Revived Witch Tier List: All Units Ranked [2023]

Spellcast the Revived Witch Arenas in Style!

From ice caverns to eerie towers, magic forests, and lava caves, there’s indeed a lot happening across the multiple worlds of Revived Witch. In short, spellcasters of the community have been given some real edge by this game, and so will our Revived Witch tier list! 

Before we get into the depths, know that only a team full of the best characters will land you a quick victory. Players should have their wits to keep the team together; otherwise, the low-ranked units are also enough to help you cherish the Revived Witch beauty around. 

Key Highlights
  • With 10 Destroyers, 10 Assassins, 9 Guardians, 12 Mages, 11 Compellers, and 12 Healers, Revived Witch features a total of 65 unlockable units for all its players. 
  • Ranking of Revived Witch characters relies strongly on usability in their specific roles and overall attack and defense capacities. 
  • Keeping in mind these criteria, Kapla, The Miracle Cathering, Mineer, Akasha, Arcana, Mineer, Tuonel, Yui, Amanami, and Ushpia are currently the best characters in Revived Witch. 
  • Revived Witch units that will fall feeble as you proceed toward the endgame are namely Miku, Acheronte, Avail, Nocturna, Yurugu, Shuffle, Anemone, Elis, Fey, Cetess, and Nemesis
  • Weak characters can, however, fit your teams as ‘filers’ for some time only. 
  • If victory is only victory in your end goal, don’t compromise on forming a best-character Revived Witch squad.

Well, let’s not distract you anymore and review the summary of our tier list on Revived Witch:

Tiers Revived Witch Characters
SKapla, Amanami, The Miracle Cathering, Tuonel, Mineer, Arcana, Akasha, Mineer, Yui, Ushpia, Ella, Afallen, Dorin, Metamorphoses, Celanya
ATuonel of Night, Kyphon, Lilia, La Crima, Goorveig, Ushpia, Sher, Datheios, Caledonia, Nannar, Mayahuel, Ella, Yui, Cersivey, Cynetia, Blue Shift Watcher
BTama, Luan, Norn, Flora of Melody Lake, Hilda, Nom, Flora, PakaneInn & Lou
CViola, Octavia, Eulalia, Mortimer, Croche, Cuspidata, Yothaya, Czerni, Ruda, Mikoto, Primula, Miku, Fey, Acheronte, Anemone, Avail,  Yurugu, Nocturna, Shuffle, Elis, Cetess, Nemesi

Overall Tier List Breakdown

Revived Witch S-C
Overall Revived Witch Tier List

Here’s how the tiers go and an overall ranking of all Revived Witch characters. Note that these tier classifications will be the same for the rest of the post, where we have separated every unit according to its respective role in the game. Anyways the tiers are such that: 

  • S-tier: Here dwell the most robust buddies of the cast on whom one can never go wrong. Players will definitely not regret picking units of the S-tier as they own one of the most viable skill sets and usability. 
  • A-tier: The number of twos of the character horde occupies this tier. Of course, S-tier units are the best ones but certainly not the easiest to board onto teams. Consequently, winning players can always resort to the units from A-tier who also possess excellent strength but with minor weaknesses. 
  • B-tier: Average characters of the cast rank here. The B-tier units aren’t too extraordinary nor very feeble. They’ll do good when you handle them well or just perform fine. Replace them with an S or A tier buddy as soon as you can unless you really have adjusted. 
  • C-tier: All the feeble characters of the game are assembled here. Don’t go for them until you are highly forced to do so due to the acute availability of the best ones. Also, players who find their best fit here only can consider sticking with the C-tier.

From here, our Revived Witch tier list segregates into ranked lists of Destroyers, Assassins, Guardians, Mages, Compellers, and Healers, so you get to know about each individual unit even better. 

