World Flipper Tier List: All Characters Ranked [2023]

Get to know the best World Flipper characters before it's too late!

The action-packed World Flipper is a Pinball based release whose anime-themed mechanics has taken the entire gaming realm by storm! Because just like any game, characters here are supercritical, too, our World Flipper tier list comes to the rescue. 

Key Takeaways
  • World Flipper offers up to 160 fighting characters divided across seven distinct roles, namely Sword, Special, Fist, Archer, Staff, Swordsman, and Support.
  • Since not every unit of the horde is viable enough to be considered for an only-six-characters playing team, we have ranked only the most competitive options. 
  • Overall efficiency across the entire World Flipper anime-themed realm, elemental ATK and DEF stats, and team-building potential is considered for ranking all viable character choices. 

  • World Flipper characters that meet these criteria due to their superior strength include Clarisse, Veron, Phillia, Lazelt, Alice, Rizelle, and Silty. All these units stand out as the number one choice of the majority of veteran players, while newbies can’t also resist choosing them. 

  • On the other hand, Glide, Jelal, Eleanor, Lunalu, Maria, Helga, Orouru, Kira, and Mino are characters that you should consider as mere fillers only.  
  • Nevertheless, some of them might still stick well with your specific playing style and circumstances.

Our Tier List Picks:

World Flipper Tier List Ranking Table 
Role/Ability S-TierA-Tier B-TierC-TierD-Tier
ArcherNephtimLeon, AlmAsukirimaruAzel, Yuel, Sharon, Hanabi
FistAlice, RizelleMarina, Suizen, CagliostroJayMercel, Finn, Glide
SpecialLazeltBercetia, SoniaWagnerArc, ArisaSoushiro, Jelal
SwordClarisse, Veron, PhilliaInahoLanner, Murakumo, EcreelShiroLiam, Mia, Eleanor, Lunalu, Marianne, Eliya, Bianca, Amelia, Helga, Orouru
SupportDearKira, Mino, Andy

World Flipper Character Rankings 

World Flipper S to D
World Flipper Tier Rankings

The World Flipper game keeps up to 160 characters at its global players’ disposal, out of which it demands a team of 6 in order to fight off foes. 

Though most players usually go with a 1:1 ratio when it comes to employing mains and supports, the versatility of the best units onboard allows you to set your own combinations. 

As if finding 6 worthy companions wasn’t tricky enough, selecting a best-fit leader out of them is also a unique responsibility that comes with team building. Instead of making you bored with a never-ending tier list, our perfectly grouped tiers will get you through the job in an instant. 

Going with the general layout, our World Flipper tier list is supported by five distinct tiers. In there, we have ranked every necessary in-game character but sticking to our promise of not getting you bored, our tier list does not explain them all.

Instead, the hierarchy is followed by a separate section of the best characters dedicated to discussing their pros and cons. This way, you will instantly get to an appropriate character without spending tons of time. 

If that too seems hefty, then just know that the dwellers of the S and A tiers are the ones who deserve your priority. However, that by no means classifies the rest as useless. 

You can always go with units ranking in the B or even D tier, but only if you are 100% sure of their viability in your specific case. That said, here’s the ranking you all have been waiting to see: 


Going with the general rules of in-game element ranking, this S-tier also houses the best of the bests. The characters here are extremely overpowered and can effortlessly hold dorm ground against all opponent types. 

They already possess massive damage per second but can be upgraded to their even better potential. Players with the aim of winning all World Flipper levels with style should keep their utmost focus on collecting the S-tier units only. 

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World Flipper Character Rarity Role 
Phillia5 StarSword
Lazelt5 StarSpecial 
Rizelle4 StarFist
Silty5 StarStaff
Alice4 StarFist
Veron5 StarSword
Clarisse5 StarSword


After the DPS heroes come the DoT(damage over time) units of World Flipper. Due to this specialty and a few minor downsides, the buddies of A-tier might not be as strong as those ranked above, but they are definitely one of the cast’s best ones. 

Make sure to support A-tier heroes with other members of the party, for suppose even a D-class unit and see them ace like never before. For players looking for a worthy companion who could handle most foes, if not all, the units ranked here are definitely worth picking.

World Flipper Character Rarity Role 
Nephtim5 StarArcher
Sonia5 StarSpecial
Cagliostro5 StarFist 
Inaho5 StarSword
Suizen5 StarFist 
Bercetia5 StarSpecial 
Marina5 StarFist 


Units ranked here aren’t powerhouses but are still somewhat mighty enough to be considered a decent force against foes. It would be best if you, however, couple the B-tier characters with those placed above to unleash more. 

