Elden Ring Seamless Co-op Mod Guide

My guide will cover the the features, quality of life changes and installation process of Seamless Co-op in Elden Ring.

FromSoftware games always had one of the most active modding communities. From Dark Souls 3 Convergence mod to Dark Souls Nightfall project, I have seen some of the most insane mods done for a videogame. My guide covers the latest addition to one of the best FromSoftware community mods, the Seamless Co-op mod for Elden Ring.

Key Takeaways
  • The Elden Ring Seamless Co-op Mod removes multiplayer limitations and connectivity issues.
  • Defeating a boss doesn’t restrict gameplay with friends, and sessions can be resumed.
  • A debuff prevents repeated deaths in a session.
  • Play with three friends instead of two, and use Torrent in co-op with the mod.
  • To install, download from Nexus Mods, extract to Elden Ring folder, set the session password in cooppassword.ini, and launch “launch_elden_ring_seamlesscoop.exe.”

What is Seamless Co-op In Elden Ring?

3 player Co - op
Image featuring 3 player Co-op

Seamless Co-op is a co-op mod that allows you and your friends to play the game from start to finish without the game putting any restrictions. Explore The Land Between with your friends without the game kicking them out after you take down a boss.

Elden Ring’s own multiplayer can sometimes be tedious with connectivity issues and the game’s restrictions on the player. In my experience, the Seamless Co-op mod solve all of those issues.

This mod is developed by LukeYui, also known for his work on Sekiro Online and Blue Sentinels. It brings all those features and quality-of-life changes to multiplayer you might’ve initially expected from Elden Ring.

Features & Changes In Seamless Co-op Mod

There are a lot of changes Seamless Co-op makes to the game’s multiplayer system, which I have discussed below:

  • Session continues if the host or player dies, respawning at the last site of grace.
  • Play with friends even after defeating area bosses with the Seamless Co-op mod.
  • Fog barriers restricting player movement are removed in the mod.
  • Summon Torrent in multiplayer and explore Elden Ring more conveniently.
  • Synchronized waypoints allow fast travel across the map.
  • The world resets if any party member rests at a site of grace to prevent enemy desync.
  • Seamless Co-op syncs progression for all players in multiplayer.
  • Invasions are unnecessary for Varre’s questline progression.
  • The mod utilizes Steam’s newer networking API for improved connections.
  • Stakes of Marika are disabled to prevent connection issues.

Quality of Life Changes

One of the biggest problems that persist in Elden Ring’s online multiplayer is its connection issues. I have discussed the changes made by the mod below:

  • Seamless Co-op disables Easy Anti-Cheat. You and your friends can use any mod they want if all have it downloaded.
  • With the removal of Easy Anti Cheat, the issues of packet loss and bugs caused by it are also gone.
  • Seamless Co-op’s streamlined connection allows your friends to join you from anywhere on the map.
  • So, getting disconnected from the host is no longer an issue because you quickly rejoin and continue from where you left off.

Making a Balanced Co-op Experience

Tarnished fellows resting at site of grace

One of the staples of Fromsoftware games is its challenge. This is something the mod creator LukeYei was well aware of. Obviously, playing the game with friends will make the overall game much easier than solo play, but some additions have been made to keep the overall experience balanced and rewarding.

I’ve jotted down the changes made to keep the overall experience challenging and rewarding:

  • Play with 3 friends in the Seamless Co-op mod, up from the base game’s limit of 2.
  • A third tier of enemy scaling is added to balance the experience.
  • Dead players enter spectator mode, allowing the fight to continue until all party members are defeated.
  • Dying in a Co-op session results in a stacking debuff, preventing repeated deaths.
  • The debuff can manifest as one of 5 types of Rots to discourage excessive dying.
  • If a partner rests at a site of grace during a boss fight, the group fighting the boss is removed from the boss room.

Is Seamless Co-op Mod Safe?

Now to answer the burning question. Is Seamless Co-op safe to use? Or is there a chance it will get you banned? Well, the short answer is No.

I want to stress that Elden Ring uses Easy Anti Cheat, and any mods with Elden Ring will force you into an offline mod. Forcing the game into an online mod with mods enabled can get you banned. On the topic of Anti-cheat and inappropriate activity, look at our guides on Anti Cheat Errors and Inappropriate activity detected in Elden Ring.

Similarly, modifying the Seamless Co-op files in order to connect yourself with the vanilla players will most likely result in an immediate ban as well. The save file extension Elden Ring’s Seamless Co-op mod uses is different from that of Elden Ring’s base game. So merging Seamless Co-op save files with the vanilla game can result in a permanent ban too.

Installation Guide and Use

Seamless Co-op is one of the easier mods you can install. You don’t need to install a mod engine or other software like that to make it work. I have explained the very simple 4-step installation process.

  • Download the mod from Nexus Mods.
  • After you are done downloading, extract the downloaded .rar file in your Elden Ring folder.
    Seamless Co-op files extracted in the Elden Ring Folder
  • You’ll see two items extracted. One will be a .exe file used to launch Elden Ring, and the other will be a folder named “SeamlessCoop”.
  • Go inside the SeamlessCoop folder and open the coopassword file. Once you open this file, you can set your session password before the coopassword.
  • Also, make sure that your friends are using the same password as you.
    Password for friendly session
    Setting up Seamless Co-op password


  • Launch Elden Ring through the “laucnh_elden_ring_seamlesscoop.exe”.
  • Once inside the game, you’ll notice that you have four new items (Effigy of Malenia, Tiny Great Pot, Separating Mist, and Judicator’s Rulebook) in your inventory.
  • To create a session, use the Tiny Great Pot from your inventory.
    Create session
    Item used for creating a session
  • If you want to join a friend’s session, I suggest using the Effigy of Malenia from your inventory, granted that you and your friend use the same password.
    join session
    Item used for joining a session
  • If you want to leave a session or forcibly remove someone, use the Separating Mist from your inventory.
    Leaving and kicking item
    Item used for leaving the session or kicking someone from the session
  • It does not allow other players to invade your world. This is something that has been taken care of as well.
  • You can use the Judicator’s Rule book anytime to turn on or off the friendly fire, allowing you to also partake in friendly duels.
    Friendly PvP
    Item used for turning friendly fire on or off
  • One last critical thing I suggest you keep in mind is to make sure you and your friends are using the same version of the mod and the game for the entire thing to work properly. So make sure to keep your mod and the game updated.

My Take

In my opinion, the seamless Co-op mod by LukeYui improves Elden Ring greatly. Teaming up with your buddies and exploring The Lands Between without fearing getting kicked out of the session upon the host’s death or traveling huge distances without torrent makes this mod essential for the Co-op experience.

Hopefully, the quality of life changes brought by Seamless Co-op to Elden Ring’s multiplayer won’t go unnoticed by FromSoftware. FromSoftware is always dedicated to their games and always works on polishing any rough edges their games have in their future installments.

This wraps up my guide on Elden Ring’s Seamless Co-op mod. Let me know what you think about my guide in the comments below.

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