World Flipper Tier List: All Characters Ranked [2023]

Get to know the best World Flipper characters before it's too late!

The action-packed World Flipper is a Pinball based release whose anime-themed mechanics has taken the entire gaming realm by storm! Because just like any game, characters here are supercritical, too, our World Flipper tier list comes to the rescue. 

Key Takeaways
  • World Flipper has 160 characters in seven roles: Sword, Special, Fist, Archer, Staff, Swordsman, and Support.
  • The ranking is based on overall efficiency, elemental ATK and DEF stats, and team-building potential.
  • Top-performing World Flipper characters include Clarisse, Veron, Phillia, Lazelt, Alice, Rizelle, and Silty.
  • Characters like Glide, Jelal, Eleanor, Lunalu, Maria, Helga, Orouru, Kira, and Mino are considered fillers and may not offer the same strength as top picks.

Before we take a look at our Tier List, let us check out the comparison between the Characters:

Character NameTierRarityRaceRoleAttribute
PhilliaS Tier5 StarHuman/SpiritSwordWind
LazeltS Tier5 StarHumanWarriorLight
RizelleS Tier4 StarHumanFistWater
SiltyS Tier5 StarHumanWarriorWind
AliceS Tier4 StarHuman/SpiritAttackerWater
VeronS Tier5 StarHumanSwordsmanDark
ClarisseS Tier5 StarHuman/SpiritSpecialFire
NephtimA Tier5 StarHumanSpecialLight
SoniaA Tier5 StarHumanSwordWater
CagliostroA Tier5 StarHuman/SpiritSupportThunder
InahoA Tier5 StarYoukaiSpecialThunder
SuizenA Tier5 StarHuman/YoukaiSupportWater
BercetiaA Tier5 StarHuman/SpiritArcherDark
MarinaA Tier5 StarHumanSwordFire
EcreelB Tier5 StarHumanSwordLight
AlmB Tier4 StarFiendBruiserDark
WagnerB Tier5 StarDragonAttackerFire
MurakumoB Tier5 StarUndead/SpiritSwordWind
LeonB Tier5 StarHumanSwordWind
LannerB Tier4 StarHumanSwordWater
ArisaC Tier4 StarHuman/SpiritArcherWind
AsukirimaruC Tier4 StarHuman/DemonArchorFire
DearC Tier4 StarHuman/MachineStaffLight
RamsC Tier4 StarDragonSpecialThunder
ShiroC Tier4 StarBeast/HumanFistWind
JayC Tier4 StarHuman/BeastStaffThunder
ArcC Tier4 StarHumanWarriorFire
RegisC Tier4 StarHuman/MachineArcherThunder
MarianneD Tier4 StarHumanArcherDark
GlideD Tier4 StarHumanSwordFire
LunaluD Tier4 StarHuman/BeastSpecialThunder
JelalD Tier4 StarHumanSwordLight
EleanorD Tier4 StarHuman/SpiritSwordThunder
HanabiD Tier4 StarHumanBruiserFire
MiaD Tier4 StarHuman/BeastFistWind
FinnD Tier4 StarHumanSwordLight
LiamD Tier4 StarHuman/SpiritArcherDark
SharonD Tier4 StarHumanFistWater
OrouruD Tier4 StarHuman/BeastSwordWind
HelgaD Tier4 StarBeast/HumanBruiserWind
SoushiroD Tier4 StarHumanSwordWind
AndyD Tier4 StarHuman/UndeadSpecialDark
MinoD Tier4 StarHuman/BeastFistThunder
YuelD Tier4 StarHumanWarriorWater
AmeliaD Tier4 StarHumanSpecialWater
AzelD Tier4 StarHumanSwordFire
BiancaD Tier4 StarHumanSpecialFire
MercelD Tier4 StarHuman/SpiritArcherWind
KiraD Tier4 StarHumanSwordLight
EliyaD Tier4 StarHuman/SpiritArcherLight

Our Tier List Picks:

Role/AbilityS TierA TierB TierC TierD Tier
SwordPhilliaSonia, MarinaEcreel, Murakumo, Leon, LannerGlide, Jelal, Eleanor, Finn, Orouru, Soushiro, Azel, Kira
WarriorLazelt, SiltyArcYuel
FistRizelleShiroMia, Sharon, Mino
SpecialClarisseNephtim, InahoRamsLunalu, Andy, Amelia, Bianca
ArcherBercetiaArisa, Asukirimaru, RegisMarianne, Liam, Mercel, Eliya
SupportCagliostro, Suizen
BruiserAlmHanabi, Helga
StaffDear, Jay


Going with the general rules of in-game element ranking, this S-tier also houses the best of the bests. The characters here are extremely overpowered and can effortlessly hold dorm ground against all opponent types. 

