IShowSpeed Accused Of Racism Over Bizarre Conversation With Chinese Man, Apologizes Later

YouTuber IShowSpeed is being slammed for his racist encounter for repeatedly yelling "konnichiwa" to a Chinese man during the World Cup.

YouTuber and Twitch streamer, IShowSpeed has landed in hot waters several times for his racist and misogynistic remarks.

In December 2022, Speed traveled to Qatar to watch his favorite player, Ronaldo match in the FIFA world cup 2022. During the match, he decided to live stream the event.

However, during his stream, when a Chinese man passed by him, he called him back and asked him why he was wearing Argentina’s team shirt, Why you got on Argentina, bro?” When the man didn’t understand what he said, IShowSpeed repeatedly yelled ‘Konnichiwa’ to him which means ‘hello’ in Japanese.

Major Takeaways:

  • IShowSpeed has been accused of racism multiple times in the past.
  • Recently, during a FIFA world cup match, he repeatedly yelled ‘Konnichiwa’ at a Chinese man, mistaking him for being Japanese.
  • After he faced massive backlash for being racist, Speed apologized in a video uploaded on his Twitter.

Watch the bizarre interaction in the video below. 

YouTube video


After Speed was massively slammed for his racist encounter, he released a video on his Twitter and tried to explain his side of things. He attempted to justify by saying, I wasn’t being racist to him. I promise you! I’ve seen him. I thought he was Japanese, so I said, ‘Konichiwa.'” He explained further,

Lastly, he apologized to his fans for being offensive,

If it came off as racist, I promise you, I did not mean it that way. You know? I got adrenaline-pushing. I’m making content. Loud streaming. I’m at the World Cup, watching Ronaldo play. Adrenaline pushing. I’d seen him with an Argentina shirt and you know, I just wanted to say, ‘What’s up,’ to him. You know, I love other races. I really didn’t mean to come off as racist.”

Earlier this year, he was banned from Valorant after his violent and misogynistic remarks against a female player, Is a b***h talking to me? Is a female talking to me? Am I tripping? Am I tripping or is a female talking to me? Is a f**king female talking to me? Get off the f**king game and do your husband’s dishes, b***h! Shut up! F**k you!

What do you think about these accusations on IShowSpeed? Share your thoughts in the comments section ahead.

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