Fall Guys Error Failed to Login [FIXED]

Dive right back into the party royale with these tip-top solutions

Fall Guys comes across as the definition of “fun,” pitting players in a plethora of different mini-games and letting them battle it out with each other. However, the action platformer isn’t so entertaining when you can’t even sign in to your account and log onto the multiplayer servers of the title. That is to say; the Fall Guys error failed to login issue is nothing but a menace, barring many from playing the game at all. 

Key Highlights
  • You are likely to encounter Failed to Login Error when you try to log in to your account, which restricts you from playing Fall Guys.
  • In order to resolve this error, you can try a number of different methods:
    • Firstly, you should consider checking the Official Twitter Account of Fall Guys in case there has been a server outage
    • Test your internet connection speed from the Speed test by Ookla website. Change your router’s settings and use a VPN if that works. 
    • Switch to a wired connection in case you are using a wireless connection. If the issue at hand is still not resolved, then consider using a different internet connection.
    • Verify your game files on the Epic Games Launcher, and make sure to keep the launcher up-to-date. Turn off your antivirus and run the game as an Administrator.
    • If you are facing the Failed to Login Error on Nintendo Switch, then make sure to sync your console’s time settings with the internet.
    • Updating the network drivers has worked for many users, along with simply reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++
    • Consider logging out of your Epic Launcher account and logging back in after a while.
    • If the error is still not fixed, then you should try reinstalling Fall Guys.

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What is “Failed to Login” Error In Fall Guys?

error failed to login fall guys
Error Failed to Login Fall Guys

A game like Fall Guys is supposed to be real chill for its players, not the other way around. It has no business frustrating the living life out of its user base, but it’s real life we’re talking about here with real problems, so it’s imminent that an error or two might slip into the game’s mainframe from time to time. This is what leads us to experience the error prompt that you see on your screen above. 

As soon as you fire up the game, you’ll first have to sign in to your account. Should be clockwork until you see a pop-up on your end that’s titled “Error.” The latter is followed up by a description that says, “Failed to login, please check your connection.” No matter the number of times you hit the “OK” button and attempt to log back in, you’re still going to run into the same issue time and time again.

14 Ways To Fix Fall Guys Failed To Login Issue

The following is our cherry-picked collection of all the best fixes there are to the issue in question. Please note that your device’s and installed game’s state might be different than what other users have on their respective ends.

Therefore, we highly advise trying every forthcoming entry for nothing but the best outcome. With that said, time to get started without any further delay.

Check Around For Any Server Downtime

Before putting in an effort to resolve the “Failed to login” issue in Fall Guys, it’s best that you take a close, hard look at how the state of the servers is looking at the moment. The best way you can do that is by visiting the official Twitter handle of the popular party-centric title.

The developers are keen on updating the user base with whatever major is planned to go down in the game. If the multiplayer servers of Fall Guys have been pulled for maintenance or any other reason, it’s sure-fire that an update will be issued right away accordingly.

The correspondence here is definitely uncanny, so you can look forward to the Fall Guys Twitter channel for more information. Another similarly helpful website is Downdetector which shows users real-time data about a particular game’s live statistics. 

Feel free to refer to it as well to determine the origin of the problem. If the issue happens to be on the server end, there’s little you can do apart from waiting out the maintenance phase.

In the case that everything is working tip-top for the rest of the Fall Guys player community, then it’s high time to get to the potential solutions yourself. Fret not, however, since we’ve got everything you need in this write-up to get back to playing immediately.  

Put Your Internet Connection To The Test

This may seem off-putting, but it appears that an inadequate network connection speed can also cause the error failed to login Fall Guys issue in the game to surface on your end. 

One of the first things where the mind wanders to when encountering the scenario, therefore, is the internet connection speed that you have. This is because the issue in question is actually related to server connectivity, so your connection to the internet has to be put to the test first before any other system process.

You should be aware of the minimum internet speed requirements to play Fall Guys or any other multiplayer battle royale game for that matter to avoid running into errors similar to the one at hand. 

It’s best that you take to a reputable website such as Speed test by Ookla or Fast.com and test your internet speed connection. That way, you’ll be able to check whether your internet checks off the minimum requirements.

In the case that you find the results above par, it’s quite probable that the Fall Guys error failed to login issue you’re experiencing is more deep-dyed than mere network speed insufficiency. Don’t worry though, as we’ve got a whole swath of fixes detailed below. Continue reading for the next solution to try.

Verify Fall Guys On The Epic Games Launcher 

It’s very much possible that the game might have been corrupted on your Windows PC. The chances of this happening are fairly mediocre, but it still comes across as a possibility we have to consider. The good news is that the Epic Games Launcher—where Fall Guys can be played for free at the moment—comprises a unique feature where it lets users fix problems with games.

