Diablo Immortal Charms: How To Find, Use & Upgrade

Looking for the definitive Diablo Immortal charm guide? Look no further than what we've outlined for you ahead.

Don’t think of Charms in Diablo Immortal as something that the game will start you off with right from the get-go. Things aren’t that simple around these parts. In fact, Charms come across as endgame material where you only become capable enough of equipping them at level 56. This, of course, isn’t attainable right off the bat, so you shouldn’t be too worried about finding and using Charms early on in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal Charm Guide
Charms in Diablo Immortal
Key Highlights
  • Diablo Immortal has many items and accessories that will increase your character’s stats, one of those items is Charms.
  • Charms are only available after reaching level 56 and they also have a variety of rarities.
  • There are also, multiple ways to obtain charm, such as:
    • Rewards from completing a bounty.
    • Obtainable from the battle pass.
    • Can be bought from Hilts Traders
  • Buying the battle pass is not necessary to obtain charms as you get them from the free version also.
  • You can also upgrade charms to increase their overall stats and effects which will furthermore boost your character.
  • You need Alchemical Powder to upgrade your charms and Alchemical Powder is obtainable by salvaging charms.

What are Charms? 

As for the entity itself, Charms are accessories that boost your character’s statistics. However, you might as well obtain Charms during your adventures in the Sanctuary that do not relate to your class at all.

For instance, one of these accessories in Diablo Immortal could add a 2% bonus multiplier to the Wizard’s Scorch skill move. Now, if you’re using the Barbarian, you’re probably not going to want to do anything with the specific Charm.

This is where the next part of our discussion comes in. Charms are upgradable as well. You can take the rank of Charms up to higher levels using an in-game resource called Alchemical Powder. In Diablo Immortal, you get Alchemical Powder when you salvage Charms, which is basically when you retrieve useful components during the discard process of these items. 

By the time you reach level 56, you’ll have a bevy of Charms in your inventory, so make sure you reserve these accessories in your stash as you embark on missions and quests.

When you do arrive at the adequate level though, feel free to pop open your catalog and observe how many Charms can be used by your class. Always look for the skill move associated with the bonus multiplier. Doing so will help you detect the Charm’s relevance.

Until level 56, therefore, you’ll be better off without hunting Charms in specific. That is why we recommend players to go after the Diablo Immortal best gem instead that starts coming into effect as soon as you start playing. Oh, and speaking of starting out with the title, make sure you’re well aware of the RPG’s crossplay and cross progression feature to dominate the basics from your very first day. 

Now that you know what Charms essentially are, it’s time to further the write-up and discover how exactly you can find Charms scattered across the boundless domains of the Sanctuary. 

How To Find Charms

Charms do not have a single source of attainment. Instead, you will find that there are multiple activities that can reward you with these Diablo Immortal potency-centric accessories. Let’s take a quick look at what these can be below. 

  • A form of reward for finishing daily activities. 
  • Bought from the Hilts Trader for 100 Hilts per Charm.
  • An award for successfully completing a Bounty. 
  • A benefit of the Diablo Immortal Battle Pass.

See? There’s no shortage of ways that you can approach to find Charms—you just have to have an adequate sense of exploration to accomplish the task at hand. Do note that the only definitive method of acquiring Charms is by purchasing them through the Hilts Trader. However, do bear in mind that there’s a weekly limit of 3 Charms that you can buy and not more from the handy merchant. 

The other ways of purchasing these add-ons are arbitrary and may or may not be available at all times. Still, the latter isn’t too much of an issue since you can still get Charms one way or the other. If you’re not in the mood to grind the living hell out of the game, we suggest going for the “Empowered” version of Diablo Immortal’s Battle Pass.

You’ll be getting a ton of more add-ons, bonuses, and extra items than you would’ve been getting without it. Moreover, Charms are also part of the surreal number of rewards you get with the free Battle Pass variant of the action RPG. 

For example, the very first bunch of Charms that you unlock is right when you reach level 16 of your Battle Pass and we’re not talking about the paid one here. You got that right.

