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CEDH or Competitive Elder Dragon Highlander, as the name suggests is a highly competitive version of the popular Commander Format. It has various playing styles and strategies and numerous cards to create your deck from. You can buy cards for these games through many card-selling websites like Card Kingdom, Cardhoarder, and TCGPlayer. Since all cards come with a price tag, it is important to know which one you should pick. So, we came up with a descriptive CEDH Tier List that will help you choose which one is the best for you.

Before you start: The rules of the game are quite complicated, and each card comes with its own set of rules. So it is important to know the rulings of each card before playing it, as it has a direct effect on the outcome of the game. 

Important: It is important to know the abilities and restrictions of each character. After that, you must weigh them against their price tag. See what is missing from your card deck, and then choose what card you would like to buy. 

Key Takeaways
  • CEDH features 145 characters, each with a corresponding price tag.
  • Najeela is considered the best card due to strong abilities and justified cost.
  • Thrasios excels as a commander duo option.
  • Krark, Kess, Armix, and General Tazri offer excellent value for their cost.
  • Slicer: Hired Muscle holds the highest price at around $350.
  • Tymna the Weaver stands out as a formidable lifeline.
  • Sophina is renowned as the top offensive troop with great value.
  • The First Silver is notable for its cascade ability.
  • The CEDH Tier list considers rarity, price, and abilities of each character.

Tier List Picks

TierCharacter Name
SNajeela: the Blade-Blossom, Thrasios: Triton Hero, Tymna the Weaver, Kenrith: the Returned King, Captain Sisay, Kess: Dissident Mage, The First Sliver, Krark the Thumbless, Kraum: Ludevic's Opus, Malcolm: Keen-Eyed Navigator, Rograkh: Son of Rohgahh, Tevesh Szat: Doom of Fools, Winota: Joiner of Forces
AGeneral Tazri, Zur the Enchanter, Armix: Filigree Thrasher, Yisan: the Wanderer Bard, Vial Smasher the Fierce, Zaxara: the Exemplary, Yidris: Maelstrom Wielder, Wernog: Rider's Chaplain, The Gitrog Monster, Sophina: Spearsage Deserter, Slicer: Hired Muscle, Sidisi: Brood Tyrant, Shorikai: Genesis Engine, Orvar: the All-Form, Old Stickfingers, Niv-Mizzet: Parun, Marneus Calgar, Magus Lucea Kane
BKodama of the East Tree, Jodah: the Unifier, Ishai: Ojutai Dragonspeaker, Hinata: Dawn-Crowned, Grolnok: the Omnivore, Go-Shintai of Life's Origin, Gale: Waterdeep Prodigy, Elsha of the Infinite, Cormela: Glamour Thief, Cecily: Haunted Mage, Bjorna: Nightfall Alchemist, Birgi: God of Storytelling, Arcum Dagsson, Ukkima: Stalking Shadow, The First Sliver, Tana: the Bloodsower, Selvala: Heart of the Wilds, Prosper: Tome-Bound, Pako: Arcane Retriever
C Omnath: Locus of Creation, Minsc: Beloved Ranger, Kykar: Wind's Fury, Kess: Dissident Mage, Kalamax: the Stormsire, Jhoira: Weatherlight Captain, Jetmir: Nexus of Revels, Jenson Carthalion: Druid Exile, Inalla: Archmage Ritualist, Haldan: Avid Arcanist, Godo: Bandit Warlord, Chulane: Teller of Tales, Cazur: Ruthless Stalker, Bruse Tarl: Boorish Herder, Yuriko: the Tiger's Shadow, Urza: Lord High Artificer, Tivit: Seller of Secrets, Tasigur: the Golden Fang, Silas Renn: Seeker Adept, Sakashima of a Thousand Faces, Rocco: Cabaretti Caterer, Magda: Brazen Outlaw, Korvold: Fae-Cursed King, Kinnan: Bonder Prodigy, K'rrik: Son of Yawgmoth, Jeska: Thrice Reborn, Evelyn: the Covetous, Codie: Vociferous Codex, Armix: Filigree Thrasher, Abaddon the Despoiler, Aesi: Tyrant of Gyre Strait, Alela: Artful Provocateur, Anje Falkenrath, Araumi of the Dead Tide, Ashnod the Uncaring
DBrallin: Skyshark Rider, Bruvac the Grandiloquent, Daryl: Hunter of Walkers, Derevi: Empyrial Tactician, Emry: Lurker of the Loch, Extus: Oriq Overlord, Halana: Kessig Ranger, Hapatra: Vizier of Poisons, Ivy: Gleeful Spellthief, Jeleva: Nephalia's Scourge, Jorn: God of Winter, Light-Paws: Emperor's Voice, Megatron: Tyrant, Oswald Fiddlebender, Pross: Skyraider of Kher, Queza: Augur of Agonies, Scion of the Ur-Dragon, Shabraz: the Skyshark, Sythis: Harvest's Hand, Tameshi: Reality Architect, Tatsunari: Toad Rider, Teferi: Temporal Archmage, Teysa: Orzhov Scion, Zirda: the Dawnwaker, Zur the Enchanter, Yarok: the Desecrated, Vadrok: Apex of Thunder, Tiamat, Tayam: Luminous Enigma, Tatyova: Benthic Druid, Ramos: Dragon Engine, Prime Speaker Vannifar, Othelm: Sigardian Outcast, Narset: Enlightened Master, Muldrotha: the Gravetide, Marwyn: the Nurturer, Magar of the Magic Strings, Kroxa: Titan of Death's Hunger, Krenko: Mob Boss, Kaalia of the Vast, Grist: the Hunger Tide, Grenzo: Dungeon Warden, General Tazri, Esika: God of the Tree, Elmar: Ulvenwald Informant, Edgar Markov
FDargo: the Shipwrecker, Circu: Dimir Lobotomist, Breya: Etherium Shaper, Breeches: Brazen Plunderer, Azami: Lady of Scrolls, Atla Palani: Nest Tender, Animar: Soul of Elements, Abdel Adrian: Gorion's Ward, Acererak the Archlich, Ao: the Dawn Sky, Chatterfang: Squirrel General, Commissar Severina Raine, Daretti: Scrap Savant, Commissar Severina Raine, Daretti: Scrap Savant, Dina: Soul Steeper, Drafna: Founder of Lat-Nam, God-Eternal Kefnet, Grazilaxx: Illithid Scholar, Heliod: Sun-Crowned, Hurkyl: Master Wizard, Ikra Shidiqi: the Usurper, Jan Jansen: Chaos Crafter, Jinnie Fay: Jetmir's Second, Kamahl: Heart of Krosa, Kethis: the Hidden Hand, Koll: the Forgemaster, Mishra: Claimed by Gix, Momir Vig: Simic Visionary, Okaun: Eye of Chaos, Raffine: Scheming Seer, Rashmi: Eternities Crafter, Rielle: the Everwise, Teshar: Ancestor's Apostle, Toxrill: the Corrosive, Volo: Itinerant Scholar, Yennett: Cryptic Sovereign, Yeva: Nature's Herald, Yoshimaru: Ever Faithful, Zndrsplt: Eye of Wisdom