We’ll recommend not investing a lot of resources on these if fellas of the S or A tier don’t seem too inaccessible in your case. 

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World Flipper Character Rarity Role 
Ecreel5 StarSword 
Alm4 StarArcher 
Wagner5 StarSpecial 
Murakumo5 StarSword 
Leon5 StarArcher 
Lanner4 StarSword 


The C-tier units sit slightly below average, therefore housing the ability to get through some combats. However, please don’t risk the crucial ones with them as they are the least likely to win every time. You can still try them with a variety of team compositions. 

That said, the C-tier World Flipper characters are good for casual/fun battles where winning isn’t a matter of life and death. Employ these buddies only when you have no other picks to choose from.

World Flipper Character Rarity Role 
Arisa4 StarSpecial 
Asukirimaru4 StarArcher
Dear4 StarSupport 
Rams4 StarStaff
Shiro4 StarSword
Jay4 StarFist 
Arc4 StarSpecial
Regis4 StarSwordsman


World Flipper beginners who are just starting with mobile games might feel good with the D-tier units. But believe us, the feeling will only decline once the game progresses. We recommend shifting as soon as you find a better-ranked unit on offer. 

Nevertheless, players who somehow manage to unleash greater than the usual output from the D-tier units should continue using them. 

World Flipper Character Rarity Role 
Marianne4 StarSword
Glide4 StarFist
Lunalu4 StarSword
Jelal4 StarSpecial 
Eleanor4 StarSword 
Hanabi4 StarArcher
Mia4 StarSword
Finn4 StarFist 
Liam4 StarSword 
Sharon4 StarArcher 
Orouru4 StarSword
Helga4 StarSword 
Soushiro4 StarSpecial 
Andy4 StarSupport 
Mino4 StarSupport
Yuel4 StarArcher
Amelia4 StarSword 
Azel4 StarArcher 
Bianca4 StarSword
Mercel4 StarFist 
Kira4 StarSupport 
Eliya4 StarSword 

Best Characters In World Flipper 

Best of world Flipper
Best Characters of World Flipper

Though the S and A tiers typically house the most viable picks of a game, characters who will prove your best fits ultimately depend on your specific circumstances. 

Therefore, we have decided to put some light on the top World Flipper units of all time depending on not only their general effectiveness but also the specific output. 

The most important thing that we have considered is their ATK and DEF stats, plus also the extra perks that come bundled along. This means the bests of our World Flipper tier list will be able to absorb as much damage as they can deal out (or even more!).

That said, here those stars of the World Flipper show are! 


RaceHuman / Spirit
Leader SkillsAbyssal Gate: Increases Dark character’s ATK by a whopping 140% whenever health is 50% or less. 
Activated SkillsCosmic Pierce: Grants an edge over dealing dark magic via enabling a portal towards the closest enemy. Damage is dealt at the expense of own HP. 
Abilities Ability 1: 30% increases in self ATK 

Ability 2: Increases ATK of all Dark World Flipper allies by 30% whenever their HP is 50% or less. 

Ability 3: Increases character’s skill damage by a whopping 250% whenever health is 50% or less. 

This is a dark witch character of the game, belonging to the ranger class. Bercetia’s key features include more than 50% health and the ability to swell her team’s attacks stat by a whopping 140%. Her skills range from the extra special portal opening Cosmic Pierce to a bunch of basic ones.

Talking about Cosmic Pierce, Bercetia will literally come face to face by taking the foes by surprise via an immediate portal. She can then render as much dark damage as possible that too for a substantial exchange of HP that will cover any losses. 

As far as basic attacks are concerned, Bercetia can swell any winning attack by a solid 30% rate. Also, this character fully supports weakened allies with an HP of 50% or below. She expands their attack stat by 30% while also increasing her damaging skill BY 250%!


RaceHuman / Spirit
Leader SkillsClarisse-chan Most Kawaii: Increases Fire character’s skill damage by 125%. 
Activated SkillsAlchemic Flare: Deals massive damage with a frontal explosion. Within the affected area, the skill also inflicts a Fire RES debuff and removes one buff from enemies. 
Abilities Ability 1: Grants up to 80% refill to own skill gauge along with a 15% increase in own skill damage at the start of every battle. 