It works quite similar to “Verify integrity of game files” on Steam which many people are aware of. For instance, issues like V Rising Server Error and Lost Ark Not Loading are prone to be fixed by authenticating their files on the famous Valve gaming launcher.

Begin by firing up the Epic Games Launcher and hovering over to your “Library” section. The latter is where all of your installed games are present in a list form. Once done, go over to Fall Guys and double-click on the game.

You’ll then observe several options popping up for the title. Out of all the different options, choose “Verify” and the process of cross-checking Fall Guys’ locally stored files with the ones on official servers will begin.

Check out the following screenshot if you’re after visual information on how to get it done.   

fall guys error failed to login please check your connection
 Verifying the Fall Guys Game for Missing Files

After the process concludes, try launching Fall Guys to see to it that you can finally log into the multiplayer servers. Chances are that things will start working now, but in the scant case that they don’t, keep on reading to try other possible solutions. 

Run Fall Guys As An Administrator 

Fall Guys, or any other game on PC for that matter, functions optimally when you provide it with administrator privileges. A hindrance of some manner could be obstructing the party royale title from running in a full-blown manner and thereby preventing quite a lot of features from working properly.

A quick and easy way of doing that is to double-click on the app icon on your Windows PC. Doing so is sure to get you several options on the screen. The next step is to select “Run as administrator” and that’ll be it.

In the case that you’re after a more solid implementation of this functionality on your Windows PC, you can even fire up the “Properties” of the “FallGuys_client_game” file and tick “Run this program as an administrator.

Running Fall Guys as an Administrator on PC
Running Fall Guys as an Administrator on PC

However you do it, just get the operation done and proceed toward firing up Fall Guys on your Windows PC. Chances are you will be able to experience the title swimmingly now. On the flip side, keep on reading until the end in case you still couldn’t fix the title yet.

Use A Different Internet Connection

This is yet another measure that you can take related to your network connection. There are slim chances of fixing the problem at hand with the help of another internet connection, but it’s sure worth a shot, as pointed out by a niche group of users.

One user tried connecting to the Fall Guys multiplayer servers with their personal hotspot and it shockingly worked. Now, obviously, we cannot guarantee if the same strategy will work for everyone, so it’s only a matter of you trying it out. 

Before you start diving into the party royale, make sure to test the internet speed of this alternative connection as well. Furthermore, we highly encourage using a wired connection instead of a wireless one. You get more dedicated bandwidth that way, not to mention lesser interruptions and outages.

The benefits of gaming with a wired connection are manifold, and you should definitely look into it. However, if such a commodity isn’t available at the moment, you can try any other connection apart from the one with which you usually get the error prompt.

Give it a go and see if there are any noticeable changes in server connectivity. You’ll either be thrilled to find out that the game works online now or you’ll simply have to continue to the next fix. 


The Fall Guys failed to login error is purely an internet-centric issue that surfaces when a stable connection to the game’s internet surfaces cannot be established. The issue could link with the IP address that you have and the locality you reside in.

Therefore, in cases such as these, it’s definitely worth taking up the service of a Virtual Protocol Network, or better yet, a VPN, and confirming whether doing so helps resolves the matter problem or not. You can find a swath of VPN software out on the internet, both paid and free.

If you don’t have a premium program for the purpose already, it would be fitting to nudge you toward ProtonVPN—a high-quality and free-to-use VPN that switches up your IP address and lets you browse with thorough security.

At the moment, however, it’s not the privacy feature that concerns us, but how the software can attempt to connect to Fall Guys from another region to check if that would solve the issue.

Countries like Russia, Ukraine, Great Britain, Canada, Sweden, Germany, and Belarus are all pretty adept at having tip-top multiplayer servers for games, so it might be beneficial to connect to one of these using a VPN. 

After you finally establish a link to any abroad region with your VPN, try logging into Fall Guys like you normally would and see whether the same mundance issue manages to seep into its place again. After researching around, we’ve found a ton of different people resolving the login issue by implementing this potential fix.

If you still haven’t lucked out though, there are a bunch of more fixes to shoot at that’ll possibly help you get back on your feet in the game. 

Disable Your Antivirus And Try Logging Into Fall Guys

Turning off the antivirus software, both Windows Defender and any third-party program that you might have installed on your PC is another possible solution to the Fall Guys error failed to login please check your
connection bother.

In addition, a whole swath of users in the overall community claims that programs like Avast Antivirus and even Norton Security somehow cause the error code to pop up. Upon disabling the software entirely, the game starts working again and the issue disappears in thin air. 

