Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Door Code

This walkthrough aims to guide you through the quest, highlighting the crucial moments where the Heaven and Earth code becomes necessary for your progress.

In the second main quest of Burning Shores DLC called Heaven and Earth, you’ll encounter an enigmatic Burning Shores Heaven and Earth Code that will test your detective prowess and observational skills. You will be required to delve into the intricacies of audio logs and celestial body scans to uncover Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Door Code, a crucial element that unlocks the doorway to further exploration, engaging battles, and a riveting storyline.

Key Takeaways
  • The Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Door Code is 3285.
  • The code can be found by scanning four different asteroids from various years while listening to the corresponding audio logs.
  • The code is necessary to unlock a door and progress in the Heaven and Earth quest.
  • The Heaven and Earth quest presents players with puzzles, battles, and exploration in the new Burning Shores DLC.

If you want to do Asteroid Scanning manually and get Heaven and Earth door Code, then scan the following planetary systems:

  1. Asteroid: Ophelia – The Year 2050 – First digit “3”
  2. Asteroid: Juliet – The Year 2054 – Second digit “2”
  3. Asteroid: Caliban – The Year 2061 – Third digit “8”
  4. Asteroid: Katherina – The Year 2056 – Fourth digit “5”

Here is how to find the Input Panel for Heaven and Earth Code in Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC:

  • Begin the quest by talking to Seyka at Fleet’s End.
  • Sail and land on a distant shore, and ascend the hill to reach a mysterious facility.
  • Navigate through the facility using the Quen Ballista and your Pullcaster to create climbing points and cross gaps.
  • Defeat Clamberjaws and loot supply caches for valuable resources.
  • Reach the room with large, painted doors where you will use the Heaven and Earth code to unlock and progress in the quest.

What Is Heaven & Earth Code In Burnins Shores DLC?

In the thrilling second main quest of Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC, Heaven and Earth, you’ll face an intriguing challenge that requires you to obtain a door code to progress. This task will put your detective skills to the test as you delve into audio logs and scan celestial bodies from various years. Keep reading for a comprehensive guide on acquiring the Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores door code and unlocking the door to your next adventure.

Important: The Heaven and Earth code that unlocks the door is 3285.
  • To figure out this code, you must pay close attention to four distinct audio logs while also scanning multiple asteroids across a 15-year time span.
  • Each asteroid contains essential mission details, and combining this information with the data logs will help you crack the door code.
  • Instead of listening to the audio logs at the planet projection downstairs, you can skip this step and head directly to the console to input the code.

However, if you’re up for a challenge, follow the directions provided by the audio logs and use your companion’s guidance to scan the comets surrounding the planet. As you change the year, each comet will reveal unique code information. Aloy will offer commentary when you’ve scanned the correct comet and acquired a new piece of the code.

How To Scan Planets & Find Heaven & Earth Code?

If you like the challenge of finding the code manually by scanning the available list of planets, there we have listed a step-by-step process of how you should do it. The image you see above is the room you must first reach into as this location will allow you to view planets containing information on audio logs, and digits that secretly hint towards opening the control panel. 

Asteroid: Ophelia – The Year 2050 

Asteroid Ophelia – Heaven and Earth door panel code

Move over to the control panel that you see near the planetary holo image and look for Asteroid: Ophelia in the year 2050. Once you scan it, you will find the digit “3.” written at Flight No; HMC-3. This is the first clue, indicating the first digit of Burning Shores Heaven and Earth Code.

Asteroid: Juliet – The Year 2054 

Asteroid Juliet – Door code

Hover your Focus’s cursor to the right side of the planetary system, and you will find there Asteroid: Juliet in the year 2054. Look at its description, and you will notice the digit “2” there, indicating your 2nd digit of Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores door code.

Asteroid: Caliban – The Year 2061

Asteroid Caliban – Burning Shores DLC

Come back to year selection and pick the year 2061. After that, find Asteroid: Caliban, and you will once again notice the digit “8” written in the description. 

