Lords of the Fallen Bloodlust [Location & Stats]

Learn everything there is about the location and stats of Bloodlust in Lords of the Fallen.

Lords of the Fallen is filled with unique weapons and spells that can aid the players in their journey. One such weapon that you can acquire early on in Lords of the Fallen is Bloodlust. It is a shortsword with a unique healing ability. For every foe you slay, a portion of your health will be restored, making it one of the best early-game weapons.

Before You Start: To acquire the Bloodlust, make sure you have “Cleansed The Becon” and activated Vestige of Pale Butcher.
Key Takeaways
  • Lords of the Fallen Bloodlust is located in Filtzroy’s Gorge.
  • Players can get to that location from Vestige of the Pale Butcher.
  • To get the weapon, players will have to defeat Crimson Rector Percival.
  • Bloodlust has 74 Attack Power and deals 60 blood and fire damage.
  • Bloodlust restores a portion of the user’s health upon killing an enemy.

What Is Bloodlust In Lords of the Fallen

Bloodlust [Image By Me]
Bloodlust is a shortsword that heals the player for every enemy slain in Lords of the Fallen.

It can be picked up from a chest after defeating the Crimson Rector Percival in Filtzroy’s Gorge. It offers great stats for an early-game weapon and inflicts blood and fire damage too, making it an easy recommendation for those who want a good early-game shortsword.

Location of Bloodlust

  1. Warp to Vestige of the Pale Butcher in Shuja Hamlet, Forsaken Fen.
    Pale Butcher
    Vestige of the Pale Butcher [Image By Me]
  2. Follow the path blocked by wooden barrels.
  3. Destroy the barrels with your weapon.
  4. Go forward until you reach a giant wooden doorway.
    • lords of the fallen hut
      Wooden Hut/house
    • lords of the fallen barrels
      breaking barrels
    • Lords of the fallen walkway
      Wooden Walkway
  5. Enter the doorway and follow the wooden walkway until you reach a ladder. 
  6. On your left, you’ll see a path that leads to the caverns.
  7. Explore the caverns until you come across the steel door.
  8. Use your lamp to reveal the path forward.
  9. Once that’s done, use the path to exit the caves.
  10. Before moving forward, I recommend planting a Vestige on the flower bed.
    • ladder
      Jump down from the ladder
    • caves
      channel of caves
    • steel door
      steel door
    • Vestige
      Vestige flower bed
  11. Now, follow the linear path until you reach a crossroads.
  12. Take the path to the left. Be cautious of the hounds and humanoid enemies.
    two paths
    Take the left path [Image By Me]
  13. This path will take you to a cliff where a turf war is happening.
  14. Run past the enemies and enter the castle.
  15. Once you enter the castle, you’ll be forced into a boss fight with Crimson Rector Percival.
  16. After defeating the boss, you can pick up the weapon from the chest located in the area.
    Bloodlust from the chest [Image By Me]

Crimson Rector Percival Bossfight

boss in lords of the fallen
Crimson Rector Percival Bossfight [Image By Me]
Crimson Rector Percival is a relatively simple boss that can transform into a tough encounter if you don’t know how to counter him correctly. He has AoE attacks, fast but delayed melee swings, and Radiance buffs to inflict Smite damage.

To beat Crimson Rector Percival and obtain Bloodlust in Lords of the Fallen:

  • My first tip would be to parry his attacks.
  • Most of his attacks are comprised of melee swings and strikes, which can be parried easily if timed correctly.
  • Relying on dodge makes it difficult to hit him during his attack animations.
  • During the encounter, he also buffs his sword with radiance, which deals AoE damage.
  • Make sure to watch out for his ghost Specter attacks, which he telegraphs by stepping backward.
  • By far, the most devastating move in his kit is his guard stance.
  • After Crimson Recter, Percival goes into this state, hit him with ranged attacks, or do not engage him at all.
  • If by chance you die and go into the Umbral Realm, take out the Umbram Parasites for additional stagger damage.
  • My recommendation would be a spear or dagger for parrying.

Bloodlust Stats & Details

Weapon bloodlust
Stats and details of Bloodlust in Lords of the Fallen [Image By Me]
Stats Attack Guard
Attack Power 74 N/A
Physical 37 27%
Holy 0 11%
Fire 37 33%
Wither 0 11%
Stability N/A 178%
Stats Scaling Requirements
Agility C 13
Inferno C 13
  • The moveset of Bloodlust is not any different from a standard shortswords
  • It is comprised of 4-5 light melee swings and 2 heavy swings
  • The unique property of this weapon is that it restores a portion of your health for every enemy you take down.
  • Since it’s a shortsword, you’ll have to be much closer to enemies to land any attacks.

My Experience With Bloodlust

While I don’t personally use shorthand weapons or daggers in soul-like games, I can definitely see the appeal of Bloodlust weapon in Lords of the Fallen. Healing while exploring can be a big problem, especially when you want to see every nook and cranny. Lords of the Fallen is filled with hordes of tough enemies, and recovering a portion of your health every time you take one down can be a huge time and life saver.

This concludes my guide on Bloodlust in Lords of the Fallen. For more on weapons, I recommend checking out the best strength weapons in Lords of the Fallen guide by Obaid. Additionally, check eXputer’s Lords of the Fallen review written by our expert, Haris Umer.


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