Here’s a summary of the complete witch tier list for your ease: 

TierRevived Witch CharactersRevived Witch DestroyersRevived Witch AssassinsRevived Witch GuardiansRevived Witch MagesRevived Witch CompellersRevived Witch Healers
SKapla, Amanami, The Miracle Cathering, Tuonel, Mineer, Arcana, Akasha, Mineer, Yui, Ushpia, Ella, Afallen, Dorin, Metamorphoses, CelanyaYui, Raphan, KaplaIsabel, Akasha, CelanyaAfallen, The Miracle CatherineUshpia, Mayahuel, MineerDorin, Metamorphoses, Eddine, AmanamiTuonel, Amorai
ATuonel of Night, Kyphon, Lilia, La Crima, Goorveig, Ushpia, Sher, Datheios, Caledonia, Nannar, Mayahuel, Ella, Yui, Cersivey, Cynetia, Blue Shift WatcherParfait, EllaBlue Shift Watcher, PhrygiaCaledonia, Tuonel of Night, NannarLiliaCersivey, La Crima, Goorveig, ArcanaSher, Flora Melody of Lake
BTama, Luan, Norn, Flora of Melody Lake, Hilda, Nom, Flora, PakaneInn & LouKyphonNocturna, Inn & LouLuan, AvilFlora Dream Stage, Datheios, AnemoneTamaNorn, Cynetia
CViola, Octavia, Eulalia, Mortimer, Croche, Cuspidata, Yothaya, Czerni, Ruda, Mikoto, Primula, Miku, Fey, Acheronte, Anemone, Avail,  Yurugu, Nocturna, Shuffle, Elis, Cetess, NemesiFey, Suigetsu, Hilda, MikuNemesi, Elis, ShuffleCetess, YuruguDana, Cuspidata, Acheronte, Viola, PakaneCzerni, MikotoEulalia, Primula, Ruda, Yothaya, Croche, Mortimer


Revived Witch players looking to dish off some massive damage attack should go with the Destroyers. As the name suggests, these heroes are more destructive than many expect them to be and will take down even the Guardians in a blink of an eye. 

Tiers Revived Witch Destroyers
SYui, Raphan, Kapla
AParfait, Ella
CFey, Suigetsu, Hilda, Miku


These play as the Wiccans of any Revived Witch team. Assassins take down their foes quicker than most other playing types, that too, with complete proficiency. Here is how all of them rank (don’t forget to go with the top-ranking ones to really make the most of them): 

Tiers Revived Witch Assassins 
SIsabel, Akasha, Celanya
ABlue Shift Watcher, Phrygia
BNocturna, Inn & Lou
Nemesi, Elis, Shuffle


Choosing a well-performing Guardian for your team is highly essential if you dream of advancing like a pro in Revived Witch. As a beginner, or even if you are a veteran player, sorting the best, most potent Guardians out of the weakest ones is a tough job.

The game has put quite so many Guardians at your disposal, and since choosing the right one is essential, here’s an excellent tier list to refer from. 

Tiers Revived Witch Guardians 
SAfallen, The Miracle Catherine
ACaledonia, Tuonel of Night, Nannar
BLuan, Avil
Cetess, Yurugu


Mages in Revived Witch employ magic as well as multiple other Hellfire Blast-like overtime effects to render lethal damage to their foes. Based on their individual skill sets and abilities and how well each mage weighs against all, here’s an up-to-date ranking of them. 

Tiers Revived Witch Mages 
SUshpia, Mayahuel, Mineer
BFlora Dream Stage, Datheios, Anemone
Dana, Cuspidata, Acheronte, Viola, Pakane


While the Destroyers, Guardians, Assassins, and Mages are more or fewer damage dealers in Revived Witch, Compeller units supervise the game’s support sector. They heal allies by granting them enough health and special buffs.  

Tiers Revived Witch Compellers 
SDorin, Metamorphoses, Eddine, Amanami
ACersivey, La Crima, Goorveig, Arcana
Czerni, Mikoto


While Compellers are also support buddies in Revived Witch, Healers are the ones you must majorly depend upon. As the name suggests, Healers are made for the ally recovering job and will be providing the team with a lot of HP at once. 

Because a Healer is a crucial part of the entire party, you need to make sure that your chosen one is fit enough to cater everyone as well as house some defense and attack skills. Otherwise, you can always keep them safe with the support of a solid fighter-type character. 

