Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Tier List [All Characters]

This Tier List ranks characters from S-Tier: Top Performers to D- Tier: Low Performers in the Game.

Welcome to the Tier List, where we’ll be ranking the best and worst characters based on their Leadership, Constitution, Strength, Fortitude, Bloodline, Clan, and Role in the latest patch update (0.6.101) of Bloodline Heroes of Lithas.

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas is an engaging fantasy game where players can create new bloodlines by marrying champions to combat a corrupting enemy. This tier list will assist the players in assembling the ideal team of fighters and lovers same as we did for picking the best characters in the Hearthstone Battlegrounds Heroes Tier List.

Key Takeaways
  • There are about 38 champions in the Bloodline Heroes of Lithas version [0.6.101], 19 of them are Male, and 19 of them are Female.
  • S-Tier represents exceptional performers with distinctive abilities and inherited traits.
  • A-Tier champions have formidable strength with noteworthy abilities, yet their overall potency may not surpass those of S-tier champions.
  • B-Tier champions are Good enough to be picked in the absence of top-tier champions. They have strong fortitude and constitutional abilities. 
  • C-Tier champs are average performers who are still suitable in specific situations. 
  • D-Tier champs are not recommended as they can’t compete with strong upper-tier champions. 

Tier List Ranking

Here are our picks for Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Tier List:

Tier Characters
S Doombringer (female), Doombringer (male), Fulgur (female), Fulgur (male), Ignis (female), Lionstone (male), Lionstone (female)
A Ignis (male), Karg (female), Tidestorm (female), Tidestorm (male), Urgrull (female), Zaess (female)
B Aeson (female), Gryphon (male), Karg (male), Luxuriant (female), Luxuriant (male), Yvnian (male), Yvnian (female), Zaess (male)
C Aeson (male), Gryphon (female), Lume (female), Lycanis (male), Lycanis (female), Elzideth (male), Urgrull (male), Karguk (male), Karguk (female)
D Elzideth (female), Travain (male), Travain (female), Sallyhorn (female), Sallyhorn (male), Lume (male), Hunstdorf (male), Hunstdorf (female)


S tier Characters- BloodLine Heroes of Lithas tier list
S-Tier Characters

These clans possess the highest power rating, indicating their potential to spawn the most exceptional characters.

Character Pros Cons
Doombringer (Female) Highly intelligent with exceptional combat skills, high damage and defense potential, unique shadow and curse abilities Ruthless towards allies, low Leadership and Constitution
Doombringer (Male) Proficient in melee combat and spellcasting, can manipulate opponents with illusions, unique shadow and curse abilities Power-hungry, may use forbidden magic with dire consequences
Fulgur (Female) Highly agile and quick with exceptional combat skills, can strike from the shadows, unique storm and electricity abilities Emotionally detached and cold, low Strength and Fortitude, vulnerable to physical attacks
Fulgur (Male) Expert tracker and hunter proficient in ranged and melee combat, highly perceptive and analytical with shadow striking abilities Stubborn and unwilling to change tactics, may prioritize the hunt over other obligations
Ignis (Female) Master of fire magic, can incinerate enemies with ease, can create barriers of flame for defense, has unique flame and heat abilities Reckless, may cause unintended damage, may have a fiery temper and be quick to anger
Lionstone (Male) Possesses an enchanted sword with powerful abilities, high Fortitude and Constitution, unique soil and stone abilities Stubborn and rigid in beliefs, low Strength and Leadership
Lionstone (Female) Highly intelligent and strategic thinker, high Fortitude and Constitution, unique soil and stone abilities Manipulative, low Strength and Leadership, vulnerable to air attacks, limited mobility and agility


A tier Characters- BloodLine Heroes of Lithas tier list
A-Tier Characters

Although not as potent as the top-tier clans, these groups still possess the ability to be a formidable force on the battlefield.

Character Pros Cons
Ignis (Male) Exceptional physical strength and endurance, unique flame and heat abilities, strong damage potential Stubborn and quick to anger, may have trouble with finesse-based tasks, vulnerable to water attacks
Karg (Female) Skilled in stealth and deception, has mysterious abilities, unique stealth and shadow abilities Manipulative and difficult to trust, may have trouble with magic-based challenges
Tidestorm (Female) Skilled in spellcasting and control of water-based elements, can provide excellent support and utility to allies, unique water and ice abilities Vulnerable in close combat situations, may struggle with earth-based challenges
Tidestorm (Male) Exceptional physical strength and agility, skilled in naval warfare, strong crowd control and utility Overconfident in abilities, may have trouble with magic-based challenges
Urgull (Female) Exceptional physical strength and endurance, unique metal and mechanical abilities, high Fortitude and Constitution May struggle with finesse-based tasks, hot-headed and impulsive, vulnerable in ranged combat situations
Zaess (Female) Exceptional skill with ranged combat, can provide excellent scouting and reconnaissance for the party May struggle in close combat situations, overly independent and hesitant to rely on others


B tier Characters- BloodLine Heroes of Lithas tier list
B-Tier Characters

Although not necessarily poor, these clans are advisable to replace once you obtain more superior champions. 

