Valorant Error Code Van 6: Here’s How To Fix It

Can't wrap your head around the Valorant error code van 6? Find out how to fix the issue using this detailed guide.

Valorant can be super fun, but not when it gets buggy. The van 6 error code means the game’s struggling to connect to its servers. It’s linked to Riot Vanguard, the anti-cheat tool in Valorant. Sometimes, this error comes with other issues, like error code 57.

Valorant error code van 6

To fix it, you might need to try several different solutions. Some folks got lucky and fixed it with just one or two fixes, but others needed to try more. So, it’s worth giving all the solutions a shot to get your game running smoothly again.

Key Takeaways

Here’s a list of fixes to solve Valorant error code van 6

  1. Optimize Valorant’s Windows Firewall Settings 
  2. Change the VGC Service’s Startup Type 
  3. Enable the VGC service 
  4. Reinstall Riot Vanguard 
  5. Changing The DNS Settings

Optimize Valorant’s Windows Firewall Settings

Another possible reason hindering you from experiencing the game to the full is Windows Firewall—the operating system’s full-fledged antivirus program. This software acts as a protective barrier between you and malware but also flags down your applications if these suspect anything.

This might be what’s causing issues with your Valorant. So you should simply whitelist the game directory to avoid the antivirus from snooping around in it.

Change the VGC Service’s Startup Type 

We will now focus on the Vanguard-related cause of this Valorant error code. The game’s anti-cheat engine could be messing up regarding server connectivity, so you’re bound to check if it’s working all right. 

You’re simply going to change the VGC service’s startup type through the program to make the game work again.

Check out the steps below on how to do it:

  1. Open the “Services” application on your Windows PC by looking it up using the Windows Search bar.Launching the "Services" app as an administrator
  2. After launching the services window, locate “VGC” > Right-click and choose “Properties.”
    Accessing the Properties of the VGC Service
  3. Find “Startup Type” > Choose “Automatic” from the menu > Click “Start,” then “Apply,” and finally, “OK” to complete the process.Starting the VGC Service
  4. That’s about changing the startup type of the Riot Vanguard service.

We’ve done this to kickstart the program and let the game client detect it fully. That way, there’s a greater chance of not encountering the Valorant error. 

Enable the VGC Service 

Did changing the startup type of Riot Vanguard bring any good? You might have the VGC service disabled from the System Configuration program on your Windows PC. It’s worth looking into the matter immediately before uninstalling and reinstalling the service. Check out the following tutorial for a step-by-step guide. 

  1. Open System Configuration using the Run program by typing “msconfig” > Click on the “Services” tab
  2. Scroll down the list here to find “VGC” > Check the box beside the service and select “Apply.”Enabling the VGC Service
  3. You must restart your PC as the last step to apply the changes.

Grab a bucket of good fortune and start Valorant now to see if the issue persists. If the Valorant error code van 6 continues to be a menace, you have to try other possible solutions. Let’s get into the next one now.  

Reinstall Riot Vanguard & Change DNS

We’ve had all our possible shots trying to fix Riot Vanguard, but if nothing has worked so far, reinstalling it altogether might be the most beneficial measure we have up for grabs.

  1. Fire up the Command Prompt as an administrator.Running the Command Prompt as an Administrator
  2. Enter delete vgc.Deleting Riot Vanguard Using a Command Prompt Command
  3. The next step is to enter another command to finish the uninstallation process for you, although you won’t be done yet.Fully Deleting the Riot Vanguard Service
  4. After deleting or uninstalling the VGC service, you have to restart your computer.
  5. After removing Riot Vanguard, use Command Prompt > Open File Explorer > Head to the Program Files folder > Find “Riot Vanguard.” Delete this folder, which holds Valorant’s game files, to complete the process.
    Deleting the Riot Vanguard Folder
  6. Then, launch Valorant as an administrator for better results.
  7. Riot Vanguard should begin installing in the bottom-right corner of the Valorant screen. Once you confirm it, carry on to the next step.
  8. The prompt advises a computer reboot post-installation. Once Riot Vanguard installation ends, an error labeled “Vanguard Not Initialized” will appear, followed by an error code. Choose “Reboot Computer” to restart your device, resolving the issue effectively.
    Rebooting the Computer to Fix the Valorant Error Code
  9.  To potentially resolve the error code, adjusting DNS settings is recommended.

Now, you’ll be able to play Valorant without any network hitches. 

My Thoughts

The Valorant van 6 error is widespread, causing connection issues tied to Riot Vanguard. People have reported this issue on several forums, including Riot forums and Reddit

Valorant devs themselves recommend players simply restart their game on their official errors post. If you want to explore all the errors and their solutions in detail, we also have a Valorant all errors and solutions guide on eXputer.

Recent updates don’t solely cause the error but are likely tied to server connections and Riot Vanguard settings. It’s a complex issue with varying impacts, emphasizing the importance of stable connections and anti-cheat tools in online gaming.


How Do You Fix Valorant Van 6 error?

You can fix this error by using various methods, including allowing the game files through Windows Firewall, enabling the VGC service on your PC, and changing the DNS settings.

What is Error Van 6 in Valorant?

Error van 6 in Valorant is a connection error that can arise due to multiple reasons, including insufficient internet connection, corrupted game configuration files, a disabled Riot Vanguard, and Windows Firewall blockage.

How Do I Run VGC?

You can run VGC or Riot Vanguard easily by enabling it from the System Configurations application and changing its startup type to “Automatic” in the Services program of a Windows PC.

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