Honkai Star Rail: Stellar Shadowseeker Events [All Days]

Get rewarded with Stellar Jades once you complete all 7 days of the Stellar Shadowseeker event in Honkai Star Rail!

Honkai Star Rail has released a photo-related event for players to explore and gain Stellar Jades. Players might want to know which photos they must take and how to successfully complete all 7 Stellar Shadowseeker events in Honkai Star Rail. 

Important: All Stellar Jades can’t be claimed simultaneously as each event day is locked behind a time-gate.
Key Takeaways
  • The Stellar Shadowseeker is a photo-taking event that grants Jades as well as ascension materials to players in Honkai Star Rail.
  • The event aims to go to different locations, take photos of subjects, and submit them by March 7th. 
  • Each day offers a specific amount of Jades, Credits, and Traveler’s Guides. 
  • Players must complete all 7 days and 7 locations each day to get all 500 Jades in Honkai Star Rail.

What Is The Stellar Shadowseeker Event?

What Is The Stellar Shadowseeker Event
What Is The Stellar Shadowseeker Event HSR (Image By Me)

Firstly, the Honkai Stellar Shadowseeker is a photo-based event where specific photos are revealed each day, each located in a different area. 

  • The main aim of the event is to go into different areas each day that get revealed as the event goes by.
  • Each area presents a photo that needs to be taken by the camera icon at the bottom at a specific angle

After taking each photo, I received a message from March 7th, sending in the photos to her, and she replied by either complimenting or berating the photos depending on the players’ efforts. 

Below listed are all the stops, as well as the photo subjects that you need to take photos of at a glance: 

Honkai Star Rail Stellar Shadowseeker DaysStopsPhoto Subjects
1First StopPeppy, Asta
2SecondRating Pistol, Herta
3ThirdGigantic Wubbaboo, The Big Blue
4FourthGuitarist, Tram
5FifthHook, Fight Club
6SixthAbandoned Television, Slide
7SeventhWhale, March 7th

Day 1

Day 1
Day 1 HSR (Image By Me)

Firstly, Day 1 of Honkai Stellar Shadowseeker is revealed on the 1st of December, 2023, and it requires players to head to the Master Control Zone, which is located in the Herta Space Station.

The first photo subjects for the day are Peppy as well as Asta: 

  • Peppy is a small dog located right in front of a vending machine and keeps barking until you get the perfect angle. 
  • Asta is towards the left side of the space station when you head up, and you need to get a full body shot of her. 

The rewards for taking the photos are 70 jades, 4 Traveler’s Guides, 3 Lifeless Blades, and 40000 Credits while doing the Stellar Shadowseeker in Honkai Star Rail. 

Day 2

Day 2
Day 2 HSR (Image Taken By Me)

Moving on, Day 2 unlocks for players on December 2nd, and it is located in the Herta Space Station; however, this time, the Shadowseeker in Star Rail is located in the Storage Zone. 

The photo subjects for the second day are listed below: 

  • Herta: She is located right towards the end of the Storage Zone, and you need to walk there to capture a photo. 
  • Rating Pistol: The Rating Pistol is a pistol that is located towards the right side in the hallway leading up to the end of the Storage Zone. 

Send in the photos by March 7th, and after a bit of conversation with her, The rewards for day 2 are 70 Jades, 3 Arrow of the Demon Slayer, 4 Refined Aether, and 40000 credits. 

Day 3

Day 3
Day 3 HSR (Image Screenshotted By Me)

As far as Day 3 is concerned, it unlocks on December 3rd, and it is located towards the Supply Zone area of the Herta Space Station. 

The photo subjects for the third day are mentioned as follows: 

  • Gigantic Wubbaboo: The wubbaboo is present towards the middle of the Supply Zone and even with a commission here and there while doing the Shadowseekr event in Honkai. 
  • The Big Blue: There is an H-shaped hallway towards the right side of the Supply Zone, and the Big Blue is past the railway tracks overlooking the window. 

After doing so, you get a text from March 7th asking for the photos, and after sending them in, The rewards for this day include 70 Jades, 4 Traveler’s Guides, 3 Oath of Steel, and 40000 credits. 

Day 4

Day 4
Day 4 HSR (Image Screenshotted By Me)

Moving on, Day 4 for the Stellar Shadowseeker event in Honkai is present towards the Jarilo VI, specifically towards the Administrative District. 

The photo subjects for the fourth day are mentioned below: 

  • Guitarist: She is sitting on a bench towards the left of the stairs, and she plays for her audience, who awaits taking her photo. 
  • Tram: This one is a bit tricky; you need to take a photo of the tram while it is coming towards you, and you still get hit by the tram. 

Report back to March 7th and tell her about the hitting of the tram, and you can get 70 Jades, 4 Refined Aether, 3 Sprout of Life, and 40000 credits. 

Day 5

Day 5
Day 5 HSR (Image By Me)

As far as day 5 is concerned, it is revealed on the 5th, located in the Jarilo VI area, specifically towards the Boulder Town location. 

The photo subjects for day 5 are as follows: 

  • Hook: She is present towards the end of the alley and is locked behind bars. 
  • Fight Club: Get a clear photo of the Fight Club logo present on the banner and make sure that both gloves are showing in the photo. 

Hand over the photos you took for the Stellar event in Star Rail to March 7th, and you can get 70 Jades, 4 Traveler’s Guides, 3 Key of Knowledge, and 40000 Credits. 

Day 6

Day 6
Day 6 (Image Taken By Me)

On day 6, it was revealed on the 6th it was present towards the Rivet Town area in Jarilo Vi. 

The photo subjects required to complete day 6 are as follows: 

  • Abandoned Television: It is located below the waypoint and towards the side of a blue robot. 
  • Slide: An abandoned slide in a children’s play area (a shame you can’t use it), and you must take a full shot of it. 

After taking the photos, talk to March 7th via text; you can get 70 Jades, 4 Refined Aether, 4 Ancestral Hymn, and 40000 Credits. 

Day 7

Day 7
Day 7 HSR (Image Taken By Me)

On day 7, you must go to the Astral Express for the final Shadowseeker event in Star Rail and Parlor Car. 

The photo subjects for day 7 include: 

  • Whale: Present towards the circular area of the parlor car and can be captured in a photo that covers it fully. 
  • March 7th: She is in her room and is waiting for you to take her photo with your camera. 

You can get 80 Jades, 1 Track of Destiny, 3 Obsidian of Desolation, and 40000 Credits. 

My Thoughts On The Stellar Shadowseeker Event 

After doing days 1 through 5, the event is fun and easy, allowing players to simply head to a location, capture a photo, turn it in, and get rewards. Let’s wrap up the Honkai Star Rail Stellar Shadowseeker guide! If you want to know more about the Shadowseeker event, check out this video on YouTube by StreetwiseRhapsody!

Apart from this, another must-read guide includes the Honkai Star Rail Best Light Cones guide! Lastly, check out our Honkai Star Rail review written by Abdul Haddi.

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