Baldur’s Gate 3: How To Disable The Steel Watch [Walkthrough]

Learn how to disable the Steel Watch Foundry in BG3 by destroying nearby enemies and beating the Steel Watch Titan Boss!

Baldur’s Gate 3 has a quest called ‘Disable the Steel Watch’ that involves defeating a force called the Steel Watchers in the city. These Watchers are controlled by a building called the Steel Watch Foundry BG3, which is where you go for this quest.

Key Takeaways
  • Disable Steel Watch quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 involves defeating robots called Steel Watchers.
  • Go to the Steel Watch Foundry location to fight enemies and disable the power source.
  • Enter the Foundry in BG3 by jumping from a nearby building or picking the locks.
  • Defeat the boss Steel Watch Titan guarding inside the Foundry.
  • Additionally, players can use lightning attacks against the boss Steel Watch Titan in Baldur’s Gate 3.
  • Once that’s done, the reward for beating the Titan Boss in BG3 is the Legendary Longbow Gontr Mael!

What Is The Steel Watch Foundry In BG3?

Location steel watch foundry bg3
location of Steel Watch Foundry

The Foundry serves as a central hub for the creation and maintenance of the Steel Watchers, a group of large robotic guards that have taken over the city of Baldur’s Gate 3. The objective is to fight your way through the Foundry, defeat the enemies and bosses inside, and ultimately disable the source of the Steel Watchers’ power. This will shut down all the Steel Watchers across the city.

To complete the quest, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Make your way to the Foundry in the southwest area of the city.
  2. Get inside, either by jumping across from a nearby building or picking the locks.
  3. Defeat a boss called the Steel Watch Titan.
  4. Interact with the Neurocitor machine to disable the Foundry.
  5. Escort an NPC named Zanner back to blow up the Neurocitor and explode the Foundry.

How To Enter The Steel Watch Foundry

bg3 steel watch foundry
You can open the door with Thieves’ Tools

The Steel Watch Foundry BG3 location has a couple of different entry points that you can use. One option is to jump across a small waterway from the nearby Water Queen’s House building. This allows you to sneak in away from city guards. You can also pick the locks on the front main gates or the side eastern gates. However, there are often steel guards patrolling just inside, so picking the lock will initiate combat.

Some other creative options are turning into mist form as a spellcaster or using Wild Shape as a druid to sneak through vents. This way, you can get inside without picking locks out in the open.

Ways To Destroy The Steel Watch Foundry

There are two options you can follow; one is to either side with Wulbren, and the other is to save Gondians! Each of these options has its own narrative importance, sequences, and outcomes. As such, it’s better to see the entirety of both to see which one you’d like to follow.

Avenge The Ironhands 

Wulbren steel watch foundry bg3
Wulbren Bongle

One option to destroy the Steel Watch Foundry involves teaming up with Wulbren and avenging the Ironhand gnomes who have suffered under the Steel Watch’s rule. This approach focuses on using a Runepowder Bomb to create a massive explosion that will render the Foundry inoperable.

To pursue this questline, follow these steps:

  1. Locate Wulbren, who can be found at the Baldur’s Gate checkpoint if you rescued him from Moonrise Tower earlier in BG3.
  2. Engage in a conversation with him to learn about his plan to use the Runepowder Bomb to destroy the Foundry.
  3. Head to the Steel Watch Foundry located in the southwestern section of Baldur’s Gate.
  4. Access the Foundry either by using lockpicking skills to open the main door or by using the alternative paths available, such as jumping from the Water Queen’s House.
  5. Once inside the Foundry, reach the central area and plant the Runepowder Bomb in a strategic location.
  6. This will initiate a timer, and you must escape the Foundry before the bomb detonates.
  7. Quickly exit the Foundry and make your way to safety.
  8. After the bomb explodes, you’ll encounter Wulbren and Zanner Toobin, a Gondian survivor.
  9. Depending on your choices, you may face a confrontation with Wulbren, who may ask you to eliminate Zanner.

Save The Gondians 

steel watch foundry bg3 Zanner Toobin
Zanner Toobin

The alternative approach focuses on saving the oppressed Gondians imprisoned by the Steel Watch and leading a revolt against their captors. This method emphasizes a more altruistic and noble path.

Here’s how you can pursue this method by following these steps:

Redhammer steel watch foundry bg3
Redhammer Via
  1. Engage with Zanner Toobin, a Gondian held captive in the Foundry.
  2. He will reveal the plight of the Gondians and their families and request your assistance in saving them.
  3. Follow the quest to locate a hidden structure called Flymm Cargo northwest of the Steel Forge.
  4. Reach the underwater prison where the Gondians are held captive by using a submarine.
  5. Engage in a skill test to convince Redhammer to help you access the Iron Throne, the local prison.
  6. Successfully navigate through the Iron Throne, rescuing the Gondian prisoners and leading them in a revolt against the guards.
  7. Fight alongside the Gondians to overcome the enemies and reach the Steel Watch Titan.
  8. Engage in a battle against the formidable Steel Watch Titan, who guards the Foundry.
  9. Prioritize eliminating the Titan’s guards before focusing on the boss itself.
  10. After defeating the Steel Watch Titan and ensuring the Gondians’ safety, communicate with Zanner Toobin.
  11. He will express his gratitude and readiness to destroy the Steel Watch Foundry.
  12. With Zanner’s assistance, disable the Foundry using the Neurocitor, thereby putting an end to the oppressive Steel Watch presence in Baldur’s Gate.

How To Beat The Steel Watch Titan Boss

Steel Watcher Titan steel watch foundry bg3
Steel Watcher Titan

The Steel Watch Titan is a formidable opponent in Baldur’s Gate 3 that guards the Steel Watch Foundry. Defeating this boss requires strategic planning, teamwork, and effective use of your characters‘ abilities.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you conquer the Steel Watch Titan:

Defensive Protocol Bulwark steel watch foundry bg3
Defensive Protocol Bulwark
  1. When facing the Steel Watch Titan, it will be accompanied by three standard Steel Watchers that will protect it initially.
  2. I recommend having your primary tank engage the Titan to draw its attention while your damage dealers focus on defeating the Steel Watchers first. 
  3. These adversaries can make the fight much more challenging if they join the battle alongside the Titan. 
  4. The Titan has a low Dexterity, so abilities that require Dexterity saving throws could be effective against it.
  5. After taking enough damage, the Titan will enter Defensive Protocol: Bulwark, where it can’t be moved but will gain temporary hit points.
  6. Equip characters with spells or abilities that deal lightning damage, as these attacks will be particularly effective against the boss.
  7. Lightning Bolt and Call Lightning can deal substantial damage to the Titan.
  8. The boss has the ability to detonate itself upon reaching low health, causing significant area damage.
  9. Coordinate your attacks and focus your party’s firepower on the Steel Watch Titan.
  10. Apply debuffs that reduce its armor or resistance to increase the damage dealt.
  11. Consider using spells or abilities that inflict status effects such as disadvantage or reduced AC (Armor Class) to make the Titan more vulnerable.
  12. Some enemies in the area may carry Motivators, which are devices that control the Gondians.

Reward Of Beating Steel Watch Titan Boss

Gontr Mael steel watch foundry bg3
Gontr Mael

Gontr Mael stands as a Legendary Longbow within the weaponry of Baldur’s Gate 3 and can be acquired after killing the Steel Watcher Titan at the heart of the Steel Watch Foundry.

This is it from my side! I hope now you know all the secrets of Steel Watch Foundry in bg3! While you’re here, check out our take on BG3: How To Clear House With Flowers Quest Marker and Baldur’s Gate 3: Auntie Ethel Questline.


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