Players can farm quite a lot of Charms by only taking into account what the free version of the game’s ingrained reward system has to offer. The more you play and the more you level up, the higher your chances are of obtaining Charms in Diablo Immortal. 

That leaves us with finishing off daily activities as a source of receiving these helpful accessories. It is indeed possible to get yourself a generous number of Charms by completing these small-scale missions on a regular basis. Daily activities come across as reliable in this regard, since they actually pave the way to earning a Charm each day. 

Feel free to take a close, hard look at how all of these different ways work together and provide the player with numerous options to earn Charms. The developers have made the gameplay of Diablo Immortal wholly immersive for the matter at hand, so it is worth investing your time and effort to grind rewards, experience points, and other goodies, similar to the returns offered by the Cycle Turn Chest in Diablo Immortal during the famed dungeon-crawler.

With that said, our curated Diablo Immortal charm guide isn’t as basic as the information above. Let’s take a deep dive into the actual usage of these Charms and how you can put them to the test on the battlefield. 

How To Use Charms

In essence, using Charms in Diablo Immortal is a straightforward affair. You simply equip them on your character class while confirming the relevancy of it and there you go.

The Charm then continues to supply a bonus multiplier for your class’ specific skill or skills, depending on how ranked up the Charm truly is. The multiplier, however, isn’t a set amount and can be any, ranging from small percentages to relatively higher ones. 

If you’re looking to find out how to equip Charms on your character, pop your inventory open to get started. This will be done by clicking on the specific “Inventory” button present right above your skills. Right after that, you’ll be taken straight to the main equipment section of your character.

Focus on the upper-right area on this page and you’ll find a slot dedicated to Charms only. Check out the following screenshot for a visual illustration. 

Clicking on the "Charms" Slot
Clicking on the “Charms” Slot

As soon as you click on the Charms slot, a section will manifest on the screen, prompting you to select from the variety of different Charms you’ve picked up along your journey in the Sanctuary. Here, make sure that you’re selecting the Charm that influences a skill of your specific character class.

That is to say, Charms in Diablo Immortal are heavily randomized. You’ll get these add-ons for all classes and not just the one you’re running. After selecting a specific Charm, click on the “Equip” button as shown in the screenshot below and that’ll be it. 

Equipping the Selected Charm
Equipping the Selected Charm

This is how you equip Charms in Diablo Immortal. Just make sure you’re above the minimum required level—which is 56—and that will sort things out for you accordingly. Time to set out into the Sanctuary, find some enemies, and try out the added benefit that comes in the wake of equipping a Charm in the game. 

Upgrading Charms

Now, to do anything with Charms, such as upgrading or salvaging them, you need to pay a visit to the Charm Craftsman. You’ll find someone called Vas in Westmarch, provided the business potential of this buzzing place. Vas the Charm Craftsman possesses enough capacity to sate all your Charm-centric needs.

Go up to him near Rakkis Plaza Waypoint, or any other Charm Craftsman, for that matter, to get started with using Charms. These NPCs are scattered all over the Sanctuary, so do keep a keen eye out for them whenever you’re out for some action-packed demon-slaying. 

Diablo Immortal charm guide
Location of Vas the Charm Craftsman in Diablo Immortal

After getting to grips with a Charm Craftsman, go up to them and hit the “Interact” button. This will get you to engage in a short dialogue and shortly open up the relevant menu that will allow you to go to town with Charms in Diablo Immortal. In the case that you seek to upgrade your existing Charms to higher levels, you will need a specific resource called Alchemical Powder.

This element is only obtained by salvaging your Charms through the Charm Craftsman. In addition, you only need 20 of these to rank up Charms in the game.

Since there are a total of 5 levels that a Charm can possibly attain in Diablo Immortal, you would need about 80 pieces of Alchemical Powder to take a specific Charm to the highest level—Rank 5—which is when the Charm would be referred to as Grand Charm

Bear in mind that you should always salvage Rank 1 Charms that do not buff any of your class’ skills for the best results. You just do not have any use for these Charms anyway, so why not discard them and receive something utterly valuable in the process?

How to Salvage Charms 

The following steps are going to take it from here. Make sure to follow them diligently for the best results. 

