MK1: Best Kameo For Mileena [Top 3]

Learn everything there is about some of the best Kameos For Mileena and why they work well with her moveset in MK1.

In Mortal Kombat 1, Kameo fighters can be picked alongside your main character. These fighters will provide you with special moves and hurt the opponent in every way possible but for a brief moment. It is kind of a short time tag team moment. For Mileena, several Kameos can be tagged together to do some good damage and combos. Among these, deciding on the MK1 Best Mileena Kameo can be difficult.

Key Takeaways
  • Kameo fighters help you fight against opponents with special combos and abilities for a brief moment.
  • The best Kameo fighters for Mileena in MK1 are Sonya, Darrius, and Sareena.
  • Mileena is a ferocious and deadly fighter whose weaknesses can be covered and combos extended by choosing the best Kameos for her in MK1.

3. Sareena

Sareena [Image Taken By: eXputer]
Sareena is a very easy character to play, with the only downside being that she does very little damage. She will be able to give Mileena access to grounded combos, but the amount of damage could be better!

2. Darrius

Darrius [Image Credit: eXputer]
He is pretty hard to use, but he can do moderate damage for you if utilized well. Also, he is great at extending combos. Darrius, however, does not help your character’s defense, which is a major downside, as in Mortal Kombat, you always need some defense.

1. Sonya

Sonya [Screenshot Taken By: eXputer]
Sonya is the best Kameo for Mileena in MK1. She does amazing damage and extends the combos by a lot. Sonya’s leg grab is her best move and works really well. On top of this, she is really fun to use; therefore, if you are looking for the most damage and a bit of fun, Sonya is the way to go!

About Mileena

Now, a brief summary of Mileena. She is a very reliable and fun character to play with. She has a lot of devastating combos and rarely lets you down.


  • High damage
  • Great movement
  • Good blocks


  • Feels a bit heavy 
  • Low mid-damage

Mileena will do wonders for you if you understand the amount of range she has and use that to your advantage. While using her, you should not just throw everything at the opponent. And once you know how to use the Kameos properly, she will be an overpowered character.

And with that, the MK1 Best Mileena Kameo guide ends. You were informed about some of the best Mileena Kameos; furthermore, to kill your curiosity, you should check out the Mortal Kombat 1 Voice Actors and Trophies Guide List.

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