Anyways, here’s how Healers of Revived Witch weigh against one another: 

Tiers Revived Witch Healers 
STuonel, Amorai
ASher, Flora Melody of Lake
BNorn, Cynetia
Eulalia, Primula, Ruda, Yothaya, Croche, Mortimer

Best of Revived Witch Tier List

Best of revived witch
Best Characters of Revived Witch

Besides ranking all units across different roles, we think it’s very important that you get to know more about the top names of the game, especially their fundamental skills. So, let’s dive right into it:


  • Itch for Action

It offers Kapla Battle Ready effect for 10 seconds, followed by two Physical Damage hits that usually target the front row of opponents. Physical Damage matches 200% of ATK. 

Moreover, Battle Ready stacks up decent Health every second equaling 12% of ATK, and induces an 18% increase in damage dealt. Furthermore, it shrinks the taken damage at a similar rate too. 

  • Undaunted

For Kapla, her Undaunted skill summons a solid 180% of ATK equalling Shield that lasts up to 15s. It also dishes out Physical Damage to the front row opponents. Physical Damage matches 300% of ATK. 

Moreover, it shrinks the enemy’s Physical Defence potential up to an amount that’s equivalent to 30% of your ATK.

  • Tit for Tat

Will activate the Undaunted skill after every eight hits from the opponent’s side. 


  • Spear of Oath

Inflicts Physical Damage to all enemies. The damage matches ATK of up to 240%. Let Raphan enjoy more than a 50% chance to render sturdy Rip-off hits if in the Wolf Spirit state.

This way, Raphan boosts the taken damage of enemies hit by the Spear of Oath damage, that too, by a whopping 20%. 

  • Hameln’s Bloodline

Triggers the lethal Wolf Spirit state while also awakening the forbidden bloodline. Boosts Self ATK as well as heal equal to 30% and 15% of the damage inflicted, respectively. 

While in the Wolf Spirit state, Hameln’s Bloodline inflicts Physical Damage to all enemies. The damage matches ATK of up to 300%, as well as summons damage absorbing shield for 10s. 

Damage taken can range up to 180% of ATK.

  • Wolf Spirit’s Protection

Raphan induces self-heal along with immunity to all incoming damages whenever hit by a lethal attack. The healing effect equals nearly half of the max Health, lasting for about 3 seconds. 

Nevertheless, the life-saving bounty can only be availed once per fight.


  • Demonsbane Spear

Inflicts Physical Damage to a single target, detaching all its helpful buffs. The damage matches ATK of up to 300%.

  • Dance of Legendary Beast

Swell Physical damage caused by the Demonsbane Spear to up to 50% while also decreasing incoming damage by 18%. Moreover, the skill helps Yui enter Soulbreaker status, consequently also turning his Normal Attacks into damage-dealing consecutive thrusts. 

  • Spear Princess

Shrinks incoming Magic damage by 10%. 


  • Break Free

Allows Isabel to send a sharp, lethal damage-dealing hook right into the ground, which ultimately emerges to attack a targeted back-row enemy. The attack dispels all buffs on the target, whereas the damage dealt equals 330% of ATK.

  • Suffered

Yet another call of death for enemies standing in the final row. The suffered skill uses up even the last remaining Chaos Energy to launch a powerful hit towards the back row of enemies, that too, five times in a row. 

Every hit deals damage that matches up to 180% of Isabel’s ATK. And this doesn’t stop just here. The Suffered skill renders a 120% ATK equalling bonus damage on every extra point of Chaos Energy used! 

  • Ideal Grace

Grants a 7.5% boost to Isabel’s Crit Chance for a whole 5-second duration. This will happen whenever Isabel casts Break Free, stacking up to at least five times in a row. 


  • Arcane: Lustre Slash

Akasha is also the fiercest foe of any Revived Witch boss standing in the back ranks of its party. This gets particularly affirmed by the Arcane: Lustre Slash skill onboard as it renders massive damage to back-row enemies, six times at a time. 

And this just doesn’t stop here as the skill gets after the new back row of enemies as soon as the previous ones have fully met their fate. Anyways, Akasha’s initial hit renders damage matching almost 60% of ATK. Every attack damage later then swells by more than 10% following any slash that’s executed before. 

