SOLVED: Diablo 4 Account Locked [Code 395002]

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With the Diablo 4 beta test being conducted, many players have run into various errors and glitches. One of them is the infamous Diablo 4 account-locked error that has been plaguing the community since the very start of the Beta test. But do not worry; while the error does say your account is locked, it is not permanent and can be resolved with relative ease.

Key Takeaways
  • The account-locked error is not permanent, and you can solve it with relative ease.
  • The error might occur when the servers experience more traffic than they can handle.
  • Some less frequent causes for the error can include a weak internet connection or your PC’s Firewall blocking internet traffic to the game.
  • To solve the error, try to play the game outside of peak hours and disable your Microsoft Defender Firewall.
  • If disabling the Firewall fixes the issue, add Diablo 4 as an exception in your Windows 10 anti-virus settings.
  • Additionally, try to restart your router along with the game. If nothing works, contact Blizzard’s customer support.

What Is The Account Locked Error & What Causes It?

The most frequent and leading cause behind the error is usually an overloading of the Diablo 4 servers. To understand it in simpler terms, it essentially means that there are too many players trying to log into the game at the same time. As such, the servers are unable to handle so much traffic and end up being forced to kick out a lot of the players. When you are kicked, you will be greeted by the account locked error and might not be able to log back into the game for several hours.

Some less frequent causes for the account-locked error can include a weak internet connection or your PC’s firewall blocking any access to the game. While these things usually are not the culprit, it is still worth going over them and considering every possibility.

The error itself tries to present itself less maliciously. It consists of a pop-up box that reads out “Your account is currently locked. Please wait a few minutes and try again. (Code 395002)” While it does tell you to try again after waiting a few minutes, it rarely works, if ever. Several players have been facing this error for hours with no resolution in sight.

diablo 4 account locked error message
Account Locked error pop-up message (Image credit to Exputer)

How To Solve The Diablo 4 Account Locked Error

There are many solutions that you can try out to solve the account locked error, depending on what exactly is causing the error in the first place. As it is very difficult to accurately identify the thing causing the error, we recommend that you try out all of the solutions mentioned below to see if one of them will solve the issue for you. This will ensure that you have eliminated all the possible causes behind the error.

Play Diablo 4 Outside Of Peak Hours

If the cause behind your account locked error is an overloading of the Diablo 4 servers, then you have no choice but to wait it out. Since there is not much you can do about the official servers of Diablo 4, you should try logging back in at a different time. We recommend that you try to specifically play Diablo 4 outside of peak hours. Peak hours normally last from around 4 PM until 9 PM, in some cases they can go up until 10 PM.

We understand this can be very inconvenient, especially for players that might be busy during peak hours or simply cannot play the game at that time for various reasons. But since Diablo 4 is still in its open beta test phase, it is only natural that it has various technical issues like this. If the account locked error persists despite playing outside of peak hours, then the cause of the error may be on your end. If so, it is a good idea to go through all of the solutions mentioned below and explore them thoroughly.

Turn Off Microsoft Defender Firewall

We all know fact that Windows Firewall prevents any third-party viruses or harmful malware to attack your PC. The way Microsoft has designed the Windows Firewall can be a double-edged sword sometimes. It can occasionally confuse various applications on your PC for potential threats and stop any network traffic from going between you and the application’s servers. This in turn can prevent you from logging into that application, and in our case, it can also prompt the Diablo 4 account locked error message. To make sure that Windows Firewall is not the reason behind the error, turn it off using the following steps and then launch Diablo 4.

  1. First of all, press the Start button on your keyboard or access the Start menu from the taskbar, and then go to your Windows 10 Settings.
  2. From the settings, click on the Update and Security section.
  3. Now go to the Windows Security tab and then click on Firewall & Network Protection.
  4. From here, disable all 3 of the Network options individually.
account locked diablo 4 solution
Firewall & network protection settings (Image by Exputer)

Try to launch Diablo 4 again after disabling the Windows Firewall. This will verify if the error is resolved or not. Likewise, you should disable any other third-party anti-virus software that you might have on your PC, as it can also have a similar effect. Do not forget to enable Windows Firewall again once you have confirmed the status of the error. This is because you need these anti-viruses to protect you from malicious files spread throughout the Internet.

Add Diablo 4 In The Exception List Of Windows Security

You should add Diablo 4 as an exception for Windows Defender after disabling the firewall. If disabling the Firewall did not resolve the error for you, skip this solution.

  1. Follow the previous steps until you reach Windows Security.
  2. From there, go to Virus & Threat Protection.
  3. Now click on Manage Settings under Virus & Threat Protection.
  4. You should now click on Add or remove exclusions and then add Diablo 4 as an exclusion.
account locked error fix Diablo 4
Windows Virus & Security Settings (Image copyrighted by Exputer)

Restart Your Network Router & Diablo 4

Occasionally, restarting your network router can greatly increase the overall performance of your internet connection. It can also reset your IP address and help you resolve the Diablo 4 account-locked error. Though, do take note that if you have a static IP address instead of a dynamic one, your public IP address will not change. Regardless, you should still give your router a fresh reboot, as many players have managed to resolve the error this way.

Additionally, make sure to restart Diablo 4 along with the launcher after you reboot your network router. Doing so can increase your chances of resolving the account locked error, as it can reset your turn in the queue and possibly help you log back into the game.

Contact Blizzard’s Customer Support

Diablo 4 official customer support
Blizzard Customer Support page for Diablo 4

If you have exhausted all of the solutions mentioned above and none of them have fixed the account locked error, then the last thing you can do is contact the official Blizzard customer support. Go to this web page and then pick your issue from the list of options provided on the page. It will then take you to a new page where it will ask you to log in to your Blizzard account and get in contact with the support team.

An even better and more direct approach you can take is messaging or Tweeting at Adam Fletcher on Twitter, the global community development director of Diablo 4. He is always very delightful to address any issues a player might have and is always working very hard to ensure that the Diablo 4 community has the best possible gameplay experience.

Final Words

Diablo 4 is one of the most anticipated games of 2023 and thousands of players are trying to get their hands on the open beta test. It looks like even the developers underestimated how many players would log into the open beta, which gave rise to several error codes like this. Players are also encountering several in-game glitches that are interfering with their gameplay experience. Optimistically, all of these problems will result in a much more stable and consistent final game. 

We hope that you managed to solve the account-locked error by following one of the methods mentioned in this guide. If you solved the error, let us know which method worked for you. 

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