The best strongest characters in CEDH tier list

The characters rank in first place in the CEDH Tier List. Typically being Legendary creatures, their prices are a bit high, but their amazing and indescribable abilities make it all worth it. Although, while picking out your favorite one, you need to be aware of their abilities, as they are not cheap as we mentioned earlier. 

Najeela: the Blade Blossom

Type: Legendary Human Warrior


  • Allows warrior tokens to attack specific players, untaps all attacking creatures, grants trample, lifelink, and haste.

Thrasios: Triton Hero

Type: Legendary Merfolk Wizard


  • Can partner with commanders of the same color, verifies commander control, provides versatility in commander draft.

Tymna the Weaver

Type: Legendary Human Cleric


  • Allows drawing cards equal to the number of opponents dealt combat damage, requires paying lives equal to opponents.

Kenrith: the Returned King

Type: Legendary Human Noble


  • Grants trample and haste to all creatures, revives creature cards from any graveyard under the owner’s control.

Captain Sisay 

Type: Legendary Human Warrior


  • Searches library for legendary cards, puts the card into hand, maintains specific search requirements.

Kess: Dissident Mage

Type: Legendary Human Wizard


  • Casts instant/sorcery spells from graveyard, exiles spells cast from own graveyard, allows casting sorcery cards in main phase.

The First Sliver

Type: Legendary Sliver


  • Possesses Cascade ability, allows casting nonland cards with lower mana cost without paying mana cost.

