How To Unlock Coconut In Disney Dreamlight Valley

This guide discusses every step you need to take in order to unlock coconuts in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Most fruits in Disney Dreamlight Valley are quite easy to come by and acquired fairly easily. All you have to do is open the collection menu and choose the fruit of their choice under the ingredients tab, and the game will tell you its location. However, acquiring coconut in Disney Dreamlight Valley is not as simple. Since the game only tells you what it costs and not a single word bout its whereabouts. 

Key Highlights
  • The Prerequisites that you will need in order to unlock the Coconut in Disney Dreamlight Valley are Unlock Moana as a friend, level up your friendship with Maui to level 2, and much more.
  • Go to Dreamlight Castle and walk through the door to reach Moana’s realm. If you choose Moana’s Realm first after unlocking Dreamlight Castle, you will need to pay 50 Dreamlight or if not, then it will cost 3000 Dreamlight.
  • Then interact with Moana and complete the After The Storm and How Far Will You Go quests. Then help her build her house by doing the appropriate tasks.
  • Accept one last quest from Moana, which will be A Feast Worthy Of A Demigod.
  • Do the Bury the eel quest, which will be the last quest in order to unlock Coconuts.

The reason for that is that you first have to unlock the coconuts by completing a few steps. Only then will the game show you its location in the ingredients tab. Now the million-dollar question is, how do you unlock the coconut? Because the game does a pretty bad job at explaining it. In fact, saying that it does no job at all would not be wrong.

Prerequisites For Unlocking Coconut

Disney Dreamlight Valley Cocconut
Disney Dreamlight Valley Coconut

Before we get into the guide on coconuts, how about you check out the game’s review? We have covered every aspect of the game in our Disney Dreamlight Valley Review. Even though it is still in early access, we are impressed by how well the developers have made this game. It is nostalgic playing the game and meeting some of your favorite childhood characters, such as Merlin.

It is worth mentioning that you can find coconuts only in the Moana Realm. Moving on, there are a few requirements that need to be met in order for you to unlock the Coconut. 

First, you need to unlock Moana as a friend, and then you need to unlock Maui and advance your friendship to level 2 with him; then, you need to complete a quest and complete a few more steps. The reason there are so many steps is that you need to complete a quest that unlocks only once your friendship level with Maui is 2. That said, let us discuss each step in detail.

Entering Moana’s Realm

Disney Dreamlight Valley Coconut Moana's Realm
Moana’s Realm

Assuming you are currently in Dreamlight Valley while you are reading this, your first step is to enter Moana’s realm. To do that, go to the Dreamlight Castle and walk through the door there, which leads to Moana’s realm. Now there are two ways of doing this, one is cheap, and one is well expensive.

If you just unlocked the Dream Castle and the first realm you choose to go to is Moana’s, then you can enter it for just 50 Dreamlight. However, let’s say that you had already unlocked the Dream Castle and the first realm you chose to go to was not Moana’s, then you are going to have to pay a hefty 3000 Dreamlight to enter it.

Now you can choose which method you want to use according to the cards you are currently dealing with. Assuming you have entered Moana’s realm, we are going to tell you your next step.

Recruiting Moana


It’s to unlock and recruit Moana because only then can you unlock Maui the Demigod. In order to unlock Moana, talk to her when you enter her realm. She will be standing next to a boat, so it shouldn’t be hard to spot her.

Completing “After The Storm” Quest

You need to complete 2 of Moana’s quests to gain access to Maui and also help Moana get back to her village. The first quest is called “After The Storm,” in which you will help Moana fix her boat. Basically, what you need to do in this quest is to find 8 planks that look like wood on the beach and then search for Silk Web, which you can acquire from the same place once you remove the planks.

Now deliver the planks and the silk webs to Moana, and you will be done with the first quest that you need to do for Moana. Your next step is to give Maui a visit, and he will be standing at the top of the cliff near Moana. Interact with him to acquire an upgraded pickaxe which you will have to use to break the rocks trapping Moana’s boat. Now simply return to Maui and talk to him to finish the quest.

Completing “How Far Will You Go” Quest

Next is another quest from Moana called the “How Far Will You Go” quest. In this quest, you have to help Moana find a light so she can easily travel through the fog. After that, pick up the Coral Reef and the torch from the rock where the boat was docked and hop onto the boat.

Now make your way to the desired location. Upon arrival, fish from the marked ripple and give the fish to Moana, and then finally, she will head back to her village. All that’s left for you to do now is help her build her home by completing the required tasks. Once her home is built completely, only then can you proceed to increase your friendship with Maui.

Recruiting Maui


Now you need to accept one last quest from Moana (don’t worry, this one’s related directly to Maui). It’s called “A Feast Worthy Of A Demigod,” and in the quest, your first objective is to talk to Maui in Moana’s realm. Before continuing, we should let you know that the pre-requirement for unlocking the mentioned quest is to increase your friendship level with Moana even higher.

That said, make your way to her realm and interact with Maui; he will be standing in the same place as before. After you are done talking with Maui, he will give you the objective of cooking 3 meals, each with a 3-star rating or higher.

When you bring the cooked meals back to Maui, he will order you to build a Peaceful Grotto in the Valley, which is going to cost you 5,000-star coins. We have covered a guide on how to Make Money Faster in the game so check it out if you’re running short on star coins.

Once the Grotto is built, Maui will move to the Village, making it his new home. Finally, now you have recruited Maui and can now work on raising your friendship level with him until the “Burying the Eel” quest is unlocked. Like we said before, it will be unlocked at friendship level 2 with him, so keep that in mind.

Completing The Quest Related To Coconuts

Burying the Eel
Burying the Eel

Anyways, assuming you have reached friendship level 2 with Maui and unlocked the quest required to unlock the Coconuts, we will tell you how to complete the quest. In the “Burying the Eel” quest, you basically need to catch an eel. You can do so by crafting a fish trap which requires eight softwood and three worms to be crafted.

Now craft the fish trap and head to the dock at Dazzle Beach; deploy the fish trap, and you will catch yourself an eel in no time. Now bury the eel and keep watering the area until a coconut tree comes out of the ground. One thing worth mentioning here is that you need to water the buried eel until the tree sprouts continuously, so don’t make the mistake of leaving the area.

Anyways, the coconut tree will start multiplying itself, and soon the whole beach will soon be crowded with coconut trees. Well, congratulate yourself as you just unlocked this hard-to-unlock fruit and can now use it however you need or want.

Final Verdict

Well, fellas, that about wraps up our Disney Dreamlight Valley Coconut guide; we hope you found this helpful, and if you did, then make sure to give us feedback in the dialog box and comments section below. However, if you think we missed something, then let us know that as well in the comments section. 

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