  • Meteor Slash

Inflicts Physical Damage to all enemies occupying the opponent’s back rows twice. It also swells Crit DMG by 10% and Crit Chance by 5% for 5s. These can then stack up to at least 50% and 25%, respectively.

  • Field of Swords

Grants a 10% chance of reduction in the energy requirement of every next Arcane: Lustre Slash skill activation. This would happen whenever taking out the Meteor Slash skill for use and will reduce the energy cost to 1 usually. 


  • Dashing Arrows

It inflicts 1% of extra damage with every attack made while also shrinking all enemy’s Physical Defence potential. This decrease usually matches 1% of self ATK. 

  • Azure Wind

Renders five attack hits toward specific targets, each inflicting Physical DMG that matches up to 60% of Celanya’s ATK. Even the ally party benefits as all members are then, for 10 seconds, allowed to inflict extra Physical DMG that matches up to 30% of Celanya’s ATK.

  • Blast Arrows

Launches three consecutive attacks towards the enemies, each potent enough to deal at least 30% of ATK matching Physical DMG.

The Miracle Catherine

  • Banner of Glory

Summons an absorbing shield for 10 seconds, sturdy enough to take damage equalling more than 100% of Physical Defense. To all allies, The Banner of Glory also induces the potent Blessing of Glory effect, which lasts for about 10 seconds. 

Upon inflicting damage five times straight, this skill also grants a large-scale, extra ATK equalling Physical DMG. This is further followed by a brief stunning effect that ultimately decreases the Physical Defense of the target by up to 60% of Catherine‘s rate of DEF.

  • Deity Aegis

Another excellent defense-improving skill. For a start, Deity Aegis offers immunity against five upcoming hits followed by a quick boost of Magic DEG and Physical DEF, which equals 3% of Catherine’s Max Health. 

Meaning players are all protected from any approaching Physical DMG while also stacked up with enough shielding. Not only this, but the allies are guarded, too, given how smoothly Deity Aegis redirects the hits that come this way. 

The skill also helps recover any lost amounts of Health, matching 30% of Catherine’s Physical DEF. 

Swells the amount of damage taken by the enemies. The rate of increase remains small, just 15%, but for a long while (usually more than 10 seconds). 


  • Holy Radiance

Inflicts Magic DMG to all enemies at once. Damage dealt matches 300% of Afallen’s ATK and also induces a 40% reduction to each target’s Magic DEF for a period of 10 seconds. The skill also dispels enemies’ buffs leaving them with almost no defense potential. 

  • Barrier

Summons a damage-absorbing shield, fit enough to take in as much damage as 24% of Afallen’s max Health. Within 10 seconds of activation, the shield also bounces off damage intended towards the ally party. 

During the period, the Barrier skill even boosts the ally party’s Magic DEF and Physical DEF by a whopping 54%. What else? Well, Afallen’s companions are lucky enough to also enjoy a 2-second immunity effect against all types of damage. 

  • Light of the Sanctuary

After taking damage, Light of the Sanctuary will make Afallen automatically activate the Holy Radiance 15 times.


  • Venom Eruption

Inflicts Magic DMG to all enemies at once. Damage dealt matches 180% of Ushpia’s ATK and induces massive amounts of Poison to the enemies. What’s even more interesting is the fact that with every dealt Poison, enemies are served with some extra Magic DMG, usually matching 30% of Ushpia’s ATK.

Similar to the Venom Eruption skill, Poison Mist inflicts Magic DMG to all enemies at once. Damage dealt matches 120% of Ushpia’s ATK and also activates for 5 seconds a stack of Poison. However, unlike before, this skill by Ushpia is able to stack more than ten times in a row. 

The stacking Poison later serves the enemy with extra Magic DMG every second (up to 20% of Ushpia’s ATK, slightly less than before).

  • Paralyzed

Allows Ushpia to activate Venom Eruption, which renders enemies a sturdy stun effect for 0.5 seconds.


  • Natural Law

Grants a healing buff to all allies that equals 15% of Mayahuel’s ATK.

  • Starlight Wrath

Inflicts Magic DMG to random three targets by activating the Power of Stars. Damage matches 120% of Mayahuel’s ATK and dishes off Soul Disperse to the target for 10s. Such an effect helps shrink nearly half of the enemy’s Magic DEF. 

