Steam Download No Internet Connection Error [FIX]

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Steam is a very popular gaming app. However, like every other app, Steam has its fair share of bugs, glitches, and errors. These errors can be very troubling and frustrating for the user. One of these errors includes the Steam Download No Internet Connection Error that disables the user from downloading anything from Steam by showing a no internet connection error. This error can be caused due to a number of reasons ranging from a bad connection to an active VPN.

The steam download no internet connection error occurs like this: “The downloading apps show a no internet connection error.
Steam Download no Internet connection. (image taken by eXputer)
Steam Download no Internet connection. (image taken by eXputer)
Key Takeaways

Here are some things you can do to resolve Steam Download No Internet Connection Error:

    1. Allow Steam access to the internet through the Windows Defender Firewall.
    2. Ensure the Steam app is current and doesn’t require any updates.
    3. Ensure that your network adapter Drivers are not outdated and don’t require any updates.
    4. Close any Useless programs running in the background.
    5. Disable Anti-virus or Windows Real-Time protection.
    6. Disable VPN or proxy.
Tip: Before beginning the guide, I recommend to perform some very basic fixes, such as checking your internet connection and rebooting your modem/router.

Update Steam To The Latest Version

Keep your Steam app updated, as it is also one of the problems that cause connectivity issues. Steam checks for updates and downloads them after logging in. But if it doesn’t, then you can do it manually, too. You can check for updates by following these simple steps.

  1. Launch the Steam app>click Steam in the top left corner>click Check for Steam Client Updates. Steam will then start checking for updates and download and install the latest updates automatically.
    Checking for Steam Client Updates.
    Checking for Steam Client Updates.
My Experience: In my experience, I personally used this method, and it worked for me.

Allow Firewall Access

It is of utmost importance to grant firewall access to applications attempting to access the internet as it serves as a security measure to block any unauthorized apps from accessing the internet via Windows Defender Firewall. By allowing Firewall access, we ensure that only trusted apps can access the internet, which strengthens the overall security of the system. Without Firewall access, even if we apply any fixes to the system, the Firewall will block any apps from accessing the internet, thereby rendering any fixes ineffective.

Here is our guide to allow an app access through the firewall with complete steps and instructions.

Close Background apps

Closing the useless background apps running in the background greatly affects the processor’s speed as they consume processor power secretly, and the user is mostly unaware of them. 

You can also visit our in-depth guide on how to close unnecessary background apps with all the necessary steps.

Disable Windows Real-Time Protection

Windows Real-Time protection may cause issues as it asks what to do with the suspected files after removing them. It plays a great role in protecting your system from viruses, malware, and hackers, but it isn’t polished enough to differentiate between good traffic and bad traffic. This may be causing the Steam Download No Internet Error as Windows Real-Time Protection might be detecting the Steam app’s traffic as bad traffic.

However, it is better to whitelist your game folder. Therefore, we’ve already made a guide for you on how to whitelist your app in Windows Defender.

Precaution: You must not disable your Windows Defender for too long as it can cause your PC to be vulnerable to potential malware attacks.

Disable VPN or proxy

The reason behind this Steam Download No Internet Connection can also be the VPN or Proxy in Windows. VPN or Proxy alters the IP address, which can cause issues for the Steam client traffic. However, disabling the VPN or Proxy is one of the most effective solutions. Here are some steps to follow to disable the VPN or Proxy in your Windows.

  1. Open the Settings app>click Network & Internet>click on VPN in the left panel>click any VPN connection present in the VPN tab and click Remove.
    Changing VPN Settings.
    Changing VPN Settings.
  2. Now, in the left panel, click Proxy and turn OFF Automatically Detect Settings to delete any presets that are present.
    Opening and Changing Proxy Settings.
    Opening and Changing Proxy Settings.

Final Words

I am sure that by following this guide, your Steam Download No Internet Connection error will be fixed as The above fixes were thoroughly checked and tested by me. However, if you’re still facing this error, take a look at our guide Steam “No Internet Connection” Error.

For more gaming-related content, you can always visit eXputer, as the place is fully loaded with gaming content and error fixes as well.


Does Steam provide live support?

No, Steam doesn’t provide live support. For the time being, you can only hope for a reply after sending the report.

Can I play a Steam game with Steam closed?

No, you cannot play a Steam game without running Steam. Although, you can play single-player games with Steam in offline mode.

Does Steam have a limit on the number of Steam friends?

Yes, Steam does have a limit of 250 friends, but the limit increases by 5 as your Steam level increases.


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