Ability 2:  Grants up to 150% increase to own skill damage upon every skill activation. 

Ability 3: Grants 15% refill to own skill gauge on every 5th downed enemy. 

This one is the pioneer of alchemy in World Flipper and a unique classed unit of the cast. Clarisse has a warming personality and is more pro towards fire-type characters, thanks to her powers, where she can boast a fire ally’s skills by a whopping 125% mark. 

Her main skills include Alchemic Flare, which sends explosive damage to the frontmost ranks of the opposing side. Besides dealing damage, Clarisse detaches all fire-type debuffs and a single buff from her foes too. 

On the split hand, her other abilities allow Clarisse to swell her own gauge filling potential by 80%, followed by a 15% boost in skill damage. If this seems lower to users, then they must also know that there’s also a greater version to skill damage boasting on board. 

Via her ability number 2, Clarisse can max over half of her skill damage upon every activation (sometimes up to 150%, too!). Last but not the least, Clarisse can stack her skill gauge equal to 20% upon downing her 5th target. Cool, isn’t it?


Leader SkillsCharismatic Captain: Renders a 15% increase to the character’s HP and 5% to ATK (Max 25%) with every 20th ball flip. 
Activated SkillsPirate’s Rush: Calls forth a ship of pirates to inflict massive damage to every enemy boarding on its top. It also deals extra fire damage with every hit rendered by pirate underlings (multiballs) who choose to join the fight. 
Abilities Ability 1: Grants 30% boost to own ATK. 

Ability 2: Grants an up to 60% (Minimum 12%) increase to the character’s ATK and up to 30% (Minimum 6%) increase to multiballs’ ATK with every 20th ball flip. 

Ability 3: Provides a 5-second long penetrating buff and an equally lengthy 50% increase in power flip damage with every 20th ball flip. 

Here comes the World Flipper character, who’ll receive the most benefits from Clarisse thanks to being a fire-type swordsman of the cast. Marina is known for boasting the entire party’s HP as well as attack rate by up to 30% via her random moves.

The character is especially useful for units of her kind, fire-type, as they will receive up to 25% boasts on every 20th ball flip in a row. Marina’s star of the show kind of ability is Pirate’s Rush, however. 

Via this ability, Marina can summon more than a few pirate ships and inflict fire attacks on her foes. Pirates accompany her in the entire scene shooting as many fire-dealing attacks as possible. Nevertheless, Marina’s other abilities include boasting her own attack potential by up to 60% on every 200th ball flip. 

While doing so, she doesn’t forsake her Pirate force, who’ll also be getting a 6% (maximum 30%) share in terms of attack boost. What’s more? The character also manifests a cool penetrating buff for more than 5 seconds at most, which strengthens the power of damage rendered by ball flipping damage.


Leader SkillsBlood of Kings: Provides a 40% (Minimum 4%) increase to the character’s ATK and Dark RES every time healing is activated. 
Activated SkillsLord’s Aegis: Summons a wall of shield and grants an increase in ATK,  Debuff RES, and a team-wide Elemental RES.
Abilities Ability 1: Increases ATK of all World Flipper allies by a whopping 60% whenever their HP is 80% or above. 

Ability 2: Grants a 10s long 30% increase to ATK with every 10th DMG taken. 

Ability 3: Boost’s all allies’ HP by 30% while also directing their damage taken towards Lazelt. 

Another swordsman in the realms on World Flipper but this time not of the fire type. Instead, Lazelt is related to the light attribute of the game, who, as already speculated, proves super beneficial for all light characters of the team. To start, Lazelt can boast the attack of such allies by a near half margin, mostly when they are being healed.

During this healing phase, Lazelt also makes sure to share with his allies some dark resistance that hides a surprising potential of maxing up to 15%. Anyways Lazelt’s key skills include Shell Embryo and a couple of basic abilities. 

With Shell Embryo, the character can summon an indestructible shield while also swelling his element’s resistant buffs, as well as imposing a heal regenerating buff. As far as Lazelt’s other abilities are concerned, he can boast 60% attack potential of all allies with an 80% or more HP. 

The character’s other basic skills are also more or less attack boasting ones except for skill 3, which will instead swell an ally’s HP that too with a whopping 30% while also receiving any incoming damage himself during the healing process.  