  1. Get started with salvaging unwanted Charms by going up to the Charm Craftsman and selecting the “Salvage” menu from the side panel. Right after that, select the Charms that you no longer need and click on the “Salvage” button yet again although this time in the lower right corner of the screen. Check out the following screenshot if you’re after more detail on the matter at hand. 
    Salvaging Unwanted Charms
    Salvaging Unwanted Charms
  2. The next step is to confirm your selection from the prompt that surfaces on the screen afterward. Click on “OK” as shown in the image below to finalize the process.
    Diablo Immortal charm guide
    Confirming the Selection
  3. Time to put the obtained Alchemical Powder to use when you finally get yourself some of it. 
    Alchemical Powder Obtained
    Alchemical Powder Obtained

Now that you know how to salvage Charms and secure the go-to upgrade material for these utilitarian add-ons, let’s get on with the major upgrade portion of the scenario. Do note that you can also salvage those Charms that do influence a skill of your particular class but that skill isn’t something that you use often. 

How To Upgrade Charms With Alchemical Powder

Acquiring Alchemical Powder is half the work—you now have to learn the exact process of upgrading Charms as well. The prerequisite for the latter was obtaining enough Alchemical Powder, so we deemed it fit to show you how to procure the upgrade material first. 

In the same Charm Craftsman menu interface, you can easily see the “Upgrade” button in the panel to the left. This particular feature will be allowing us to rank up our charms and take them to higher levels for added perks and bonuses. We advise you to rank up those Charms that are of primary importance to your character. 

Now here’s the tricky part. Ranking up a Charm adds another skill boost to the accessory, but it still isn’t guaranteed that the new skill move going to be added to the Charm after its rank-up will relate to your class or not. Things are still on chance here and rolling the dice is the only way to forward and conclude the scenario.

Follow the steps listed ahead to learn how to upgrade your Charms. 

  1. Get started by clicking on the “Upgrade” button in the Charm Craftsman menu. It should be pretty easy to spot, given the prevalence of the feature in question. Check out the screenshot given below for a visual explanation of how to complete the first step.
    Clicking on the "Upgrade" Button
    Clicking on the “Upgrade” Button
  2. After clicking on “Upgrade,” you will be prompted to select the Charm that you wish to upgrade. As iterated earlier, you should rank up Charms that add a bonus multiplier to your own class’ skill. The cherry on top here would be that the skill it’s affecting is the one that you use on a frequent basis. Click on “Upgrade” again in the bottom-right corner of the screen after selecting the Charm to get to the next step.
    Selecting and Ranking Up a Specific Charm
    Selecting and Ranking Up a Specific Charm
  3.  Simply get past the confirmation prompt here to conclude the process. And yes, you’ll be reading that right. Ranked-up Charms cannot be salvaged, so choose wisely here. However, they can, on the other hand, be sold. We’ll be shedding more light on this later on in the guide.
    Confirming the Rank-Up Selection
    Confirming the Rank-Up Selection
  4. Confirming your decision will lead you straight to a transition on the screen where the Charm you’ve selected will be ranked up. In addition, you’ll be able to see here what kind of skill was added to the Charm as part of its leveling up. In the case that it was a different class’ skill, the name of the class will be mentioned inside paratheses as well. 
    Charm Upgraded
    Charm Upgraded

You can see how a different character class skill was added to the Charm after its rank-up in the image above. The Seven-Sided Strike combat move is particularly exclusive to the Monk in Diablo Immortal while Shield Glade is something that the Crusader only employs. Therefore, unless we keep on leveling it up, we didn’t get any noteworthy value out of upgrading this specific Charm. 

That is why we encourage you to keep on ranking a Charm up when you see potential in it to the highest level. The Alchemical Powder cost is low anyway, and you can get a significant ton of the latter just by salvaging Charms you don’t have anything to do with. 

Since we’ve gone over the basics already, let us scribble down some of the best tips and tricks in the business for advanced dealing with Charms in Diablo Immortal. 

Best Tips & Tricks for Dealing With Charms

To preface our forthcoming discussion, take a look at the following picture of a particular Charm upgraded to the highest level. 

