, so make sure to follow him. 

The Dark Exile 

This quest doesn’t have many details attached to it, and it just ties into the rest of the side quests in Diablo Immortal. Simply head over to the Curator and talk to him and stand next to him for this one. After that, he will talk to you. 

The Heat of The Unknown 

To complete the last quest, you will need to yet again have to force a conversation with the same NPC over and over again until the quest gets completed. 

Shassar Sea Quests

Diablo Immortal Shassar Sea
Shassar Sea Area

The next location that we would like to mention is the Shassar Sea, which players can find whenever they go into the eastern area of Kehjistan when they cross Caldeum. 

Revealing The Path 

The first of the Diablo Immortal Side Quests is the Revealing The Path, for which you will need to interact with an NPC known as Peth, after which you will need to follow him and inevitably have to rescue him. After that, go to the Library with him, exhaust his dialogue and go into the Library of Zoltun Kulle. 

Final Fragment 

This is yet another important quest without which players can’t progress through the game. To get through this, Diablo Immortal players will need to go to the Chamber of Truth, after which a secret entrance will lead into the Prison of the Scorpion. Hand over the Light of Fahir to NPC Tabri and interact with the NPC. 

Fahir’s Legacy 

With that, this is another crucial quest that can’t be ignored. Therefore players in Diablo Immortal should complete it. Go into the Tomb of Fahir, try to find a Scepter Piece, and go back to the Sereth Outpost. From there, hand over the Fahir’s Visage to the NPC Tabri and then talk to the NPC. 

Wisdom Fragment 

The fourth of the Shassar Sea side quests is Wisdom Fragment, for which you need to go to the Chamber of Wisdom and investigate it. Get rid of some undead enemies, open up the chamber, find lingering souls, kill Watep, then kill off Corphet the Venomwing and take control of the Fahir’s Command. Talk to the Zov NPC to complete the quest. 

Loyalty’s Price 

After going back to Zov, save the Amber Blade, and murder Alvas, after which you will need to behead the Lacuni Pack Leader. From there, Diablo Immortal players will need to give the head to NPC Tabri, hang the skin of Lacuni, and then follow NPC Zov to Peth. Talk to him after that. If you are confused about what class to play as, why not check out the Diablo Immortal best Solo Class guide!

Lacuni’s Roar 

This quest itself will require players in Shassar Sea quests to kill off the Lacuni enemy, after which they will need to search for the Tabri NPC. from there, the questline will further continue. 

Amber’s Blades 

For this one, this is another sequel to the Diablo Immortal Side Quests, which will have the travelers follow up with the NPC named Zov, and they will need to head over to a lookout which will have some injured people located there. From there, interact with them. 

A Trail In The Sand 

This particular quest connects to the quest that we mentioned before, known as “Amber’s Blades,” and for it to be complete, players will need to interact with the NPC Zov and ask him for further directions. 

Sea of Fire 

To complete the Sea of Fire, players completing the Shassar Sea quests will need to find the Zoltun Kulle’s Library and then murder Thiago and his members. After that, mention it to Zov NPC, and then search up Thiago’s Corpse to get your hand on a key and then free up Zov. For Crusader mains, our Diablo Immortal Crusader Guide is the best guide for you!

Westmarch Quests 

Diablo Immortal Westmarch
Westmarch Area

Moving on with the Diablo Immortal Side Quests, below are the 13 quests for this particular location that players in DIablo Immortal can access. 

Cain’s Request 

Starting with this one, go to Westmarch, interact with Lieutenant Dunn, talk to Piri, and find Charsi, who will be located in the area known as “Rakkis Plaza.”

Fragments of The Past 

After finding Charsi, go to Cain’s Workshop in Diablo Immortal, talk to him, and just wait it out until his ritual is complete. After that, talk to him again, and help him out with the ritual. With that, murder off demons and then interact with Cain yet again. 

A Walk Through Westmarch 

Go to Charsi, who will be just outside the shop, talk to him, and follow him until you come across the Elder rift in Westmarch. Inspect the general area, talk to the NPC Charsi again, and get rid of the Brigands. 

Rift of The Elders 

The Rift of The Elders isn’t a quest but rather a dungeon. 

Diamond in The Rough 

After this, you will need to go back to Charsi, after which he will ask you to follow him to Rakkis Square, where you will murder the Brigands yet again. From there, help out NPC Vic, talk to him, go over to Seril, an Apprentice jeweler, and talk to Vic again. 

Tools of The Trade 

The Tools of The Trade quest will be completed when you venture over to Charsi, follow him until your reach Smithy, and then interact with him again. From there, you will need to inspect an Armor Rack. 

Trading At The Market 

Next up, the Trading at The Market entails the Diablo Immortal players going to the Wynton’s Grand Market and then interacting with the NPC Day, after which you will simply leave the market. 

Honorable Rewards 

This quest will instantly connect with the Answers in the East, which we will talk about later. You just need to communicate with Lieutenant Fizriah and exhaust his dialogue for this quest. 