  • Storm of Nature

Hit every enemy up to three times. Each of such hits deals Magic DMG, which matches up to 60% of Mayahuel’s ATK.


  • Waxing Moon

It offers an 8% chance of generating an Order energy whenever Mineer deals any damage. Also, Waxing Moon induces a 20% boost to damage potency for a whole 5-second period. 

  • Moonlight

It inflicts Magic DMG to a single enemy at once. Damage dealt matches 180% of Mineer’s ATK while also applying to the same target a Magic Spread effect which lasts for about 5 seconds. 

The Magic Spread effect ensures that the target receives bonus Magic DMG whenever Mineer makes an attack. The extra damage dealt equals 60% of his ATK.

  • Overflowing Magic

Absorbs almost all the remaining Order Energy in order to dish out attacks towards a single target repeatedly. The initial hit launched will render Magic DMG matching up to 100% ATK, while the rest will convey only 7% extra damage. Pretty decent, we would say. 


  • Soul Collection

Every other 20-second gap will look heavenly with Metamorphoses onboard as its Soul Collection boosts self ATK by at least 20% for the next 10 seconds. 

  • Emotion Surge

Inflicts Physical DMG to all enemies at once. Damage dealt matches 240% of Metamorphoses’ ATK and swells the Borrow effect by 100% for 5 seconds. Moreover, the Emotion Surge skill boosts the onboard damage potential as well as the healing capacity of all allies’ by 60%.

  • Borrow

Renders a potent team-wide healing effect equalling Metamorphoses’ more than 120% of ATK. It changes the mask and, depending on the new one, applies different buffs. However, while doing so, the Borrow skill ensures that the buff of the previous options lasts for at least 5 seconds. 

Anyways once you have joined the fight, Metamorphoses’ this skill will automatically activate Rage, Joy, and Sorrow once. With Rage at your disposal, you can swell ATKs of the rest of the team up to 24%, whereas 12% with Joy. Sorrow, on the split hand, will shrink their incoming damage by 12%.


  • Kalavin

Boost for all allies their damage rendering capacities by up to 10%. This lasts 5 seconds and will stack up to at least 20%.

  • Seigaiha

Inflicts Magic DMG to all enemies at once. Damage dealt matches 270% of Amanami’s ATK and swells each enemy’s rate of taking Magic DMG by 30%. This lasts for about 10 seconds. 

  • Radiant Wheel

Will grant an Order Energy and recover the health of every ally at a rate matching up to 258% of Amanami’s ATK. Radiant Wheel is also known to boost every ally their ATK for 10 seconds.


  • Surprise

Upon casting the Mysterious Giftbox skill (more on that later), Surprise grants an extra 20% chance of Crit chance boosting to Dorin’s entire team.

  • Mysterious Giftbox

Here’s the skill that Surprise too eagerly helps in improving. As the name suggests, the skill enables Dorin to dish out Physical damage dealing box-like items. The boxes then explode to render as much damage as equal to 180% of Dorin’s ATK. 

Mysterious Giftbox skill can even render a damage-boosting effect that maxes up to 20%%. Meaning as if the exploding boxes weren’t enough, this skill will offer all Dorin users great buffs throughout the journey. 

  • Careful Preparation

The Careful Preparation even further strengthens the previous two skills by priming all allies with enough potency. Meaning this skill will be inflicting a team-wide 20% boost in ATK as well as Crit DMG, that too, for a period of 10 seconds. 


  • Enraptured

Whenever Eddine uses a skill, Enraptured will grant a 10% boost to the Magic DMG dealing potentials of all allies for up to 15 seconds. This can happen up to 5 times in a row. 

  • Into A Dream

Will greet all enemies with Slumber for 10 seconds. Slumber will stun them, shrinking their Magic DEFs for up to 3 seconds. The overall reduction matches 18% ATK of Eddine.

  • Surreal

Eddine will be offered a potent Dreaming effect for a 10-second duration, where she’ll be able to attack all her foes with Magic DMGs. The damage rendered will match up to 240% of her ATK, followed by a further 18% increase later. The dreaming effect also boosts the regeneration rate of Eddine’s Order Energy by a whopping 48%.