Leader SkillsNine-Tailed Animal Spirit Thunder Princess: Grants up to a 40% increase to the ATK of all Inaho-like lightning characters, along with a 30% boost to their fever mode durations. 
Activated SkillsThe Heavens Rumble, Beckon Lightning Forth: Inflicts lightning DMG and deals a paralyzing debuff on all onboard enemies by summoning a lightning storm. 
Abilities Ability 1: Provides a 15% increase in ATK to all lightning characters. 

Ability 2: Refills a fever gauge up to 25% with each skill activation triggered by a lightning character. 

Ability 3: Grants a whopping 200% increase to own ATK whenever Inaho is on Fewer mode. 

Inaho introduces us to a different World Flipper attribute after a series of fire types–the thunder attribute. Anyways if we talk about reality, she’s still pro-light characters for whom she offers a 40% increase in attack coupled with a 30% extension in the duration of their fever mode. 

The Beckon Lighting Forth is Inaho’s main skill through which she calls heavy damage dealing lightning storms. While on the go, the unit also knows how to deal a paralyzing effect to any opponent she faces. 

Nevertheless, other abilities include: helping a light character stack its fever reserves by 25%, boasting ally attacks by 15% and increasing her own attack by a whopping 200% whenever in fever mode! 


Leader SkillsWill to Return Alive: Boosts ATK and flip damage of all Wind Attribute Characters by 40%.
Activated SkillsFavorable Wind: Uses a mowed down stirring sword to summon a wind area damage dealing tornado in front of himself. Alongside area damage, it provides all allies an ATK boosting buff. 
Abilities Ability 1: Grants 15% swell in own HP. 

Ability 2: Boosts power flip damage to up to 60% (Minimum 10%) with every 30th combo count. 

Ability 3: Boosts ATK damage to up to a whopping 80% (Minimum 20%) every 3rd-time damage is received. 

Another best swordsman on our tier list. Leon relates to the wind attribute in World Flipper and is definitely a must-have character of a wind-unit-filled winning team, as he will greatly benefit his allies. Be that flip damage or just a basic attack, Leon is going to boast all types of skills and actions for his every wind friend by a whopping 40% rate. 

Leon’s horde of key skills unveils by first offering the Favourable wind ability. Via this, Leon manifests a sturdy show of sword actions creating a damage-dealing wind tornado against the foes. This way, the character inflicts the most possible wind damage to almost every opposing body in the area. 

Moreover, with his other skills, Leon can take almost the entire incoming damage of the third team player coupled with an HP gaining effect to remain majorly unaffected. Also, with every self-received damage, Leon’s basic skill can grant him  80% of extra attack potential, making him stronger than weak. 


RaceHuman / Sprite
Leader SkillsYou Simply Must Protect Me: Increases Water character’s ATK by a whopping 140% whenever their health is 80% or above. 
Activated SkillsAlice’s Umbrella: Renders water damage to all opponents and inflicts Levitate skills to teammates by performing a Jab action with the equipped Umbrella. 
Abilities Ability 1: Boosts own ATK by 60% whenever Float Buff is activated.

Ability 2: Boosts own ATK by 60% whenever health is 80% or above.

Ability 3: Boasts ATK to up to a whopping 125% (Minimum 25%) on every healing received. 

Ability 4: Offers teammates an 8-second brief float buff after every 60s period.

Ability 5: Boasts ATK to up to 60% (Minimum 3%) on every healing received. 

Ability 6: Allows up to 30 times of self heal equivalent to 1% Max HP whenever Float Buff is active. 

Ability 7: Boosts Water characters’ ATK by 25% whenever own health is above 60%. 

Alice is water attributed; hence be prepared to greet a heavily water-influenced arsenal than ever. With an 80% HP-filled Alice in your winning team, you can actually witness her dealing up to 140% boasted attack damage in a row. 

As far as abilities are concerned, she has got the Alice’s Wonderland Umbrella skill for a start. Via this skill, Alice continuously flushes high-pressure water dealing damage to every foe that comes in the way. 

While her enemies will be struggling for breath, Alice grants a float buff to all teammates, saving them from losing any HP. Coupled with the afloat buff, Alice will be increasing her own potential by 50%.   


Suizen is one heck of a companion for water-attributed allies. Pair Suizen with another mighty water hero like Alice and see your team excelling in World Flipper quests like never before. Anyways, Suizen can boast the entire team’s HP by 40%. 

She owns the Gu Poison Conjuration skill, via which she deploys a cursing radius for a while to shoot poison debuffs and water damage, lethal enough to make an enemy or two fall on the spot. 