Therefore, we highly encourage uninstalling any third-party antivirus that you might have installed on your Windows PC. Don’t be afraid of impending security threats since we’ll only be doing this for a brief while in order to confirm the antivirus program’s link to the issue in question.

Search for “Remove apps and programs” in the Windows Search bar and you’ll get taken straight to the area from where you can uninstall your Windows software. Select the antivirus that you have installed on the system and remove it from the device.

Once done, restart your PC to shut down Fall Guys in the case that it’s running still and refresh the computer. Launch the game as soon as the PC boots back up to see if the bug exists. Keep up the hustle if you’re still not able to resolve the matter.  

Tweak Your Router’s Settings

One eagle-eyed Redditor managed to fix their copy of the game without using a VPN at all. However, what they managed to implement is far more involved than the latter. It turns out that the MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit) settings of your router have something to do with the error failed to login Fall Guys issue. 

According to Reddit user PumpsPivotFires, you have to change the value of your MTU to 1500. That way, Fall Guys will find it easier to connect to the network. We’re not sure whether it will work or not, but if you consider yourself tech-savvy and are willing to put in the effort, we don’t see why this isn’t worth a shot. 

Depending on the specific make and model of the router you have, you’ll find MTU in your WAN (Wide Area Network) settings on the log-in page of the internet device. You might as well go online for more help in the respect. The following video by Home Network Geek shows you how to increase the size of your MTU. 

Log Out Of Your Account 

Since you’re playing Fall Guys on the Epic Games Launcher, try logging out of the client and then logging back in. Several people have tried implementing a similar strategy only to find out that it works.

You somehow refresh the launcher that way and let it load up crucial app processes from the beginning. Somewhere along those lines, the matter is resolved. 

Sign out by clicking on your profile icon and following the on-screen instructions. Log back in by doing the same thing. It’s something that doesn’t take up much of your time, provided you properly know your email address and password.  

Get Your Network Drivers Up-To-Speed 

Not having up-to-date graphics drivers is a different story than outdated network drivers. The time is nigh to cast a lens on the latter and check whether they’re up to speed with the rest of the various processes of your operating system or not.

It is possible that an older version of your network drivers is causing Fall Guys to stutter this way, thereby manifesting a ton of different network issues.

To confirm whether this is the case, delve into the “Device Manager” system app and take a look at your “Network adapters.” As soon as you click on the drop-down menu, all of the installed “Network drivers” will appear in a list form.

From there, right-click on the relevant driver and select “Update driver.” Lastly, you will be prompted to look for drivers either manually or automatically. Choose the latter as shown in the screenshot below to get the job done.

could not connect to steam network 2021
Searching Automatically to Update the Network Driver

In the case that you’re not looking to bother with installing updates for your drivers, check out Snappy Driver Installer. It takes care of your driver updating needs on the fly. Software such as the latter automates the whole drive updating procedure, so you don’t have to indulge in any mechanical effort yourself.

Besides, Snappy is free, open-source, and loaded to the brim with features, which is just what you need to run Fall Guys optimally. With that said, if updating your network drivers does not help, try what we have curated for you ahead.

Reinstall Microsoft Visual C++ – Definitive Fix 

We’ve managed to locate one of the most definitive fixes to the error failed to login please check your connection Fall Guys and it all pertains to reinstalling Microsoft Visual C++. The latter is a code compiler and proprietary software for Windows 10 or Windows 11 that makes it possible to host C++ libraries.

Putting it simply, several games and applications that you install and run require the functionality of redistributable Visual C++ library packages. Although this process only needs to be tended to once, several issues can spring up from time to time, especially if your PC has been with you for a significant while now.  

What we’re going to do now is perform a prompt reinstallation of Microsoft Visual C++ and you should be golden. Plenty of hopeful players have fixed the game just by going forth with the instructions outlined ahead, so make sure you follow them diligently for the best results. 