  • Forbidden Dark Moon

Grants a party-wide healing buff matching Tuonel’s 30% ATK. This lasts for about 10 seconds and also activates Nightwish, boosting every ally’s damage-dealing power by up to 15% of the ATK of Tuonel. What’s more? Nightwish also revamps up to 24% of the ATK of Doll, providing even massive overall strength. 

  • Equal Healing

It grants an even more sturdy healing buff than before, this time matching up to 96% ATK of Tuonel. A cherry on top, the Equal Healing skill can also summon a damage-absorbing Shield potent enough to take up enough damage for 5 seconds. 

  • Child of Taboo

Will generate a single Chaos Energy for Tuonel after every 4 seconds.


  • Deep Breath

Will generate a single Chaos Energy for Amorai whenever employing the skill Diagnosis.

  • Medical Precaution

Summons a potent Shield for every ally that lasts for about 15 seconds and matches Amorai’s 18% ATK. Consequently, all targeted allies also receive a substantial 30% boost in Crit DMG, ATK, and DEF, all for 10 seconds. 

  • Diagnosis

An excellent ally healing skill since it renders effect equivalent to Amorai’s 180% ATK followed by a surprising activation of Psyched. Psyched will undermine up to 20% of the target’s Physical DEF, making them highly vulnerable for quite a long time, usually for a duration of 15 seconds.

Tier List Rankings Explained

Rankings explained S to C
Revived Witch Tier Rankings Explained!

Our tier lists have always laid forth a systematic ranking of all in-game characters, and the Revived Witch tier list is no different. Despite the role or rarity, we will be assigning every available character an overall rank as well as a rank in their respective roles. 

The entire process is based on several analyzing factors as well as the general view that prevails amongst related gamers all around the globe. All in all, you must know that you are getting a definitive Revived Witch hierarchy there can ever be. 

Following the standard code of ranking, we will tour from the best to the worsts, all divided into four distinct tiers. The top tier is, of course, the home for the mighty ones, whereas the last tier holds the weakest characters of the caste. 

More about each tier from S to C is discussed down below but before that, just know this as a rule of thumb: the more robust the character you choose, the more chances of winning you can bid for yourself. 

We definitely recommend using the best characters (as defined by this tier list) if you aim to improve and ultimately triumph as a better player. However, here’s when you must also trust your gut and go with whichever character you prefer despite its ranking. 

In the end, RPG gaming still remains highly influenced by one’s personal style of play, and this is when we won’t recommend you to compromise on personal preferences. In short, prioritize picking the top-tiered Revived Witch heroes only but don’t forget that your S-tier-like champ might be waiting for you in the lower ranks.

Revived Witch Tier List Criteria 

That concludes the tier list that we built with immense effort in order to put forth one of the most up-to-date Revived Witch hierarchies ever. Our team has employed multiple ways of making sure of that, including player feedback as well as valuable on-field data from tournaments.

We also practically examined every character ourselves to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and other extra abilities. 

Consequently, our tier rankings closely correspond to how each unit outputs in varying situations, so you know you are treated with the most knowledgeable character guide above. 

Our other primary intent behind concentrating our tier list on a variety of determining factors is so that we can cater to players belonging to every niche and playstyle. No two RPG players can ever be the same, and our team respects them all. 

The character that might perform in one player’s case might not do as much in another’s, consequently forcing us to induce as much versatility to our tier list as possible. Hopefully, we seem to have succeeded in that. 

Nevertheless, if you still couldn’t relate to any part of our post, know that it’s ok, and you can always go with your heart (no matter if it’s even directing you to a lower tier!). Moreover, don’t forget to keep a regular check of the post since we don’t want you to miss any changes that may take place. 

Yes, we will update our tier list as soon as there’s any recent release of a patch, and since such incomings tend to impact a game’s balance and mechanics significantly, we would surely want you to come back often. 

We at eXputer also like to keep our posts updated as per general readers’ feedback; therefore, you are appreciated to coin down your opinions in the comment box below. 

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