Destiny 2 Hand Cannon Tier List [Ranked For PvP]

Hand cannons are plenty in Destiny 2, I have ranked the best ones for you after putting countless hours into the game.

In Destiny 2 there are a total of 44 hand cannons. 24 are Kinetic and the other 20 are energy weapons. These are legendary and exotic hand cannons. My Destiny 2 Hand Cannon Tier List is based on the PvP only. Hand cannons in Destiny 2 in PvE where enemies are plenty and denser are not recommended as in close range they are not good so I don’t want to waste your time on it. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 44 hand cannons in the game.
  • S-Tier: These hand cannons, with minimal weaknesses, reign as PvP’s unrivaled best.
  • A-Tier: These hand cannons, while challenging S-Tier elites, deliver stellar performance.
  • B-Tier: These hand cannons are highly skill-dependent and are generally really good.
  • C-Tier: Mediocre hand cannons, often misfits, get the job done but are lackluster.
  • D-Tier: Limited in PvP, not inherently terrible; personal preference varies in usability.
  • Author’s Note: I have over 3500+ hours in Destiny 2 and have been a veteran player since Destiny 1 on console, so you can easily rely on my expertise for the overall tier list of weapons.

All Hand Cannons In Destiny 2 Ranked 

Here is a complete ranking of all the 44 hand cannons in Destiny 2. The table shows the name of the hand cannons, the slot, rarity, impact, range, stability, handling, reload speed, aim assistance, inventory size, zoom, airborne effectiveness, recoil, damage fall-off, and magazine size. 

No.Hand CannonTierSlotRarityImpactRangeStabilityHandlingReload SpeedRounds Per MinuteReload TimeAim AssistanceInventory SizeZoomAirborne EffectivenessRecoilDamage Fall-offMagazine
1395~20.14m Hip / 30.21 ADS11
2Ace of SpadesSKineticExotic84784646481403.19s70561414100-13
3Exalted TruthSEnergyLegendary84505855471403.05s7258142295~20.50m Hip / 30.75 ADS11
5EyaslunaSKineticLegendary84566854501403.11s8054141096~21.04m Hip / 31.56 ADS11
7The Steady HandSKineticLegendary92602520201203.88s6540141085~23.40m Hip / 35.10 ADS8
8Igneous HammerSEnergyLegendary92653537301203.55s6955142395~23.85m Hip / 35.78 ADS9
9Round RobinSKineticLegendary92562024221203.81s5852141497~23.04m Hip / 34.56 ADS8
10The PalindromeSEnergyLegendary84505850421403.19s7950142198~20.50m Hip / 30.75 ADS11
11Bottom DollarSEnergyLegendary92602831251203.71s6659141085~23.40m Hip / 35.10 ADS9
13True ProphecyAKineticLegendary92582230221203.81s6252141093~23.22m Hip / 34.83 ADS9
14RoseAKineticLegendary84434560551402.84s8558142095~19.87m Hip / 29.80 ADS11
15Cantata-57AEnergyLegendary8446515245853.11s8245141285~20.14m Hip / 30.21 ADS11
16FatebringerAKineticLegendary84516160511403.08s8453141098~20.14m Hip / 30.21 ADS11
18Luna's HowlAEnergyLegendary80476141591502.87s7960141095~19.69m Hip / 29.54 ADS10
19Not ForgottenAEnergyLegendary84415735541402.87s7960141095~19.69m Hip / 29.54 ADS10
20PosterityAEnergyLegendary78396036571802.79s79531422100~16.00m Hip / 24.00 ADS13
22The Last WordAKineticExotic78284628822252.3s40401119100-8
23Ancient GospelAEnergyLegendary84476251491403.16s74571410100~19.69m Hip / 29.54 ADS11
24Crisis InvertedAEnergyLegendary84405055601402.72s8352141792~19.60m Hip / 29.40 ADS10
25Dire PromiseBKineticLegendary80455061541503s8360141084~19.78m Hip / 29.67 ADS11
26Frontier's CryBEnergyLegendary78425941471803.05s7548141994~19.78m Hip / 29.67 ADS13
28Nation of BeastsBEnergyLegendary84405742451403.11s7151141095~19.60m Hip / 29.40 ADS11
29D.F.ABKineticLegendary84455442471403.05s7758141888~20.05m Hip / 30.08 ADS9
30Survivor's EpitaphBKineticLegendary78325643451803.11s7447141083~18.88m Hip / 28.32 ADS12
31Annual SkateCEnergyLegendary84465452441403.31s7552141088~19.60m Hip / 29.40 ADS10
32JudgmentCKineticLegendary84504848461403.25s7550141095~20.59m Hip / 30.88 ADS9
33Loud LullabyCKineticLegendary92582532311103.78s6048141098~22.77m Hip / 34.16 ADS8
34Something NewCKineticLegendary92582724251203.71s6051142398~23.22m Hip / 34.83 ADS8
35TrustCEnergyLegendary78375635501802.97s7860141096~19.33m Hip / 28.99 ADS12
36Waking VigilCEnergyLegendary84374363561402.82s8246141098~19.33m Hip / 28.99 ADS12
38Pure PoetryCKineticLegendary92532326261203.68s6050141595~22.77m Hip / 34.16 ADS8
39VulpeculaDKineticLegendary78325329521802.92s6952141097~18.88m Hip / 28.32 ADS12
40Eriana's VowDEnergyExotic100100302324903.74s800249100-6
41Finite ImpactorDEnergyLegendary84425150461403.25s7449141699~19.24m Hip / 28.86 ADS10
42Seventh Seraph Officer RevolverDKineticLegendary78285230491803s6852141084~18.52m Hip / 27.78 ADS11
43Zaouli's BaneDEnergyLegendary84435246431403.16s7750141989~19.87m Hip / 29.80 ADS10
44IKELOS_HC_V1.0.3DEnergyLegendary78325533331803.46s7553141491~18.88m Hip / 28.32 ADS12