This potential is coupled with Suizen’s extraordinary Ability 2 as it expands the damage done by poison by a whopping boost rate of 90%.


RaceHuman / Youkai
Leader SkillsBalanced Theory+: Boosts HP of water characters by 40%. 
Activated SkillsGu Poison Conjuration: Spans a cursing magic circle around Suizen for a brief while. Enemies that enter the area are inflicted with decent water damage and poison debuff. 
Abilities Ability 1: Grants a 20% Health buff to own self.

Ability 2: Grants a 90% Poison damage buff to own self.

Ability 3: Swells output damage by 20% of each Water character that targets enemies having Poison debuffs. 

Now that you are pretty aware of what the best damage-dealing heroes of World Flipper are, let’s now concentrate on siding some support buddies for you. To start with, we have one of our personal favorites, in fact, everyone’s favorite as depicted by most online tier lists–Philia the shrine maiden. 

With attributed wind, Philia can swell her own wind magic potential by a massive 115% rate when the rest of her wind allies have an HP of 60%. Sylphilia Breeze, however, is her skill that players most cherish. Though specially dedicated to wind combatants, it plays a decent hand in improving the entire team’s health in an instant.  

Philia also grants a float buff to her teammates coupled with the above skill. This way, all those employing her can rest assured knowing that the team is kept all healed and buffed to act as diligently in intense situations as winning squads do.  


Leader SkillsThrone of Fire: Grants 40% boost to ATK and Power Flip damage of all Fire Attribute characters. 
Activated SkillsProminence Blaze: Renders excellent fire damage to enemies by breathing out flame bursts. 
Abilities Ability 1: Boosts damage by Power Flip up to 30%. 

Ability 2: Swells own ATK stat by up to 60% (10% Minimum) with every 5th performed Power Flip. 

Ability 3: Boosts Power Flip damage stat by 40% and shrinks Combo Count by 5. 

Ability 4: Fills Skill Gauge with a bonus of 25% at every start of a battle. 

Wagner is a beast-like dragon who lurks in the World Flipper arena in thirst of the enemy’s blood. Being a fire-attributed archer, Wagner automatically favors fire attackers more than the rest, granting them a solid attack increase that maxes up to 40% and an equally rated potential of power flip damage. 

Like most dragon characters filling up the animated video game world, Wagner of World Flipper is also known for blazing fire onto his foes, dealing one of the most significant single attack damage than any other unit onboard. 

He supports this action by the very unique 

Prominence Breath ability that’s especially useful for blowing every front rank of the opposing party in an instant. Moreover, on every 5th flip damage move, Wagner boosts his own attack by 60%. 

This is further bundled with Wagner’s skill of lowering the counts required to activate one power flip and swelling its output by an additional 40% in no time. 


Leader SkillsTomboy Mermaid: Provides a 20% boost to HP and a 25% increase in the duration of Fewer Mode of all Water Attribute characters. 
Activated SkillsTidal Wave: Summons a colossal water stream to inflict massive water damage to all nearby opponents while also filling teammates’ Fewer gauges.
Abilities Ability 1: Swells ATK by 35% for all Water characters whenever they are on Fewer Mode.

Ability 2: Increases Water character’s ATK by 20% whenever Amelia’s health is 60% or above. 

Ability 3: Renders healing effect equivalent to 18% of own Max HP. This happens whenever the Fewer mode is active. 

Amelia is another great water pro hero of the tier list who has excellent water-gushing attacks to wipe off entire flocks of enemies in a blink of an eye. For instance, Amelia has this very amazing Tidal Wave skill in her arsenal. 

The skill gives off a huge enough water stream to reach a ranged radius dealing substantial water damage to every enemy caught by it. Also, Amelia is not only known to grant a 20% increase buff to alike units but an added 25% increase in the fever mode duration. 

Her other skills include solid healing capabilities like a 15% boost to health on maximum HP with every activation of fever mode. 


RaceHuman / Demon
Leader SkillsAshmaker: Provides a 50% boost to the ATK stats of all Fire characters. 
Activated SkillsCinderhail: Renders Fire DMG to enemies around by throwing billowing blows. 
Abilities Ability 1: Grants a 25% quick boost to own ATK. 

Ability 2: Grants a 60% (Minimum 6%) quick boost to own ATK on every 5th opponent downed. 

Ability 3: Shrinks Combo Count by 5 and swells own ATK stat by 40%. 