Asteroid: Katherina

Asteroid Katherina – Burning Shores DLC

Now, move towards the year 2056 and find Asteroid: Katherina. Read the Mission Log; in its description, you’d see “5 Years to strip out all of its cobalt” written. This is your final digit to input at the door’s panel.

Where Do You Find Heaven & Earth Code Input Panel?

Climb the hill using the Quen Ballista

The quest begins as you return to Fleet’s End and converse with Seyka, who eagerly inquires if you’re prepared for the upcoming challenge.

reaching top platforms
  1. After confirming your readiness, set sail and land on the sandy beach of a distant shore.
  2. As you venture forth, a steep hill lies ahead, daring you to ascend its slopes.
  3. Take on the challenge and climb the hill, using the Quen Ballista to create accessible climbing points on the wall opposite your position.
heading inside the facility
  1. Upon reaching the top, pause for a moment and allow Seyka to catch up.
  2. She soon realizes that she must turn the wheel to raise the second Quen Ballista.
interacting with the panel
traverse the environment
  1. With the Ballista in place, fire a grapple point directly opposite your location, creating a bridge to cross.
  2. Once on the other side, pry open the door and step into the mysterious facility that awaits you.
  3. Inside, you’ll find a room to your left containing a Datapoint to scan and a Valuables Supply Cache filled with essential resources.
  4. Proceed to the door on your right, and with a forceful tug, pry it open to reveal a descent into the depths of the complex.
climb higher

As you continue your exploration, activate the projector, which unveils an engrossing tale of the Heaven headquarters. A prompt will appear, urging you to examine a corpse lying on your left. Patiently wait for Seyka to operate the Quen Ballista and create a grapple point for you to utilize. With your trusty Pullcaster, cross the gap and confront the menacing Clamberjaws that await your arrival.

  • The need for the Heaven and Earth code arises when you delve deeper into the headquarters.
  • As you continue your ascent, use the Quen Ballista to assist Seyka in creating a path and eliminating any lingering Clamberjaws on the opposite side.
  • Once more, rely on the Quen Ballista to establish additional climbing points for Seyka, this time on the right.
Opening the door

Glide across the chasm and follow Seyka’s path to higher ground. Pry open another door, and as you advance, discover an Ancient Supply Chest laden with precious resources. Make sure to scan the nearby Datapoint and proceed along the path, examining a Quen corpse as you go by for Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores door code. Along the way, you’ll uncover more Datapoints and Brimshine, providing valuable information and resources for your journey.

Heaven & earth code room

Forge ahead, looting the caches that lay in your path, and prepare to face a pair of large, painted doors. Behind these doors lies the pivotal moment when the Heaven and Earth code becomes essential. Interact with the Primary Control Console, listening carefully to the voice log that plays. Shift your attention to the Secondary Control Console and engage with it, revealing a second voice with critical information.

Important: It’s at this moment that the Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Door Code or Heaven and Earth Code, 3285, comes into play. You must use your Focus to change the year and scan asteroids floating in the void.
  • Repeat this process, and through careful analysis of the audio logs and asteroid scans, you’ll derive the critical code necessary to unlock the door and progress further in the quest.

With the code in hand, input 3285 into the console, granting you access to the next phase of the Heaven and Earth quest. Prepare for a series of trials as you progress through the Heaven and Earth quest; you’ll face formidable foes that will challenge your combat prowess. Employ a combination of stealth, agility, and sheer firepower to outwit and overpower your enemies. Remember to make use of your environment, exploiting weaknesses in your adversaries’ defenses and positioning yourself advantageously.

Wrapping Up

And we have reached the end of our Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores Door Code guide where we have entailed the Heaven and Earth Code & how to get it. The Heaven and Earth code is a vital component of the Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC, paving the way for players to dive deeper into the captivating narrative and new challenges.

This code not only enhances the immersive experience but also tests your problem-solving skills and attention to detail. Unraveling the mysteries hidden behind the Heaven and Earth code unlocks the door to a thrilling adventure filled with formidable foes and rewarding exploration, making it an essential part of your journey in the Burning Shores DLC. Make sure you equip Aloy with the best armor, weapons, and bows in Horizon Forbidden West so that she can face off the new threats of the story expansion.


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