How To Find Way Out Of Castle In Plague Tale Requiem

Learn how to sneak past the guards and entail the way out of the castle.

After playing a hide-and-seek game with Lucas and shooting up pieces of wood with Hugo to get the hang of the game’s basic stealth and shooting mechanics, Hugo will ask you to head into a castle visible in the distance. That is where the game officially begins, where you will be utilizing Amicia’s stealth expertise to avoid all enemies. 

Key Takeaways
  • Find a way out of the Castle” is one of the first objectives in the game, which both teaches and tests your understanding of gameplay fundamentals.
  • Staying crouched, out of sight, and hidden in the grass should be your strategy for getting past the guards.
  • However, there are some sections where you can’t use that strategy. Those guards can be distracted by rocks and breakable pots.
  • If players successfully find a way out of the castle they’ll be able to progress their story.

Find A Way Out Of The Castle

After entering the castle, following a narrow pathway, and reaching the castle grounds, you will be confronted by a hostile NPC, who doesn’t like your presence here and will eventually rush towards you with an axe. This marks the beginning of this section of the game.

Castle Inside
Interior of the Castle (Image Captured by Us/eXputer)
Hostile NPC
A hostile guard confronting Amicia (Image Captured by Us/eXputer)

As the NPC rushes towards you with an axe, quickly turn around and head towards the wooden door. Don’t bother interacting with it since it is locked. Instead, turn right and enter a room through the broken window, progress through a narrow pathway, and squeeze through the wooden barrels to enter into the grassy fields.

Running away from the guard (Image Captured by Us/eXputer)
Broken Window (Image Captured by Us/eXputer)
Getting to the grassy fields (Image Captured by Us/eXputer)

There you will find two guards beating down a helpless person. Don’t bother trying to stand up and help, since Amicia doesn’t have any weapons at this point in the game. Wait till the guards are done with him and scatter around. This is your signal to progress forward.

Mathias approaching a helpless guy (Image Captured by Us/eXputer)

After a bit of progression, you will see the same guy, whose name is Mathias, analyzing another dead body. Luckily, his back is towards you, and can’t see. Use this opportunity to cross to the left side of the fields, and make sure you are in a crouch position and in the fields at all times.

Hiding in the grass (Image Captured by Us/eXputer)

After a while, another guard will call Mathias, for an urgent purpose. After Mathias is gone, head into the small house via a small window, located beside the dead body. Open the house’s main door and enter the next portion of the fields.

Distracted guards
Wooden House (Image Captured by Us/eXputer)
Sneaking into the hoise
Getting inside the house via window (Image Captured by Us/eXputer)
Main door
Opening the house’s door (Image Captured by Us/eXputer)

There you see Mathias once again, shouting and scolding another guard. Wait for his rant to be over before progressing further. This section of the game teaches another very important mechanic, which is distracting the guards by throwing pebbles at objects that would produce notable sound. Here, throwing a rock at the armor crate will produce a noticeable sound and distract the guard.

Throw rocks at the armor crate to distract the guard (Image Captured by Us/eXputer)

Once the guard is distracted, head forward, where you will Mathias once again screaming at another guard. He won’t be able to detect you here, so use this opportunity to head to the wooden platform and climb up, as visible in the image below.

Distracted Mathias
Climbing up the Wooden Platform (Image Captured by Us/eXputer)

After you have climbed up, you will notice the path ahead is blocked by a wooden fence. To progress further, squeeze yourself through the small pathway located beneath the vases, just to the right of the fence.

Hugo De Rune
Path blocked by wooden fence (Image Captured by Us/eXputer)
Wooden fence
Heading inside the small patch beneath h the vase (Image Captured by Us/eXputer)

Afterward, a swarm of bees will attack you, which will alert the nearby guard. Here, a small, quick event will happen, where Amicia will throw a rock at the other side to distract him. Don’t wait there and quickly head forward.

Heading further after the QTE. (Image Captured by Us/eXputer)

There you, yet again, see another guard you will need to distract in order to move forward. There are no armor crates lying around there, so distracting him with rocks is out of the question. To distract the guard, pick up the pot lying on the top of the nearby barrel, select it from inventory, and throw it near the guard.

Breakable pots
Throwing the pot to distract the guard (Image Captured by Us/eXputer)

After he is distracted, sneak past the guard and head toward the wooden door. Upon interaction with the door, you will find out the door is locked. This is where the game teaches how to utilize Hugo. Send Hugo through a small patch, located near the door.

Hugo De Rune
The small body of Hugo helps him get inside small places (Image Captured by Us/eXputer)

Now that the door is unlocked, head inside the door, where a cutscene will play out.

Amicia De Rune
Amicia appealing to a person (Image Captured by Us/eXputer)

This marks the end of this section and our guide.

With that, we conclude our guide on how to find a way out of the castle in A Plague Tale Requiem. Let us know if you are having any problems during this section of the game in the comments below.


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