Elden Ring The Convergence Mod: What To Expect

Elden Ring The Convergence Mod has officially been announced and in this guide, we will inform you of what to expect from this massive mod.

What is The Convergence Mod

We currently have no information about Elden Ring’s Convergence mod except for confirmation. But one can assume that the game’s Convergence mod will be similar to the Dark Souls 3 Convergence mod.

Key Highlights
  • Elden Rings Convergence Mod can be assumed to be similar to the Dark Souls 3 convergence mod.
  • The things you can expect from the convergence mod are:
  • Modified Maps: Every Map in Dark Souls 3 was modified, due to which you will be able to experience the fear of the map again. 
  • Improved Covenant System: Different covenants provide different perks and buffs for the player.
  • New Weapons and armours: Every weapon is rebalanced and reworked.
  • New and Modified Bosses: Old bosses are revamped, and new bosses are added. 
  • These are the things we expect to come in Elden Rings Convergence mod. For an in-depth explanation of the things explained above, read the article below.
The Convergence Mod of Dark Souls
Dark Souls 3 Convergence Mod

The Convergence mod of Dark Souls 3 gives the game a complete makeover. We will inform you about all the new things that were added in Dark Souls 3 through the Convergence mod in detail so it can give you a better understanding of what to expect from Elden Ring’s Convergence Mod. But before we move ahead, consider reading our guide on Elden Ring Best Strength Weapons.

Modified Maps

Every map in Dark Souls 3 was modified in the Convergence mod; thus, players were once again able to experience the fear of never knowing what’s ahead in Dark Souls 3.

The Convergence Mod of Dark Souls
New Areas in Dark Souls 3 Convergence Mod

Aside from the modified map design, the maps were filled with new enemies and item placements. Lighting, aesthetics, and decorations were also improved in this mod. New surprises were added to the game, and some areas were completely changed. The developers behind the mod were able to reignite the excitement felt by the player whenever playing From Software game for the first time.

Improved Covenant System

The Covenant System in Dark Souls series always felt a bit lackluster because it did not make a noticeable impact on your single-player experience when playing Dark Souls 3. Thankfully, the covenant system was also improved in the Convergence mod.

Different Covenants now offer different perks and buffs for the player. Thus now, choosing different covenants could have a noticeable impact on the player’s experience. Players could also enable collecting covenant items from all enemies. And players could trade the covenant items at their corresponding shops for different armor, weapons, and spells. 

New Weapons and Armors

New weapons were also added with the Convergence Mod. Every single weapon was rebalanced and reworked so every weapon would be viable for every situation. 

The Convergence Mod of Elden Ring
New weapons in Dark Souls 3 Convergence mod

Some of the new weapons featured brand new move sets. Some weapons even had animations from Bloodborne and Sekiro. All these new move sets and animations added variety, thus encouraging players to experiment with different weapons.

Aside from weapons, new sets of armor were also added to the game through the Convergence mod. Each armor had different sets of perks and bonuses. And speaking of armors, consider reading our Elden Ring Best Light Armor Sets guide.

New and Modified Bosses

One of the most celebrated things that were added in Dark Souls 3 through the Convergence mod was some bosses were revamped, and some new bosses were introduced. Dark Souls 3 already has some of the best bosses ever designed by From Software.

In the Convergence mod, some bosses were given new animations. An example of this is the Pontiff Sulyvahn boss fight. In the Convergence Mod, The Pontiff was given two health bars, and the first phase is similar to the vanilla Pontiff boss fight.

But once you have depleted his health bar, The Pontiff gets up once again, his health regenerated, and he pulls a spear from the ground. Reminding players of the PTSD they have from fighting Isshin The Sword Saint from Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.  We can expect a similar situation in Elden Ring’s Convergence mod.

Convergence Mod of Elden Ring
Pontiff Sulyvahn in Convergence mod

What to Expect from Elden Ring’s Convergence Mod

Now that you know what exactly the Convergence mod is. We ask ourselves the question. What can we expect from Elden Rings Convergence mod?

Convergence Mod of Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Hopefully, we can expect new boss fights with modified move sets that will give us the thriller of fighting a brand new boss in Elden Ring once again. Aside from bosses, we can also expect modified maps, modified item placements, and different aesthetics in the world of Elden Ring. 

Developers of the Convergence mod took great care when designing new weapons and sets of armor in the Dark Souls 3 Convergence mod to make them as lore accurate as possible. We can expect the same in Elden Ring’s Convergence mod.

We can also expect some weapons to be balanced and reworked in the Convergence mod of Elden Ring. The weapon art of Rivers Of Blood won’t help you melt away the health bar of most bosses in this mod as it will most probably be rebalanced.

One thing to note is that Elden Ring is massive. It is much bigger than any other From Software game. So developing a Convergence mod for a game as huge as Elden Ring is going to take time, so do not expect the mod to release any time soon.

From all the information we have from the Dark Souls 3 Convergence mod. Elden Ring Convergence mod is shaping up to easily be one of the best and most extensive mods out there.

Elden Ring is available now on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC through Steam. The game won The Most Anticipated Game award in both 2020 and 2021. Do let us know what you think about the game in the comment section below.

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