NBA 2K24 Crashing [FIXED]

The issue can be resoled by updating GPU drivers, closing background applications, and more.

There is nothing worse than NBA 2K24 crashing in the middle of a good session. The issue can be caused due to multiple reasons, including corrupt game files. Thankfully, there are a couple of methods that can help fix the issue quickly, and you should learn about all of them if you don’t want to face any hurdles

Key Takeaways
  • NBA 2K24 can start crashing on your PC and console out of nowhere.
  • The issue can arise due to corrupt game files and outdated drivers.  

To fix the NBA 2K24 crashing issue, you must:

  1. Check for updates
  2. Update your GPU drivers
  3. Close background applications
  4. Check for overheating
  5. Verify the integrity of game files
  6. Disable VPN/Antivirus
  7. Lower the graphics settings
  8. Reinstall the game to fix corrupt files

System Requirements For NBA 2K24

Before proceeding with the fixes below, ensure your PC meets the minimum system requirements for NBA 2K24. If you try to run the game on a PC with anything lower than this, your game will crash. In such a case, your only option is to upgrade your components. 

  • OS: Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 (64-bit versions)
  • CPU: Intel Core i3-2100 @ 3.10 GHz/ AMD FX-4100 @ 3.60 GHz or better
  • RAM: 6 GB
  • GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 450 1GB/ ATI Radeon HD 7770 1 GB or better
  • DirectX: DX11 Compatible video card or equivalent
  • Storage: 150 GB

If your system matches the above requirements, feel free to proceed below. 

Check For Game Updates

It is extremely important to keep your games and consoles updated at all times. New updates always bring fixes for issues that users have been facing, and installing them only makes things smooth. If you haven’t updated your game or console in a while, now would be the right time to do so.

Update Your GPU Drivers

If you’re on a PC, you must update your GPU drivers. Many players have a habit of playing video games on outdated graphics drivers, and they then complain about crashing issues. If you’re one of them, stop doing this, as it is necessary to install new GPU drivers whenever they become available. 

Updating GPU drivers is extremely easy. You can do it through the dedicated application of your GPU, such as the NVIDIA GeForce Experience app or the AMD Radeon Software. If you don’t want to use the dedicated application, you can follow the below steps to update them.

  1. Type ‘Device Manager’ in the Windows Search Bar and open the first option that appears.
  2. Now, find and expand ‘Display adapters.’
    Display adapters expanded
    Display adapters expanded – Image Credits [eXputer]
  3. Next, right-click on your GPU’s name and select ‘Update driver’ from the list of options that will appear on the screen.

The system will automatically find and install the latest version of the graphics drivers.

Make Sure To Close Background Applications

NBA 2K24 is a demanding game, and you can not expect it to run properly while other applications are open in the background. If you have multiple software open while playing the game, you will run into multiple issues, such as crashing and poor performance. This is because your PC will have to divide the resources among all of the applications, and the game will not get what it deserves. 

To close background applications, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Task Manager. This can be done by pressing right-click on the Task Bar and selecting it from there.
  2. Now, go through the list of applications and close down all unnecessary applications. You can do it by selecting an application and then clicking on ‘End process.’
    Task Manager
    Task Manager – Image Credits [eXputer]

Check For Overheating

Many people don’t know this, but overheating is also a big reason behind NBA 2K24 crashing. If your PC or console overheats, it will cause the game to crash. To fix this, make sure your console is not placed inside a closed compartment, as this will prevent proper airflow. For PC users, ensure there are enough fans inside your case, as using only one or two fans will cause your system to overheat.

Furthermore, if you haven’t cleaned your PC or console in a while, now would be the right time to do so. Cleaning your system will improve airflow and prevent it from overheating. 

Verify The Integrity Of Files

Steam has an amazing option that verifies the integrity of game files. Through this feature, you can repair or replace any files that are corrupted or missing from the game. Sometimes, the game fails to install properly, and this causes an abundance of issues. However, using this feature, you can quickly fix this.

To verify your game files for NBA 2k24, here’s what you got to do:

  1. Launch Steam and navigate to your Game Library. 
  2. Now, find NBA 2K24 and right-click on its icon.
  3. From the list of options, select ‘Properties.’
  4. Now, go to ‘Installed Files’ and then click on ‘Verify integrity of game files.’
    Verify integrity of game files
    Verify integrity of game files – Image Credits [eXputer]

The process will take some time to finish. However, once done, all the missing or corrupt files will be replaced, and you will no longer face the crashing issues (if this was causing it). 

Disable Your VPN Or Antivirus

We get it; using a VPN or an Antivirus has many benefits. However, they can sometimes cause different issues, including making your game crash. This can happen to anyone, so don’t be surprised if a paid version of the software is causing this. 

To check whether the software is causing the crashing issue or not, disable your VPN or Antirivurs for a short period of time. Once done, play the game for a few minutes to see if the issue has been fixed. However, we do not recommend keeping the Antivirus disabled for too long, as that will put your PC at great risk. Therefore, turn it back on immediately after testing the method and, instead, whitelist your NBA 2k24 installation folder

Try Lowering The Graphics Settings

In some cases, trying to run NBA 2K24 on settings higher than what your PC can handle can also lead to the game crashing. If you have everything maxed out while your PC only meets the minimum system requirements, try lowering the settings.

This will not only improve the performance but will also prevent the game from crashing. Yes, the graphics will not look as good as before, but at least you’ll be able to play the game properly now. 

Reinstall NBA 2K24 If The Files Are Corrupt

In some cases, the files can get corrupted due to certain reasons, which becomes a big reason behind NBA 2K24 crashing. While you can use the Verify Integrity feature on Steam, it sometimes fails to repair all files. Therefore, as your last resort, you must delete the game from your PC or console and reinstall it. This is the only way to repair all of the corrupt files.

Final Words

This was everything you needed to know about how to fix NBA 2K24 crashing issues on PC and consoles. If you continue to face the issue even after trying everything we mentioned, you must get in touch with 2K support and ask them for guidance. 


Why is NBA 2K24 crashing?

Your game might crash due to corrupt game files, outdated drivers, or overheating.

How to fix NBA 2K24 crashing?

To fix the issue, you must install new updates, clean your system, lower the graphics settings, and verify the integrity of game files.

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