Best Hand Cannons in Destiny 2
Best Hand Cannons – [Image Captured by Us]
Hand CannonSlotRarityImpactRangeStabilityHandlingReload SpeedRounds Per MinuteReload TimeAim AssistanceInventory SizeZoomAirborne EffectivenessRecoilDamage Fall-offMagazine
1395~20.14m Hip / 30.21 ADS11
Ace of SpadesKineticExotic84784646481403.19s70561414100-13
Exalted TruthEnergyLegendary84505855471403.05s7258142295~20.50m Hip / 30.75 ADS11
EyaslunaKineticLegendary84566854501403.11s8054141096~21.04m Hip / 31.56 ADS11
The Steady HandKineticLegendary92602520201203.88s6540141085~23.40m Hip / 35.10 ADS8
Igneous HammerEnergyLegendary92653537301203.55s6955142395~23.85m Hip / 35.78 ADS9
Round RobinKineticLegendary92562024221203.81s5852141497~23.04m Hip / 34.56 ADS8
The PalindromeEnergyLegendary84505850421403.19s7950142198~20.50m Hip / 30.75 ADS11
Bottom DollarEnergyLegendary92602831251203.71s6659141085~23.40m Hip / 35.10 ADS9

These are the most reliable and potent hand cannons in the game. They have very minor weaknesses but they are the best hand cannons you can use in PvP. They are the absolute best in the game. They may not suit everyone’s play style, but for many, they can be the unrivaled choice.


Excellent Hand Cannons
Excellent Hand Cannons – [Image Captured by Us]
Hand CannonSlotRarityImpactRange StabilityHandling Reload SpeedRounds Per Minute Reload Time Aim Assistance Inventory Size Zoom Airborne Effectiveness RecoilDamage Fall-off Magazine
True ProphecyKineticLegendary92582230221203.81s6252141093~23.22m Hip / 34.83 ADS9
RoseKineticLegendary84434560551402.84s8558142095~19.87m Hip / 29.80 ADS11
Cantata-57EnergyLegendary8446515245853.11s8245141285~20.14m Hip / 30.21 ADS11
FatebringerKineticLegendary84516160511403.08s8453141098~20.14m Hip / 30.21 ADS11
Luna's Howl EnergyLegendary80476141591502.87s7960141095~19.69m Hip / 29.54 ADS10
Not ForgottenEnergyLegendary84415735541402.87s7960141095~19.69m Hip / 29.54 ADS10
PosterityEnergyLegendary78396036571802.79s79531422100~16.00m Hip / 24.00 ADS13
The Last WordKineticExotic78284628822252.3s40401119100-8
Ancient GospelEnergyLegendary84476251491403.16s74571410100~19.69m Hip / 29.54 ADS11
Crisis InvertedEnergyLegendary84405055601402.72s8352141792~19.60m Hip / 29.40 ADS10

These are great hand cannons and may give the elite hand cannons from the S Tier a run for their money. Overall they are stellar performance but they do have minor drawbacks that can be countered if you have a good strategy or you have an adaptable play style. 


