Idle Huntress Tier List: All Units Ranked [2023]

Finding Idle Huntresses Made Easier!

Fans of cute gacha game character casts have landed on the right page. After our Priconne tier list, here’s an ultimate Idle Huntress tier list for a similar game that packs an awesome gacha battling sensation topped by one of the most adorable (but destructive!) units. 

Like most Gacha games, Idle Huntress is notorious for acting a bit ungenerous about the incorrect use of resources. It means you need to be very careful with choosing only the right gear, or the game’s not going to serve you well. 

Considering this urgency, our Idle Huntress tier list will grade every playable in-game character into tiers. We’ll also highlight some must-have units so you know who to keep under your eye from the day you enter Idle Huntress. 

Key Highlights
  • Like any gacha game, Idle Huntress is known for its massive playable roster. The game carries up to 71 unlockable units categorized into five ranks. 
  • Grading each unit involved close consideration of multiple important factors that define gacha mechanisms. This includes Rarity, on-field effectiveness, Synergy with the most recent meta, and Versatility. 

  • Idle Huntress heroes that are a must-have no matter what player type you are and the situation you are about to face include Dante, Sima Yi, Da Qiao & Xiao Qiao, Richard, Huang Zhong, Benkei, and Mozart

  • Contrastingly characters that do not output much real value and can only be used as mere fillers are Labienus, Hypnos, Chosokabe Morichika, Chen Gong, L’Hopital, Alcibiades, Agrippa, Ptolemy, and Catherine
  • To enjoy Idle Huntress’ battling sensation to its fullest, choose characters precisely. A little mix of bad options can cost you an entire good gacha experience.

Idle Huntress Tier List

Idle Huntress ranking
Idle Huntress Tier Ranking Explained!

Idle Huntress is undoubtedly a gigantic game with characters in great abundance already available for all players to collect and just start! Keeping this in mind, our Idle Huntress tier list is going to get very massive, but eXputer has somewhat come up with an efficient plan already. 

To start with, we have ranked only the worthy options of Idle Huntress based on their in-battle effectiveness and the rarities they come with. Plus, as you might have already guessed, the tiers here will commence from the best of best S-tier, swelling all the way down to the D-tier. 

Here’s how the tiers go: 

S-Tier: The best units in the game, both in terms of the current meta as well as their general performance across all the other settings.

A-Tier: The second best units of the Idle Huntress tier list. They are simply remarkable in what they do with just minor flaws in their general effectiveness that can too be overlooked. All in all, the A-tier characters are pretty helpful for whatever situation the current meta throws at them, if not extraordinary.

B-Tier: Average characters with nothing too bad nor anything out of the box in their skill sets. If you are unlucky to encounter any unit from the top tiers, the fellas from the can nicely balance your party.

C-Tier: Slightly subpar than classifying as average characters of our Idle Huntress tier list. They can still pull out a lot of usefulness if handled the correct way; however, we’ll recommend not to depend on them for long. The C-tier units should be replaced by choices from higher tiers as soon as one is able to do so.

D-Tier: Not the worst, though; players aiming for quick success in the Idle of Huntress game should avoid picking inhabitants of the D-tier. Nevertheless, emergency cases can push you towards them or when you don’t have a best-fit unit to fill a particular character role. 

TiersIdle Huntress Characters 
SDante, Da Qiao & Xiao Qiao, Sima Yi, Richard, Benkei, Huang Zhong, Mozart, Michelangelo, Oda Nobunaga, Watt, Izumo no Okuni, Shakespeare, Robin Hood, Hua Tuo, Honda Tadakatsu, DaVinci, Octavius, Yu Ji
ANapoleon, Marco Polo, Minamoto no Yoshitsune, Artemis, Akechi Mitsuhide, Copernicus, Mochizuki Chiyome, Remus, Thor, Romulus, Loki, Morgana, Hannibal, Jing Ke, Takenaka Shigeharu, Chosokabe Motochika
BHelen, Ares, Raphael, Xu Chi, Hugo, Tokugawa Ieyasu, Zhao Yun, Tamamo-no-Mae, Zhen Ji, Taishi Ci, Darwin, Yagyu Jubei Mitsuyoshi, Mendel, Nene, Don Quixote
CSarutobi Sasuke, Descartes, Sun ShangXiang, Teresa, Fuma Kotaro, La Hire, Don Quixote, Jia Xu, Andersen, Honda Tadakatsu
DLabienus, Alcibiades, Hypnos, Chen Gong, Chosokabe Morichika, L’Hopital, Agrippa, Catherine, Ptolemy

Best Characters Of The Idle Huntress Tier List 

best of idle Huntress
Best Characters of the Idle Huntress Tier List

Though we have ranked only the worthy characters and not the entire massive Idle Huntress unit horde, the tier list still needs dissection. For instance, characters like Sima Yi and Dante stand out from the ranked bunch. 

As a result, we’ll like to highlight some key points about them, so you know better before investing. To start with, both the units are extremely hard to get in the Idle Huntress, and you will think that this may lower their ranks down, but no. 

So worthy are both characters’ stats that they still are deemed the best two characters of the Idle Huntress tier list despite their hard-to-get status. That said, Sima Yi’s and Dante’s drop rate via gacha pulls hardly ever reaches 0.15%, hailing them as the toughest picks to avail. 

Coming to the solid upsides that make up for the gap, Dante possesses a mind-blowing base level of 200 and a great damage attack stat of 30,485, that too, straight off the pull. Sima Yi, on the other hand, performs even more impressively.