Well, this hero is quite an extraordinary pick, performance-wise as well as lookwise. Asukirimaru is a half-human, half-demon type of character attributed to fire. Employers can sit back and relax, knowing that having Asukirimaru in a team will keep their other fire-type units stocked with an extra 50% attack potential, always.  

Nevertheless, Asukirimaru’s Rikka Senshou skill is also worth your attention. The skill simply lets the character dart off arrows toward critical targets, inflicting massive fire damage to last them till they ultimately fall. On falling of every 5th enemy like this, Asukirimaru gets a maximum 60% increase of attack as appreciation. 

Like Amelia, Asukirimaru also has the special count-reducing feature whereby accessing power flips becomes a lot easier while also helping the unit enjoy yet another attack boost (this time of up to 40%). 


RaceHuman / Undead
Leader SkillsProvides a 20% boost to both the ATK and HP of all Fire characters. 
Activated SkillsDepression Soul: Fires into the X Cross up to four Spirit Orbs. Struck enemies are dealt massive Dark damage along with ATK debuffs. 
Abilities Ability 1: Boosts Skill Damage stats of Dark characters by 15% and reduces the number on their coffins by 2. 

Ability 2: Grants a 10% boost in dark damage taken to all opponents having Dark RED debuff. 

Ability 3: Boosts every revived Dark character’s Skill DMG by up to a whopping 150% (Minimum 50%) and renders healing effect equivalent to 10% of their max HP. 

This is a special user of the game who’s related to the attribute dark, as depicted by the coffin that’s always with him. Anyways it’s not you who should be terrified of Andy but the enemies who will surely get served right by Andy no matter what team composition you pick for him. 

Andy is basically an adventurer in World Flipper who’ll boast HP’s as well as attack strength at a 20% rate for his dark allies.   Via his Depression Soul skill, Andy dishes a bunch of dark damage-dealing spirit orbs. 

The damage caused is later scaled depending on the coffins, followed by a surprising grant of attack-oriented debuff that strikes them to the spot. Andy is also proficient in increasing damage rendering potential of revived dark units by 50%. This can even max up to three times more while also providing an added 10% perk of HP. 


Leader SkillsNinjutsu: Provides a 30% boost to ATK and 100% Skill Gauge refill to all Fire characters. 
Activated SkillsSaltpeter Peony: Renders Fire Damage to all enemies under the radius affected by Fling Bombs. 
Abilities Ability 1: Swells own ATK Stat by a whopping 40% (Minimum 8%) grant. 

Ability 2: Provides healing effects to Fire characters on every 20th occasion of Ball Flip. Healing is equivalent to 3% of their Max HP and lasts 5 times. 

Ability 3: Activates every own skill for a 10-second brief period. Each skill then inflicts direct hits of 40% extra DMG output.  

This character is excessively into bombs, but you don’t have to worry about that as they will only land on your enemy’s head. This fire-attributed fighter supports her party mates (usually fire-type ones) with a 30% initial buff and also fills for them their skill gauges. 

Benibottan is Hanabi’s most prominent skill to date, through which she sends every enemy straight to hell who tries messing with her collection of bombs. Moreover, with every 30th combo count in a row, Hanabi users will see her swelling all attacks to a maximum of 40%. 

This is somewhat similar in the case of ball flipping, too; at every 20th one in a row, Hanabi grants fire-type allies enough recharge of HP. Though this happens only five times per quest, getting HPs fueled up is always great, no matter the scenario. 

Our Tier List Criteria 

Though World Flipper puts a massive horde of characters at your disposal, putting aside some top-ranking ones will do more good than bad by setting you off on the correct path from the get-go. 

In-game element hierarchies have always been the best way to do that, and our World Flipper character tier list is no different. All your favorite units are compared in depth, covering the absence of any official ranking disclosed by World Flipper itself. 

Our team at eXputer has always indulged in extensive research before offering the readers unbiased, regularly updated and definitive pieces of hierarchies. Online research was followed by carrying out practical gaming sessions to induce even greater credibility. 

We do this with just one intent in mind every aspiring winner around the world gets to construct their best team without any issues faced. That said, we have tried our best to make the tier list as fair as possible, but of course, if you have any constructive feedback, don’t hesitate to share. 

Just drop us a comment in the box below, and we will surely get back to you at our earliest. Till then, good luck flipping the world on its heads! We can’t wait to know how your quest goes. 

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