Good Hand cannons Destiny 2 Hand Cannons Tier List
Good Hand cannons – [Image Captured by Us]
Hand CannonSlotRarityImpactRange StabilityHandling Reload SpeedRounds Per Minute Reload Time Aim Assistance Inventory Size Zoom Airborne Effectiveness RecoilDamage Fall-off Magazine
Dire PromiseKineticLegendary80455061541503s8360141084~19.78m Hip / 29.67 ADS11
Frontier's CryEnergyLegendary78425941471803.05s7548141994~19.78m Hip / 29.67 ADS13
Nation of BeastsEnergyLegendary84405742451403.11s7151141095~19.60m Hip / 29.40 ADS11
D.F.AKineticLegendary84455442471403.05s7758141888~20.05m Hip / 30.08 ADS9
Survivor's EpitaphKineticLegendary78325643451803.11s7447141083~18.88m Hip / 28.32 ADS12

These are good hand cannons and they adeptly fulfill their role. They can be really good if you have the skill level as the potential is impressive and can be even better than the weapons in the A Tier but I have decided to keep things a little simple because these hand cannons can feel good if you are skilled enough on the other hand they can be mediocre too.


Good Hand Cannons in Destiny 2 Hand Cannons Tier List
Average Hand Cannons – [Image Captured by Us]
Hand CannonSlotRarityImpactRange StabilityHandling Reload SpeedRounds Per Minute Reload Time Aim Assistance Inventory Size Zoom Airborne Effectiveness RecoilDamage Fall-off Magazine
Annual SkateEnergyLegendary84465452441403.31s7552141088~19.60m Hip / 29.40 ADS10
JudgmentKineticLegendary84504848461403.25s7550141095~20.59m Hip / 30.88 ADS9
Loud LullabyKineticLegendary92582532311103.78s6048141098~22.77m Hip / 34.16 ADS8
Something NewKineticLegendary92582724251203.71s6051142398~23.22m Hip / 34.83 ADS8
TrustEnergyLegendary78375635501802.97s7860141096~19.33m Hip / 28.99 ADS12
Waking VigilEnergyLegendary84374363561402.82s8246141098~19.33m Hip / 28.99 ADS12
Pure PoetryKineticLegendary92532326261203.68s6050141595~22.77m Hip / 34.16 ADS8

These are the mediocre hand cannons that often fall in the category of misfits. They can’t be placed in the worst tier or the tiers above. They get the job done and at times they feel very lackluster. The lingering sense of underperformance at times sets them apart from the unconventional choices.


Worst Hand Cannons in Destiny 2
Worst Hand Cannons in Destiny 2 – [Image Captured by Us]
Hand CannonSlotRarityImpactRange StabilityHandling Reload SpeedRounds Per Minute Reload Time Aim Assistance Inventory Size Zoom Airborne Effectiveness RecoilDamage Fall-off Magazine
VulpeculaKineticLegendary78325329521802.92s6952141097~18.88m Hip / 28.32 ADS12
Eriana's VowEnergyExotic100100302324903.74s800249100-6
Finite ImpactorEnergyLegendary84425150461403.25s7449141699~19.24m Hip / 28.86 ADS10
Seventh Seraph Officer RevolverKineticLegendary78285230491803s6852141084~18.52m Hip / 27.78 ADS11
Zaouli's BaneEnergyLegendary84435246431403.16s7750141989~19.87m Hip / 29.80 ADS10
IKELOS_HC_V1.0.3EnergyLegendary78325533331803.46s7553141491~18.88m Hip / 28.32 ADS12

These may not be inherently terrible hand cannons but they are very limited in PvP. You will be left vulnerable while using these weapons. I said they are not terrible because one can wield one and enjoy the experience. Ultimately it boils down to personal preference, some people enjoy peanut butter on cooked chicken breast but we don’t judge!

Destiny 2 Hand Cannons Tier List Criteria

The hand cannons in my tier list are ranked considering the following statistics:

  • Slot
  • Rarity
  • Impact
  • Range
  • Stability
  • Handling
  • Reload Speed
  • Rounds Per Minute
  • Reload Time
  • Aim Assistance
  • Inventory Size
  • Zoom
  • Airborne Effectiveness
  • Recoil Damage
  • Fall-off
  • Magazine

In my Destiny 2 Hand Cannons Tier List, I tried to help you pick the best hand cannons for PvE. I have also shown you the ones you may want to skip but they are not inherently bad. This tier list aims to help you get to know about all the hand cannons in the game using a subjective tier system. My opinion is not absolute and you may have different thoughts. 

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