Character NameRarityRaceRoleAttribute
Phillia5 StarHuman/SpiritSwordWind
Lazelt5 StarHumanWarriorLight
Rizelle4 StarHumanFistWater
Silty5 StarHumanWarriorWind
Alice4 StarHuman/SpiritAttackerWater
Veron5 StarHumanSwordsmanDark
Clarisse5 StarHuman/SpiritSpecialFire


After the DPS heroes come the DoT(damage over time) units of World Flipper. Due to this specialty and a few minor downsides, the buddies of A-tier might not be as strong as those ranked above, but they are definitely one of the cast’s best ones. 

Character NameRarityRaceRoleAttribute
Nephtim5 StarHumanSpecialLight
Sonia5 StarHumanSwordWater
Cagliostro5 StarHuman/SpiritSupportThunder
Inaho5 StarYoukaiSpecialThunder
Suizen5 StarHuman/YoukaiSupportWater
Bercetia5 StarHuman/SpiritArcherDark
Marina5 StarHumanSwordFire


Units ranked here aren’t powerhouses but are still somewhat mighty enough to be considered a decent force against foes. It would be best if you, however, couple the B-tier characters with those placed above to unleash more. 

We’ll recommend not investing a lot of resources on these if fellas of the S or A tier don’t seem too inaccessible in your case. 

Character NameRarityRaceRoleAttribute
Ecreel5 StarHumanSwordLight
Alm4 StarFiendBruiserDark
Wagner5 StarDragonAttackerFire
Murakumo5 StarUndead/SpiritSwordWind
Leon5 StarHumanSwordWind
Lanner4 StarHumanSwordWater


The C-tier units sit slightly below average, therefore housing the ability to get through some combats. However, please don’t risk the crucial ones with them as they are the least likely to win every time. You can still try them with a variety of team compositions. 

Character NameRarityRaceRoleAttribute
Arisa4 StarHuman/SpiritArcherWind
Asukirimaru4 StarHuman/DemonArchorFire
Dear4 StarHuman/MachineStaffLight
Rams4 StarDragonSpecialThunder
Shiro4 StarBeast/HumanFistWind
Jay4 StarHuman/BeastStaffThunder
Arc4 StarHumanWarriorFire
Regis4 StarHuman/MachineArcherThunder


World Flipper beginners who are just starting with mobile games might feel good with the D-tier units. But believe us, the feeling will only decline once the game progresses. We recommend shifting as soon as you find a better-ranked unit on offer. 

Nevertheless, players who somehow manage to unleash greater than the usual output from the D-tier units should continue using them. 

Character NameRarityRaceRoleAttribute
Marianne4 StarHumanArcherDark
Glide4 StarHumanSwordFire
Lunalu4 StarHuman/BeastSpecialThunder
Jelal4 StarHumanSwordLight
Eleanor4 StarHuman/SpiritSwordThunder
Hanabi4 StarHumanBruiserFire
Mia4 StarHuman/BeastFistWind
Finn4 StarHumanSwordLight
Liam4 StarHuman/SpiritArcherDark
Sharon4 StarHumanFistWater
Orouru4 StarHuman/BeastSwordWind
Helga4 StarBeast/HumanBruiserWind
Soushiro4 StarHumanSwordWind
Andy4 StarHuman/UndeadSpecialDark
Mino4 StarHuman/BeastFistThunder
Yuel4 StarHumanWarriorWater
Amelia4 StarHumanSpecialWater
Azel4 StarHumanSwordFire
Bianca4 StarHumanSpecialFire
Mercel4 StarHuman/SpiritArcherWind
Kira4 StarHumanSwordLight
Eliya4 StarHuman/SpiritArcherLight

Our Tier List Criteria 

Though World Flipper puts a massive horde of characters at your disposal, putting aside some top-ranking ones will do more good than bad by setting you off on the correct path from the get-go. 

In-game element hierarchies have always been the best way to do that, and our World Flipper character tier list is no different. All your favorite units are compared in depth, covering the absence of any official ranking disclosed by World Flipper itself. 

Our team at eXputer has always indulged in extensive research before offering the readers unbiased, regularly updated and definitive pieces of hierarchies. Online research was followed by carrying out practical gaming sessions to induce even greater credibility. 

We do this with just one intent in mind every aspiring winner around the world gets to construct their best team without any issues faced. That said, we have tried our best to make the tier list as fair as possible, but of course, if you have any constructive feedback, don’t hesitate to share. 

Just drop us a comment in the box below, and we will surely get back to you at our earliest. Till then, good luck flipping the world on its heads! We can’t wait to know how your quest goes. 

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