With incredible HP maxing at 144,755 and an amazing 43,356 damage attack stat, Sima Yi houses some serious tanking capacity. Meaning fans of dishing out massive damage as well as soaking incoming ones will be highly benefited by keeping Sima Yi in their party. 

All in all, these stats don’t come easy due to the already discussed drawback, but it’s worth crossing the dodgy road for what’s on offer in the case of Dante and Sima Yi. There are a bunch of more overall efficient picks that deserve your consideration, but the two we just penned about are the show’s stars that we wanted to bring to your special attention. Other best options to look for, especially from the SR class, include: 

Marco Polo

This is a Water Element hero of the Idle Huntress tier list and also belongs to the defensive type. Her main skills include Whirlpool, Throw Potions, and Defensive Stance. Via Whirlpool, Marco Polo can dish out three attacks on her foes, each dealing over a whopping 60% of ATK in physical damage. 

Also to mention that each attack also deals an additional 45% chance of inflicting one stack of Frost Mark. What’s more? A target with three Frost Mark inflictions will be frozen permanently. This way, the enemy will not be able to do any action as well as trigger its passive abilities for two whole turns.

That’s surely a much more extraordinary than ever freeze-based stance offered by any gacha mechanics that are usually restricted to a single turn only. Furthermore, Marco Polo hails as an awesome Crowd Control ability inflicter in the entire Idle Huntress horde. 

Nevertheless, the Potion skill also seems to work on the same criteria, hitting ATK damage of 50% and stacking Frost Marks. All in all, Marco Polo is a great tank as well as a semi-DPS unit to have by your side in case you needed anything more on top of the Crowd Controlling side of her profile.

Yu Ji

Yu Ji hails from the Wisdom type sector of Idle Huntress and is of the Fire element. Birth Flame, Fire Breather, and Battle Sense are three of her main Fire oriented skills on board. She is able to deal up to 90% of magical ATK physical damage to her enemies. 

This is bundled with an up to 65% chance to inflict one stack of Burn Mark. Each stack of Burn Mark will make her foes lose up to 3% of their Max HP at the start of each turn. That’s where the commendable part makes its entrance. 

Unlike Burn-based attacks in most other games, Idle Huntress mechanics kind of manifest Burn attacks more like Poison. Means Burn inflicted by Yu Ji is actually based on the target’s Max HP, making it a highly incredible utility for end-game content. 

All in all, the best way to avail Yu Ji is by putting her behind a strong unit like a tank or so, plus a healer too. This is because though she is a great Burn effect dealer for mid to end-game content, her defenses aren’t as up to the mark as needed to cope with the deadly Idle Huntress enemies. 

Chosokabe Motochika

She’s a defensive type and of the Wind element. Pierce the Sun, Battle Intel, and Spear Puncture are Chosokabe Motochika’s three skills you’ll be getting on picking her. With the last mentioned, Chosokabe Motochika makes up a mind-blowing addition to a Wind oriented team. 

The character can literally send enemies flying with a 30% chance and a Physical Damage increase of up to 160% of ATK. Moreover, all the three skills of Chosokabe Motochika work on a True Damage mechanic.

Meaning the target inflicted with the Send Flying capability takes 70% of the caster’s attack in True Damage. That’s definitely massive as it will leave the targeted enemy with absolutely no defense creating a win-win situation for Chosokabe Motochika and you. 

Nevertheless, via her Pierce Sun skill, the unit brandishes her spear, inflicting the front column of enemies with up to 180% ATK in physical damage and a whopping 40% chance of Send Flying enemies that are hit. 

Tier List Takeaway

This is all about our Idle Huntress tier list and the character guide. Remember that the above ranking reflects the majority opinion that prevails in the community of gamers. Naturally, it opens chances for debate as it may not seem in consensus with the personal preferences of the few of you. 

It’s ok in that case, as tier lists tend always to be subjective. This is also why we give our readers a free hand in choosing whatever character appears to be the best fit for them. That said, every Idle Huntress unit owns a distinct skill set and pool of strengths. 

Some of them seem to perform great in all the conditions, while some shine only situationally, in a suitable game mode. Furthermore, team combination and how well the chosen character sits along matters equally. 

Therefore be very vigilant while building a likewise ally party. Of course, we have ranked all the Idle Huntress units from best to worst for your help, but you can simultaneously explore new choices.

Anyways to enjoy more games like this, check out our Heroes of Crown tier list. Illusion Connect tier list is just as commendable, and even the Cookie Run: Kingdom tier list might suit your taste (even though it’s certainly not too much anime styled!).

Tier List Criteria 

After carrying out a series of in-depth character scrutiny, we bring you our definitive and most up-to-date Idle Huntress tier list. Plenty of time and effort was invested by our team here at eXputer to induce every single piece of information required to curate a reliable hierarchy. 

Throughout the entire process, we not only considered a character and its general effectiveness in battle but kept a close eye on its onboard skills too. We used the internet and many authoritative sources to make everything happen. 

Of course, opinions of veterans, as well as new players, were also taken into account to top the Idle Huntress tier list with even further legitimacy and relatedness for every reader, no matter their background and play style. 

That said, we tried establishing our Idle Huntress rankings not only based on a character’s in-game effectiveness but also on popular preferences. As a result, you are encouraged to take it with a pinch of salt.

We look forward to giving our Idle Huntress tier list constant updates given its always modifying nature; hence don’t forget to check back often. Also, feel free to discuss your opinion on the above hierarchy with us. 

The comment section below is always open for like-minded gaming intellects and their constructive views but close to criticism. Till then, good luck touring the Idle Huntress world! 

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