Emotional Baggage Locations in PSI King’s Sensorium

Find the locations of all Emotional Baggage collectibles in PSI King's Sensorium in Psychonauts 2, and unravel the mystery that lies within!

The PSI King’s Sensorium mental world in Psychonauts 2 is a true feast for the senses with its color-splashed levels and psychedelic visuals, which is what makes finding the Emotional Baggage collectible locations here so much more engaging. The level explores the once-lively psyche of the mysterious persona known initially only as the PSI King. However, as players progress through the mental world, they begin to unravel a long-forgotten mystery that connects deeply with the main story. With so much going on, we wouldn’t blame you for getting invested. But remember – we’re here for all the Emotional Baggage that this Psychonauts 2 level has to offer!

PSI King’s Sensorium is a massive mental world containing multiple sub-levels. Each of these explores different senses bursting into PSI King’s mind following his extended sensory deprivation. After the initial Eye Shrine sub-level, you can choose between going to the Concessions area that leads to the Nose Mouth Shrine, or the Woods area that leads to the Ear Hand Shrine.

This order does mean, though, that not all Emotional Baggage collectibles in PSI King’s Sensorium can be secured on the first playthrough.

Key Highlights
  • In Psychonauts 2 there are many different mental worlds that a player will visit during the span of the game. PSI King’s Sensorium is one of these mental worlds containing the Emotional Baggage that players can acquire.
  • The Purse: The tag for the Purse can be found in the Backstage area of the stage. The Purse itself can be found later in the Concessions Area.
  • The Hat Box: The tag for The hat box can be found in the Eye Shrine. As for the Hat Box itself that can be found in the Woods where you look for Audie-O and Dr. Touch.
  • The Suitcase: The tag for the Suitcase can be found in the same Woods area as the Hat box. The Suitcase itself can be found in the Backstage area.
  • The Steamer Trunk: The tag for the Steamer Trunk can be found in the Nose Mouth Shrine. As for the Steamer Trunk itself can be found in the Ear Hand Shrine.
  • The Duffle Bag: The tag for the Duffle Bag can be found after you clear the mental world and revisit it in the Concessions Area. The Duffle Bag itself can be found in the Eye Shrine.

Emotional Baggage in PSI King’s Sensorium

The level contains all five of the Emotional Baggage collectibles found in Psychonauts 2. We will go through the locations of each of the Emotional Baggage in the order that you are likely to come across them.

The Purse

This is the first tag you can get in the level. After meeting Vision Quest and finding yourself on a stage with a rather unruly crowd, make your way to the Backstage area. Here, you’ll find a small clearing littered with colorful foliage and figments. On the right end of the clearing, you should see two white trailer homes in front of some purple banners. The Purse tag will be perched atop the roof of the left trailer.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations PSI Kings Sensorium
Purse tag

You will come across the Purse later as you embark on the mission of finding the other band members. As you reach the Concessions area in search for Tasty and Sniffles, follow the path forward. This will involve walking across the candy tightrope, swinging across the first branch, and crossing the spinning star platform after slowing it down using Time Bubble. You will then eventually jump onto a tall tower with a canopy roof. From here, look down to the right, and you’ll see a short passage. Climb or glide your way down. You’ll now spot the Purse sitting at the end in front the large fence and white stone wall.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations PSI Kings Sensorium

The Hat Box

The next Emotional Baggage collectible you’ll come across in PSI King’s Sensorium will be the Hat Box. The tag lies in the Eye Shrine, where you will go to find Vision’s violin. Platform your way across the level until you come into an expansive area with lots of prisms and the rainbow bridges.

You’ll find the tag on your way to shine the spotlight on the fourth prism in the level. Walk across the two tightropes, and jump through two spinning fans. You’ll then find your path being blocked by some scaffolding. To bypass this, you have to jump onto a wooden platform to the right through another spinning fan. Once on this platform, look at the wall of speakers to find a colorful poster that reads “Live at the Sensorium.” Burn it down using Pyrokinesis, and the Hat Box tag will be in the space behind it. You can also catch a glimpse of it further down the path to the spotlight.

The Hat Box tag
Hat Box tag

The bag itself lies in the Woods where you go looking for Dr. Touch and Audie-O. From the starting point, follow the path that goes ahead and curves to the left. You’ll subsequently come across a junction with two sign posts that have eyes on them. Spooky, no? From here, look left to spot a campsite. The Hat Box will be sitting between the tents.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations PSI Kings Sensorium
Hat Box

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The Suitcase

You can snag the Suitcase tag right after finding the Hat Box in the Woods. Once you’ve crossed the river by (hopefully) jumping over a log, you’ll come across a vertical space between two cliff faces. Wall jump your way up, and then take the path going right. As the path curves around the mountainside, you’ll see the Suitcase tag bouncing at the end.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations PSI Kings Sensorium
Suitcase Tag

The Suitcase can be found on returning to the Backstage area. As you stand on the wooden stage looking towards backstage clearing, take the left ramp down. Afterward, go beneath the ramp. You’ll see a narrow passageway that leads underneath the stage. Follow it and you’ll soon stumble on the Suitcase sitting on some wooden crates.

