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In This Guide We Give A Detailed Explanation On Which Difficulty You Should Play In Last Of Us Part 1.

It seems that Sony and Naughty Dog have released a remake of the infamous Last Of Us, which has been named the Last Of Us Part 1. This remake was released on 2nd September 2022. The game has been remastered for the next-gen PS5. However, if you are planning to relive the 2013’s masterpiece through the new version or for some reason just have not been able to play Last Of Us before, then it is a good idea to know which difficulty of the game will suit you best. In our guide, we will be informing you on the Last Of Us Part 1 Best Difficulty.

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All Difficulty Settings In Last Of Us Part 1

combat tips TLOU Part 1

The new Last Of Us Part 1 remake has been changed in a lot of ways. And one of the changes has been introduced into the Difficulty Settings. The new game has completely different sets of difficulty as compared to its previous releases. The previous Last Of Us had the following difficulty settings:

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Survivor
  • Grounded (DLC)

Now, as for the new Last Of Us Part 1, difficulty settings are as follows:

  • Very Light: In this preset setting, the camera and aim assist are enabled by default so that you can focus more on the story rather than the combat. Also, the combat in a very light setting is easy and can be handled by any player.
  • Light: It is a step up from the very light difficulty but still, it is not even close to the moderate difficulty as the resources are pretty common and the enemies still are not threatening enough.
  • Moderate: Moderate setting is the most balanced setting among these, as the game resources and enemies are evenly balanced so that you can enjoy the story while also trying to defeat the enemies, which can now provide somewhat of a challenge.
  • Hard: This setting is for gamers who are looking for a challenge in the game. The enemies in this setting are very dangerous, and the resources are hard to find, which makes it a good challenge. Also, you are still able to focus on the story aspect of the game.
  • Survivor: Survivor difficulty is a more demanding setting than the hard as the resources are very scarce, and the number of enemies and their strength is multiplied. Also, the Listen mode is turned off by default for the setting.
  • Grounded: The top difficulty in the game where you can experience the most challenging and realistic gameplay. Multiple settings have been altered to make the game more challenging. Listen mode, HUD, and other gameplay elements have been set according to the grounded setting to make the gameplay more demanding.

Furthermore, it is good to know that Last Of Us Part 1 also offers a custom difficulty setting through which you can alter a variety of settings to make the game best suit your needs. Some of the attributes that you can set are Enemies, Allies, Players, Stealth, Resources, and many more.

Through the alteration of these settings, you can make the resources of the game more common and also make the enemies easier to deal with. Also, note that you can obtain each and every trophy available in the game through any difficulty setting, so just adjust the game to your liking, and you will not miss out on much.

Best Difficulty Setting To Play TLOU Part 1

Difficulty Options
Difficulty Options In Last Of Us Part 1

Now, under this section, we will be mentioning the best difficulty settings that you should choose based on how experienced you are with these types of games. First of all, we recommend that even if you are new to Last Of Us also, if you have not played action games similar to this, then start the game at a Moderate level.

It will be the perfect mix as the game will not be too hard, and the game will also be enjoyable to play along with the story.

However, if you have played action adventure games before then, we highly recommend that you start the game with the Hard difficulty as it will be the best difficulty for you. At the hard difficulty, you will be able to play the game at a good pace where it will be challenging and fun simultaneously.

Lastly, if you have played the Last Of Us before and are familiar with the game more or less, then we recommend that you give the Survivor difficulty a go where you will be able to relive the game but at a much harder difficulty.

Also, we do not recommend for anyone to try out the Grounded mode unless and until they have played the game once before, as the grounded level difficulty is a serious challenge where you will be restricted in many different ways, so be cautious. Remember that to be able to play grounded mode, and you will have to master every aspect of the game.

With this, we wrap up our Last Of Us Part 1 Best Difficulty guide, where we tried our best to provide you with an in-depth explanation of which difficulty you should choose to play through the game. However, if you still believe that we could have added some additional information, then please do let us know through the comment section down below.

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