Krark the Thumbless

Type: Mischievous Goblin Wizard


  • Flips a coin when casting sorcery spells, returns spell to owner’s hand on losing flip, copies spell on winning flip.

Kraum: Ludevic’s Opus

Type: Legendary Zombie Horror


  • Allows drawing a card when opponent casts spell, possesses Partner ability, draws card upon opponent’s spell casting.

Malcolm: Keen-Eyed Navigator

Type: Legendary Siren Pirate


  • Generates treasure tokens when controlled Pirates deal damage, considers all types of damage, possesses Partner ability.

Rograkh: Son of Rohgahh

Type: Legendary Kobold Warrior


  • Introduces menace and trample, perfect offensive card, allows tracking and action on separate commanders.

Tevesh Szat: Doom of Fools

Type: Legendary Planeswalker


  • Sacrifices creatures to draw cards if a commander, gains control of other commanders onto battlefield.

Winota: Joiner of Forces

Type: Legendary Human Warrior


  • Summons Human Creature card when non-Human creature attacks, limited to top 6 cards of library.


The second best characters

These cards are second to none in the CEDH Tier List if they are used wisely. They have powerful abilities and prove to be worth the price tag they have. Having these cards will be a huge asset to your deck. 

General Tazri

Type: Legendary Human Ally


  • Controls a creature ally, grants +X/+X to ally creatures, maintains synergy with Ally creatures.

Zur the Enchanter

Type: Legendary Human Wizard


  • Searches library for enchantment card when attacking, puts it onto battlefield, limited to mana value of 3 or less.

Armix: Filigree Thrasher

Type: Legendary Artifact Golem


  • Tracks two commanders separately, allows discarding a card to give -X/-X to target, maintains versatile commander casting.

Yisan: The Wanderer Bard

Type: Legendary Human Rogue


  • Searches library for creature based on verse counters, puts it onto battlefield, provides creature tutor ability.

Vial Smasher the Fierce 

Type: Legendary Goblin Berserker


  • Deals damage to opponent equal to mana value of first spell cast each turn, possesses Partner ability.

Zaxara: the Exemplary

Type: Legendary Nightmare Hydra


  • Generates mana of any color, creates Hydra creature token with +1/+1 counters, maintains X-cost spell synergy.

Yidris: Maelstrom Wielder

Type: Legendary Ogre Wizard


  • Gives cascade to spells when combat damage dealt, offers spell-casting synergy.

Wernog: Rider’s Chaplain

Type: Legendary Human


  • Allows investigation when exiting or entering, possesses Friends Forever ability for dual commanders.

The Gitrog Monster

Type: Legendary Frog Horror


  • Allows playing additional land each turn, draws card upon sacrificing a land, maintains graveyard synergy.

Sophina: Spearsage Deserter

Type: Legendary Human Soldier


  • Investigates for non-token attacking creatures, possesses Friends Forever ability for dual commanders.

Slicer: Hired Muscle

Type: Legendary Robot


  • Specializes in double strike and haste, offers offensive capabilities.

Sidisi: Brood Tyrant

Type: Legendary Naga Shaman


  • Mills cards when entering battlefield or attacking, triggers ability with creature card put into graveyard.

Shorikai: Genesis Engine

Type: Legendary Vehicle


  • Allows drawing and discarding, creates Pilot creature token, offers Crew 8 ability.

Orvar: the All-Form

Type: Legendary Shapeshifter


  • Creates token of permanents when casting instant/sorcery spells, creates copy token when discarded.

Old Stickfingers

Type: Legendary Creature: Horror


  • Mills creature cards, gains strength and toughness based on cards in graveyard.

Niv-Mizzet: Parun

Type: Legendary Dragon Wizard


  • Deals damage when drawing a card, triggers multiple times with multiple draws, draws card when opponent casts instant/sorcery spell.

Marneus Calgar

Type: Legendary Astartes Warrior


  • Draws card when tokens enter the battlefield, creates Astartes Warrior Creature tokens.

Magus Lucea Kane

Type: Legendary Human Tyrnaid Wizard


  • Adds +1/+1 counter at combat beginning, copies spells or abilities with X mana cost/activation cost.


If you are playing this game, a tier list is absolutely necessary. You cannot aimlessly throw around money and buy cards without knowing which one is best suited for your deck. That is why we felt it was important to develop a comprehensive CEDH Tier List that would rank only the best characters. 


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