Answers in The East 

Go back to Cain’s Workshop, after which you will need to talk to him and then examine a scroll on his bookshelf; go back to Cain, and get out of his workshop. Go to the Wolf City Tavern, and communicate with the Bartender there. 

A Captain’s Need 

Go into a tavern, interact with the Bartender there, and when you go back out, get rid of the Pirates, communicate with the Jacktar Brute, and then to Captain Rehm and complete their dialogues. 

Bounties Abroad 

The name itself suggests that it is a liminal quest, not worthy of being called one either, as the only thing the Diablo Immortal player has to do here is examine a Bounty Board. For complete beginners, the Diablo Immortal Max Leveling guide is where it’s at!

Docks of Westmarch 

Next up, to get done with the Docks of Westmarch quest, go to the docks, interact with Cain, then Captain Rehm, the same NPCs that we mentioned before in the previous quests, then go to the Shassar Sea. with that, you are done with these quests as well! 

Dark Wood Quests 

Diablo Immortal Dark Wood
Dark Wood Area

The next location is the Dark Wood Area, moving right along with the Diablo Immortal Side Quests

Blackstone Village 

For the Blackstone Village quest, head over to Dark Wood and keep going until you encounter an Injured man. Help him out, then talk with Lucian, and he will give you a particular letter which you can take from him. 

Lucian’s Hope 

Continuing with investigating the Blackstone area, murder the Bloodsworn enemies, and save Alyssa from the debris that she is stuck in. Talk to her, take her to Kashya, kill more Bloodsword and then inspect her health. 

Bloodsworn Den 

After inspecting Alyssa in Diablo Immortal, go to Kashya, talk t him, and go into the Bloodsworn den. Save Hemlir, then interact with Kashya again, and then find Lakrii and murder her. With the 6 classes that are available to choose from, make sure to not miss out on our Diablo Immortal best class Guide!

The Horadic Bestiary 

Interact with Flavie, go over to the Rogue Battlecamp, and talk to Liene. From there, Diablo Immortal players can kill even more Demon enemies, then report back to Kashya. Interact with Akara and then with Hemlir. 

Gathering The Reagents 

Head over to the Arach’s Den, get your hands on the eye and go to the Swamp, and from there, take a look at the blood flower and take its thorns. Go into the fallen village and go to the Bonfire, from there find and take the blackened branch and take it to Hemlir. 

Between Two Evils 

For Between Two Evils quests, talk to Hemlir, Akara, and Hess, after which you can go to the Cult of Damnation and find out where the Dark Magic is sourcing from. Take the Ember, then find Hemlir and murder Bloodsworns. 

Tree of Inifuss 

Interact with NPC Hemlir, wait for his ritual to get done, then obliterate his clone, and talk to him again. After that, go ahead to communicate with the NPC Flavie. 

Blood Ressurection 

After communicating with Flavie, Diablo Immortal players will need to go to Sanguine Ruins, interact with Liene, go into the Lair of Blood Rose, and kill the Blood Roses. Leave the area, interact with Akara and then go into the Forgotten Tower. 

Delivering The Shards 

The Delivering The Shards isn’t part of the Diablo Immortal Side Quests. It only involves the players in Diablo Immortal talking to Kashya and going to the Westmarch area in the game. 

Ashwold Cemetry 

Diablo Immortal Ashwold Cemetery
Ashwold Cemetery Area

Last but not least, these are the few Ashwold Cemetry quests

The Risen Dead 

To complete it, go to Ashwold Cemetery, kill off Grave Robbers, talk to Samina, go to the groundkeeper’s home, and then murder Gordon and then interact with Ulric. 

The Exiled Apprentice 

Communicate with Ulric, go to the Crypt of the Honored Dead, kill them off, interact with Xul, then with the Guard Bramden. 

Consulting The Guards 

Talk to the Guard Bramden once again, go to Guard’s Watch, murder the Undead, interact with Captain Azmir, talk to Paulie, and then go back to Captain Azmir. 

The Handmaiden 

Go back to Captain Azmir, and then go to the Handmaiden’s Cottage, decimate the Undead located there, find the Handmaiden, kill Ambushing Undead, and talk to Xul. For those who are interested in experimenting with the Necromancer class, why not take help from our Diablo Immortal Necromancer Build!

The Tomb of The Queen 

After talking to Xul, Diablo Immortal players will go to the Queen’s Tomb, enter it, search it, inspect the Burial Vault, slaughter the Skeletal Mage, and leave the area. 

Into Ashwold Manor 

Go into the area located, murder the guards, talk to NPC Xul, and follow him to murder the Bone Golem. 

Masters of Death 

Behead the Simulacrum, stop the ritual from taking place, interact with Xul, and then go into the Mad King’s Breach. 

Battle For The Shard 

Interact with Xul once again, follow Lethes, and take the Shard of Worldstone, then go to Dakrwood. With that, we will wrap up with our Diablo Immortal Side Quests. Let us know what you think! If no class works out for you, then the Diablo Immortal Barbarian class might be for you!

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