FIXED: Destiny 2 Error Code Cat [Quick Guide]

Try Updating the Game, Clearing your Cache, and Repairing Game Files for the Error Code Cat in Destiny 2.

Players experience the Error Code Cat in Destiny 2 when they fail to update the game to the latest version. However, it can also happen when the servers are unavailable. No matter the reason, however, it is an annoying little bugger to face. But there is no need to worry: I have a few methods to get you back on track.

The error message reads: “Destiny 2 servers are not available…search: cat”
error code cat destiny 2
Error Message (Image by eXputer)

Before we get into the harder stuff, let’s try these quick fixes first:

Key Takeaways

Below are the methods to fix the Error Code Cat:

  1. Wait For Maintenance.
  2. Clear Steam Download & Console Cache.
  3. Repair corrupt Game Files.

Check For Server Maintenance

Firstly, check if the servers are down for maintenance for the Error Code Cat. Further, when this happens, the game cannot service any requests, as noted in the error message, throwing the prompt. This has been the leading cause of the problem, as also indicated by players.

So, it would be a good idea to eliminate the possibility. So, to do this, head to the Official Bungie Help Twitter handle. Once there, check for any maintenance-related announcements. If you find some, wait until the maintenance period runs out. In the case there aren’t any, move to the subsequent methods.

Clear Download & Console Cache

If you have already updated the game, I suggest clearing the download cache for Destiny 2. Sometimes, your cache can become corrupted because of power outages or constant overwrites. When this happens, the game cannot launch correctly or fail to update, causing various issues.

I suggest doing so to wipe out these temporary files, potentially resolving conflicts or corruptions and allowing the game to function smoothly. However, if you are on a console, the process is a bit different but still straightforward.

To clear the cache on a console:

  1. Completely Power it Off > Plug out the Power Cord and wait a few minutes.
  2. Power On the Console. 

Repair The Game Files

At this stage, if the problem persists, it could be linked to your files. Files, in general, are essentially the life and blood of any application or program. So, games like Destiny 2 can not function when they go missing or become corrupted, as they require them for proper functioning. 

For this, I recommend verifying the integrity of your files for Destiny 2. This process will examine them, identify and re-download any corrupted or missing data, potentially fixing the issue.

My Thoughts

The Error Code Cat issue primarily relates to outdated game versions after maintenance periods end. So, it’s a simple problem. However, because of this simplicity, it has been frequently widespread, with players reporting on forums like SteamReddit, and Nvidia. 

However, the Official Bungie Help Twitter handle did acknowledge the issue. Subsequently, Bungie patched the problem in a matter of days. Furthermore, an Official Support Article for the problem was also pushed. So, I believe they dealt with the situation the best they could.

However, handling it in-game would have been better because the problem isn’t platform-specific and seems related to outdated game versions.

Nevertheless, you could overcome the problem using the methods outlined here. But if not, I suggest contacting Bungie Support for personalized assistance.

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