Fortnite: Where Is Krampus In Chapter 5?

Learn about the location of Krampus and the rare chest in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1 to complete the Winterfest quest.

Fortnite Chapter 5 has arrived and with it, the Winterfest 2023 has started. With it, new bosses are here, one of the bosses is Krampus who first appeared back in Fortnite Season 7. Krampus is a Fortnite skin and has been available in the item shop multiple times. Krampus is a legendary skin and is a part of the Krampus set.

Key Takeaways
  • Krampus was first launched as a Legendary skin in season 7.
  • Krampus is now an NPC boss in Fortnite Winterfest 2023.
  • Winterfest 2023 includes three Krampus-exclusive quests.
  • Defeating Krampus is difficult but can be done if you have a teammate while you are equipped with the Best Weapons available in Fortnite Chapter 5.

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Location Of Krampus

Location of Krampus
Location of Krampus on Chapter 5 Season 1 map [Screenshot taken by me]
You can find the house of Krampus on the south of the map at the bottom of Hazzy Hillside. But beware that the yellow name of this location means that the place will have decent loot but it will also attract other players.

As it is one of the Best Landing Spots in Chapter 5. So, you can find Krampus inside his home which is near the marker on the picture above. 

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After you’ve entered the house Krampus will detect you and will start attacking right away. So before going in make sure you have extra healings and shields on you. Krampus attacks using his axe and it does deal a lot of damage so try shooting from a distance using a mid or long-range weapon. After you’ve defeated Krampus you will be rewarded with a special chest which can give you a legendary weapon. 

Special Chest
The chest rewarded after defeating Krampus [Screenshot taken by me]

The Other Krampus Exclusive Quests

Other than defeating Krampus, you can do two other quests near his house. For one of the quests you have to disguise yourself using the Snowmando prop and for the other you have to deploy a beacon found in his stash near the house.

The Snowmando prop is common ground loot and can be easily found. If you’re still unable to find it you can buy it for 100 gold ingots from Leelah in the Stormy Station, which is not far from Krampus’s house. Secondly, to deploy the beacon you have to interact with it from the present stash which is right outside the house.

Snow Prop
Snowmando [Screenshot taken by me]
With this, you are done with the Quests related to Krampus. These are fairly easy quests only if you have teammates with you. I did find it difficult to defeat Krampus and face other players at the same time. I would suggest you try this with your friends as it is really fun trying to defeat Krampus while also trying to dodge his attacks. 

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