The Suitcase

Steamer Trunk

The Steamer Trunk Emotional Baggage collectibles in PSI King’s Sensorium can be picked up in the two remaining Shrine levels. Depending on which order you explore the areas in, you’ll either be able to sort out the Steamer Trunk on the first or second playthrough.

The tag can be found in the Nose Mouth Shrine which you enter to find Tasty and Sniffle’s instruments. You’ll find it on your way to shine the spotlight on the second prism you come across in the level. As you jump across the two leaping fish, you’ll find yourself following a winding wooden platform. The Steamer Trunk tag will be right on the bend here.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations PSI Kings Sensorium
Steamer Trunk tag

The Steamer Trunk itself is tucked away in the Ear Hand Shrine as you go in search of Dr. Touch and Audie-O’s instruments. Make your way to the second prism which unlocks a rainbow bridge to a large floating platform. Before going ahead, though, take a look to the right. You should see the Steamer Trunk nestled within some flowers there. Jump over to finally reunite it with its tag.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations PSI Kings Sensorium
Steamer Trunk

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The Duffle Bag

The Duffle Bag is the last piece of Emotional Baggage we’ll be sorting out in this Psychonauts 2 guide. This is because it can only be completely secured on a revisit to the PSI King’s Sensorium, owing to the order in which you come across the tag and the bag on your first run. Therefore, once you’ve cleared this mental world, take a trip back through the Collective Unconsciousness.

You’ll be able to collect the tag on your first playthrough in the Concessions area. At the starting location, look right where you’ll see the Feel Mobile. Just past this, behind some colorful foliage, lies the Duffle Bag tag.

The Duffle Bag tag
Duffle Bag tag

The bag is hidden in the Eye Shrine, which you need to revisit during your second run. Once you reach the fourth prism with the emanating Rainbow bridge, Raz will exclaim on hearing some Emotional Baggage nearby. Go below the prism, and you should spot the Duffle Bag hidden in a stack of instrument cases.

Psychonauts 2 Emotional Baggage Collectible Locations PSI Kings Sensorium
Duffle Bag


With that, you’ve secured every piece of Emotional Baggage that Psychonauts 2 offers within the mind-bending location that is PSI King’s Sensorium! Were you as awestruck by this piece of brilliant art design as we were? Or did you prefer the more muted art style of levels such as Hollis’ Classroom? Let us know in the comments below. And if you haven’t already, you may want to check out our guide on fixing the funicular in the Questionable Area!

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FAQs - Emotional Baggage in PSI King's Sensorium

How many Emotional Baggage collectibles are there in PSI King’s Sensorium in Psychonauts 2?

This level houses all five pieces of Emotional Baggage offered in Psychonauts 2. They are the Purse, the Hat Box, the Suitcase, the Steamer Trunk and the Duffle Bag.

What are all the areas in PSI King’s Sensorium in Psychonauts 2?

This mental world is one of the largest ones in the game, and has multiple sub-levels for players to explore. These include the starting Backstage, the Eye Shrine, the Concessions that lead to the Nose Mouth Shrine, and the Woods that lead to the Ear Hand Shrine.

What areas have what Emotional Baggage collectibles in PSI King’s Sensorium?

The Backstage area has the Purse tag and the Suitcase. The Concessions area has the Purse and the Duffle Bag tag. The Woods area has the Hat Box and the Suitcase tag. The Eye Shrine has the Hat Box tag and the Duffle bag. The Nose Mouth Shrine has the Steamer Trunk tag. Lastly, the Ear Hand Shrine has the Steamer Trunk.

Can I collect all of the Emotional Baggage collectibles in my first playthrough of PSI King’s Sensorium?

No. You’ll encounter the Duffle Bag before you get its tag, which is why you’ll need to revisit the level to completely sort out this piece of Emotional Baggage.

How can I revisit or replay the level in Psychonauts 2?

To replay the level, visit the Collective Unconsciousness through the Brain Tumbler found in Sasha’s office. Once you’re in, go towards the green door for PSI King’s Sensorium.

What rewards will I get for collecting Emotional Baggage in Psychonauts 2?

Emotional Baggage are collectible items that reward you for exploration and encourage you to visit new areas. They reward you by helping level up your Intern Rank.

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