  1. The first step is to access the “Settings” section of your Windows PC and get straight to the “Apps” section of the department. Alternatively, it’s also possible for you to look for “Add or remove programs” using the Windows Search bar. 
  2. As soon as you’ve arrived at the required destination, scroll down the list of apps, processes, and other software until you find Microsoft Visual C++ packages installed. Start with the first program that you see and uninstall them all one by one. It’s quite easy to get this done though. Simply click on each entry to discover the “Uninstall” button right alongside it. Select it to start the uninstallation. 
    Uninstalling All Microsoft Visual C++ Releases
    Uninstalling All Microsoft Visual C++ Releases
  3. You should be done soon with the last step. After you’ve uninstalled all Microsoft Visual C++ versions present on your Windows PC, continue toward reinstalling them. Head over to the official Microsoft repository from where you’ll grab the new installation packages. Once done, download both architecture variants—x86 and x64. Check out the screenshot below for more information.
    Installing Both Microsoft Visual Studio Versions
    Installing Both Microsoft Visual Studio Versions
  4. Run both architectures of Microsoft Visual Studio C++ side by side on the PC. You might be faced with an error prompt on one architecture, but that’s fine and nothing out of the ordinary.
    Running the Setup of Microsoft Visual Studio C++
    Running the Setup of Microsoft Visual Studio C++
  5. As soon as both setups have been successfully finalized, proceed toward shutting down the Chrome browser and launching the Epic Games Launcher instead. 

The process that we’ve detailed above has been working like a charm for troubled Fall Guys players all across the spectrum. It’s a sure-fire scenario that you’ll be able to get going with the game just like before.

However, in the extremely small scenario that the login error is STILL being a huge bugger, keep on reading to try other potential solutions. 

Update The Epic Games Store 

Updating the Epic Games Store app on your Windows PC is the way to go in case the login error in Fall Guys isn’t giving you any breathing room. A couple of users had their client on an older version and this caused all the fuss on their end.

What you need to do right now, therefore, is just shut the client down completely on your Windows PC. As surprising as it sounds, it’s the only way you’ll be forcing the launcher to update itself. That’s because you cannot manually update the Epic Games Launcher nor there is a way to find out its release version.

The developers take care of the matter simultaneously and integrate it with your everyday usage of the launcher. Pop open the Task Manager and terminate the Epic Games Launcher process from there as well, just in case the program is running in the background. 

As soon as you’re done there, start the application on the PC again and try loading up Fall Guys. You should be met with favorable results. However, keep on reading in the case that the measure in question still hasn’t paid off.  

Sync Time With The Internet 

The next fix in line does not pertain to Fall Guys error failed to login PS4. Instead, we’ve got the Nintendo Switch to talk about for the time being. A multitude of players have been subject to facing the same issue on Nintendo’s front-running handheld console as well, similar to PC users.

However, their scenario has turned out to be quite trivial, warranting just one simple tweak and thereby sorting the whole situation out. As fate has it, the issue only pops up for people who play Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch.

There’s an exploit related to the title, apparently, that allows users to benefit from an advantage of some sort in-game and it’s all about manually adjusting your time settings. If you’re on a Switch, play the famous social simulator, and have also messed about with the console’s time, you know exactly what to do.

Simply go back to the console’s “Settings” and get the Nintendo Switch to sync with the internet-provided time. And make sure Fall Guys isn’t running in the background while this happens. As soon as you’re done, launch the title and see whether you can log into the multiplayer servers finally.

What we have here is one of the definitive fixes to the issue at hand on Switch. You should be able to play just fine now, but in the case that things still do not work out for you, try reinstalling Fall Guys on your respective platform.  

Reinstall The Game

We know uninstallations are boring, onerous, and a massive pain to deal with. However, they do happen to be one of the most prominent solutions one can ever try on their preferred system to fix a certain game.

Reinstalling a title, no matter whether you’re doing it for Elden Ring Inappropriate Activity Detected or Diablo Immortal Samsung Fix, is mostly bound to come in handy. Therefore, waste no further time and get right down to chops with the measure at hand.

In the case that you’ve already tried everything entailed by our curated guide, but nothing still has come to fruition, a reinstall is the only plausible method to get back to playing Fall Guys from what we can gather. It’s not like you’re trying to reinstall something like Call of Duty: Warzone to fix the Dev Error 5573.

We’d be talking about a 100 GB+ file size give or take for that matter. Fall Guys is much more forgiving in this respect and features a base download size that’s somewhere around 7-8 GB. 

If you’re playing the game on PC, uninstall the title from the Epic Games Launcher since Fall Guys has been delisted on Steam. However, the PlayStation version of the game will be uninstalled from the PS Store. The same goes for Nintendo Switch. Log into the Nintendo Shop to get Fall Guys back on the system.

That’s all there is to resolving the Fall Guys error failed to login issue for this guide. Here’s hoping high that you’ll finally be able to play the party royale just like normal again. But whether the problem still manages to be an existential crisis, the best course of action afterward would be to get in touch with Fall Guys Support. At the time of writing, the following issues seem to be popping up for the co-op title on specific platforms. 

Fall Guys Support Page
Fall Guys Support Page

Do let us know down in the comments section how things went down. As always, eXputer wishes you good luck! 

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