Character Pros Cons
Aeson (Female) Skilled fighter, fearless in battle, high endurance, unique lightning and storm abilities Reckless and overly competitive, limited sustain and mobility
Gryphon (Male) Intelligent and analytical, unique beast abilities, high damage potential, charismatic leader and tactical thinker Manipulative and ruthless, limited mobility and range
Karg (Male) Incredibly strong, tough, and resilient, unique stealth and shadow abilities Lacks finesse, vulnerable to light attacks, short-tempered
Luxuriant (Female) Expert in deception and misdirection, highly intelligent and strategic, unique plant abilities and strong healing power Manipulative and overly secretive, distrustful of others
Luxuriant (Male) Highly accurate and deadly with a bow, skilled in ranged and close combat, strong crowd control and utility Arrogant, impatient
Yvnian (Male) Expert in various types of magic, highly intelligent and strategic, can surprise opponents with unexpected moves Distant and aloof, overly secretive, vulnerable to lightning attacks
Yvnian (Female) Highly agile and quick with expertise in acrobatics and parkour, skilled in both ranged and close combat Overly competitive and reckless, impulsive, limited mobility and agility
Zaess (Male) Highly skilled in stealth and infiltration, skilled in ranged and close combat, can surprise opponents with unexpected moves Distrustful of others, cold and calculating, limited damage potential and durability


C tier Characters- BloodLine Heroes of Lithas tier list
C-Tier Characters

These clans are highly recommended to avoid, as they either possess inferior stats, inadequate skills, or possibly both.

Character Pros Cons
Aeson (Male) Strong offensive capabilities, excellent crowd control, versatile in combat Easily overwhelmed in close combat, limited defensive options, vulnerable to magic attacks, lacks Fortitude
Gryphon (Female) Excellent in melee combat, high mobility and strong defensive capabilities, can fly for short periods Difficult to control in griffin form, relatively low Strength, weak against ranged attacks
Lume (Female) Extremely agile and elusive, can turn invisible and create illusions, can deal high damage with surprise attacks Vulnerable to area-of-effect attacks, requires precise timing and positioning in combat, vulnerable to physical damage
Lycanis (Male) Strong offensive capabilities with high durability and regenerative abilities, excellent at close combat Vulnerable to silver-based attacks, difficult to control in werewolf form, limited range of options
Lycanis (Female) Extremely agile and fast, can transform into a more powerful form, excellent at hit-and-run tactics Limited range of options, difficult to control in werewolf form, vulnerable to silver-based attacks
Elzideth (Male) Can summon undead minions to fight for him, can drain life from enemies to heal himself, good at picking off isolated targets Vulnerable to holy attacks, reliant on undead minions for protection, requires precise positioning and timing to be effective
Urgrull (Male) Can deal massive damage with melee attacks, can regenerate health over time, good at initiating team fights Vulnerable to magic attacks, slow movement speed, requires team support to be effective in dealing with damage
Karguk (Male) Can intimidate enemies with his presence and high damage output, strong defensive capabilities, difficult to kill Limited ranged options, vulnerable to crowd control effects, can be reckless and impulsive in combat, weakness to crowd control
Karguk (Female) High damage potential, good crowd control with her skeletal warriors, good sustain through her regeneration ability Limited mobility, vulnerability to crowd control, requires careful management of her skeletal warriors to be effective


D tier Characters- BloodLine Heroes of Lithas tier list
D-Tier Characters

Due to their subpar performance, these clans are not recommended. Their fundamental abilities are lacking, and they may only be suitable for novice players to gain familiarity.

Character Pros Cons
Elzideth (Female) High damage potential with fire-based attacks, excellent combat skills, strong sense of duty Rigid and inflexible, prone to underestimating opponents
Travain (Male) Excellent team support with wind-based abilities, highly adaptable and strategic thinker with exceptional marksmanship Aloof and distant, overly critical of others, prone to brooding
Travain (Female) Can disrupt enemy team compositions, master of hand-to-hand combat Impulsive and reckless, tendency to act before thinking
Sallyhorn (Female) High health pool and defensive potential, strong magical abilities Manipulative and deceitful, prone to arrogance and hubris
Sallyhorn (Male) High defensive potential and health pool, excellent at reconnaissance and adaptable Limited damage potential, slow movement speed
Lume (Male) Excellent team support with light-based abilities, excellent communicator, adept at persuasion Indecisive and hesitant, prone to second-guessing himself
Hunstdorf (Male) High damage potential with ice-based attacks, unyielding principles Easily overwhelmed by multiple opponents, prone to holding grudges

Bloodline Heroes of Lithas Tier List Criteria

The following are the major factors that were taken into account while making this tier list for bloodline heroes:

  • Leadership: determines gold quantity from districts.
  • Constitution: affects champion’s max health.
  • Strength: affects the champion’s damage potential.
  • Fortitude: affects the champion’s defense potential.
  • District: is the champion’s region with unique culture and history.
  • Bloodline: Aspect is the champion’s inherited power with unique abilities and playstyles.
  • Clan: impacts the champion’s personality, beliefs, and motivations.
  • Role: is the champion’s specific function in a team, like a tank, fighter, mage, marksman, or support

Unique abilities are inherent to each champion, which has been considered in formulating the tier list. Our data was gathered from online communities, exclusive gaming groups, individual players, and our own gameplay experience.


The tier list ranks champions solely based on their abilities and characteristics in Bloodline Heroes of Lithas. It’s a helpful resource for players seeking to assemble a team of heroes that can help them clear the game. When selecting characters, players should prioritize those in the S and A tiers, while others are also good in specific scenarios. This subreddit will help you keep yourself updated with the latest news and discussions.


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