Robocop Rogue City Crashing, Errors & Bugs

ROBOCOP: Rogue City Managed Crashes with Driver Updates, Heat Management, and By Enabling TSR, Emphasizing Compatibility with Unreal Engine 5.

My experience with RoboCop Rogue City, a futuristic action game, was fun and frustrating. The game’s high-tech combat and gritty city setting promised excitement, but I kept facing crashes while playing. In this article, I shared some simple ways to fix the crashing issue in RoboCop Rogue City.

Key Highlights

Here are some common errors in Robocop Rogue City:

  • Fatal Error
  • DirectX12 Compatibility issue
  • Low Shader Level
  • Resolution Problem

Check out some fixes that I’ve tested for Robocop Rogue City problems:

  • TSR as Upcaling Mode
  • Updated GPU Drivers
  • Validating Files
  • Removing AntiVirus

Meeting The System Requirements

If your computer doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements to run RoboCop Rogue City, it’s unlikely to run smoothly and may experience frequent crashes. So, the initial step is ensuring your computer meets the required specifications for running RoboCop Rogue City effectively. 

robocop rogue city crashing
Here Are The System Requirements To Run Robocop Rogue City – [Image captured by eXputer]

RoboCop Rogue City Errors and Their Solutions

Most cyberpunk-themed games, such as RoboCop Rogue City, often have a lot of issues. Many speculate it’s due to their main concept of advanced graphics and complex game mechanics. Although interruptions during gameplay are always frustrating, I have tested and provided solutions for errors I’ve encountered during my gameplay.

Fatal Error

RoboCop Fatal Error is what prevents the game from launching. It simply crashes the game on startup and leads the player back to the desktop.

To solve this issue, you can simply update your GPU drivers, as outdated drivers cause this issue. Updating GPU drivers has reportedly also helped other players fix this issue

You should also try verifying game files, as it can also prevent the Fatal Error from occurring. 

DirectX 12 Is Not Supported On Your System

RoboCop: Rogue City is built on Unreal Engine 5 with Nanite technology required Shader Model 6.6 atomics and the DirectX 12 Agility SDK on a specific Windows OS build (at least version 1909).

To fix this, you should upgrade your Windows to the latest version of Windows 10 or 11. Doing this will successfully resolve your issue.

Low-Level Shader Issue 

Encountering the Low-Level Shader error in the RoboCop: Rogue City demo was a widespread issue and is still persistent in full release, but I found a solution that worked for many. To resolve this, I followed a simple set of steps. First, I went to the game’s folder, located at “C:\Users\YourUsername\RoboCop\Saved\Config\Windows.” Once there, I located and opened the “Engine.ini” file using a text editor. Making the following adjustments to various settings: 

Set r.FastVRam.DBufferA=0
Set r.FastVRam.DBufferB=0
Set r.FastVRam.DBufferC=0
Set r.FastVRam.DBufferMask=0
Set r.Shaders.Validation=0
Set r.ForceAllCoresForShaderCompiling=0
Set r.Streaming.UseFixedPoolSize=0
Set r.Streaming.NumStaticComponentsProcessedPerFrame=50
Set r.Shadow.PerObject=1
Lumen Settings (if needed):
Set r.Lumen.Reflections.Temporal=1

After applying these changes, don’t forget to save the changes. Other Steam community members have also tried this fix, and they’ve found it to be effective. 

Resolution Issue

Did you encounter a glitch in RoboCop: Rogue City where the game started with the wrong resolution, causing a mouse misalignment?

You can try holding down the left ALT key and pressing Enter. This quick solution corrected the resolution problem and fixed any mouse misalignment. 

How To Fix Robocop Rogue City Crashing on PC

If RoboCop: Rogue City keeps crashing on your PC, it could be due to display scaling, problems with game files, or issues with drivers and game settings. The game also runs on Unreal Engine 5, which is fairly new, so there are bound to be some incompatibility issues.

Upscaling Mode

robocop rogue city tsr mode
Robocop Rogue City TSR Upscaling Mode – [Image captured by eXputer]
I faced an early crash in RoboCop: Rogue City, but I found a potential fix that worked for me. Switching from FSR/DLSS to TSR (Temporal Super-Resolution) stopped all the crashing issues. While I can’t guarantee it will work for everyone, it certainly did the trick for my setup, providing a better gaming experience in RoboCop: Rogue City.

Having Latest Drivers

Another potential fix to resolve crashing in RoboCop: Rogue City is to update to the latest graphics driver.

There have been day-one drivers available for RoboCopy by both AMD and Nvidia. You should definitely update your GPU on them and then restart your PC.

After making that move, the crashes will stop completely, plus you might gain a few extra FPS as the newer drivers are more optimized.

Overheating GPU

robocop rogue city crashing overheat
Adjusting Fan Speed – [Image captured by eXputer]
Forget about just crashing. RoboCop is reportedly shutting down players PC’s. Yeah, it’s that bad. 

Even though your PC hardware, including fans and cooling, checked out okay, the game is causing GPU temperature to rise, leading to a system crash. This issue is linked to Windows 11 and UE5.

To deal with this, simply lower your system fans to 75% and limit your FPS to 60 or below to reduce the load on your system.

Whitelist RoboCopy From Antivirus

Precaution: Don’t forget to turn your antivirus software back up after whitelisting the game to avoid leaving your system defenseless.

Another problem related to crashes in RoboCop: Rogue City is the Disk Write Error. After continuously verifying game files, you’ll always find some files missing from installation directly that’s causing RoboCop to crash.

Turns out, the Antivirus was playing the villain here. It flagged the game’s main files, which made it impossible for the game to function. 

You can simply whitelist the game files from your antivirus to avoid crashing issues in the future. Here’s our detailed guide on whitelisting your game’s installation directory.

My Thoughts

RoboCop: Rogue City had widespread crashes, but solutions like updating drivers and managing overheating improved the experience. The developers are also working on fixes for issues like the GPU temperature. However, following my guide above can fix most of the things. 

I recommend keeping tabs on the Teyon Games’ official Twitter/X profile to get notified when they announce a new patch addressing all these issues. 

If you’ve fixed crashing issues and want to optimize the performance of your game further, check out our RoboCop: Rogue City Best Settings guide.

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