A Grand Charm in Diablo Immortal
A Grand Charm in Diablo Immortal

Apparently, there’s only one skill on this Grand Charm that relates to the Monk, which is contextually the character class we’re concerned with. The rest of the bonus multipliers relate to skills that belong to other classes, such as the Crusader, Necromancer, and the Wizard.

This is an example of a poor Grand Charm that’s as good as a Rank 1 Charm. Since we can’t salvage this type of Charm anymore, what can we do with it? 

We’ll utilize the functioning of the Extract feature of the Charm Craftsman menu and convert the Charm at hand into a Skill Stone. However, don’t expect the Craftsman to go to work without a fee. You will need about 500 Platinum for the extraction process to commence. 

Diablo Immortal charm guide
Extracting a Skill Stone From a Grand Charm

Now, what good is a Skill Stone and what can it offer to aspiring Immortal players? First off, a Skill Stone can be sold on the Market to get Platinum in exchange. If you’ve got yourself a Grand Charm that possesses 2 or more bonus multipliers for skills of the same class, it’s likely that the Skill Stone converted from that Charm will sell for a good price on the Market. 

That is to say, a Skill Stone possesses similar characteristics as the Charm that it was manifested from—it’s just in a different format and features a unique ability that we’re getting to just now. That is to say, Skill Stones allow you to replace a skill of your choice on a Grand Charm. 

However, the skill that you will be using to replace will be randomized as well from what the Skill Stone contains. For example, if you converted a Grand Charm into a Skill Stone, all 5 skills present in the Grand Charm will carry over to the Skill Stone. Now, assume that you have another Grand Charm that possesses 2 skills of the class of your preference, but you’re looking to get more relevant skills on there as well. 

 You will use this particular Grand Charm with the Skill Stone that you converted using the “Imbue” feature in the Charm Craftsman menu. You will select the skill that you want to replace in your Grand Charm and roll the dice on the Skill Stone’s side. The result will be randomly generated, so in the case that you wish to boost your chances of getting the right skill, try purchasing a quality Skill Stone from the Market. 

You can even use the various filter options present in the Market to receive specialized results. For instance, you’re free to first pick the class and then a specific skill for that class. Doing so helps you narrow down your options right down to the ones that you actually need. 

That way, you’ll be able to maximize your chances of creating the ultimate Charm build for your character in Diablo Immortal. We realize that the matter at hand is fairly confusing and it does take time to understand and perfect the mechanics of this game system. With that said, if you keep at it for a good while, you’ll definitely get there in due time. 


Diablo Immortal is one of the freshest releases of 2022, sporting a tip-top RPG experience with typical hack-and-slash combats. The game features a diverse class system as well and includes the likes of the Barbarian, Necromancer, Wizard, and Demon Hunter.

The fact of the matter is that there’s no single best class in the title and all of them are viable in their own unique way. You’ll understand that as you try each of them one by one. 

In addition to that, there are several clans in Diablo Immortal as well. Some of the hottest ones in the action RPG include the Dark Clan and the Shadow Lottery Clan. These are special in their own element and offer users a range of benefits that span from socialization features to unlocking the ability to do daily quests and get rewards in a similar fashion. 

As for the versatile array of world bosses, entities like Skarn Helliquary and Fleshcraft Hydra put up a hefty struggle to beat. With that said, if someone is rocking one of the best solo classes in the game, it’s likely to have a significant reduction in the overall difficulty. The Crusader and the Monk, out of the rest of the classes in Diablo Immortal are adept at picking enemies out from a close distance, so don’t forget to check them out as well. 

In this write-up, we’ve cast a lens on an entirely different scenario and it’s basically something that comes in handy in endgame settings. Our elaborate Diablo Immortal Charm guide is sure to get you going with some of the best tips in the business, especially if you’re keen on creating top-of-the-line character builds in the game. Make sure not to skip side quests and hoard Charms to salvage, upgrade, and use them on the fly. 

Do let us know down in the comments section whether you found this guide helpful or not. As always, eXputer wishes you good luck!

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