Armored Core 6 Is The Second-Biggest FromSoftware Launch On Steam By Concurrent Players

The vehicular combat game has already overtaken the peak concurrent players of Dark Souls 3.

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  • Armored Core 6 has attained the second-highest peak concurrent player count for any FromSoftware title after launching on Steam.
  • The vehicular combat title has also registered itself as the fifth biggest launch on the platform in 2023, trailing behind Baldur’s Gate 3, Resident Evil 4, Sons of the Forest, and Hogwarts Legacy.

A short while after launching, Armored Core 6 has become the second-biggest release by FromSoftware on Steam, hitting 150,000 concurrent players at its peak on the platform. The vehicular combat game from Bandai Namco beat every Dark Souls game from the developer to achieve this feat while also becoming the fifth biggest launch of the year. Hence, the franchise’s first release on Steam has turned out to be a major success.

Armored Core 6 Steam
Armored Core 6 peak player count on Steam

With its impressive 150,000-player peak, Armored Core 6 overtook Dark Souls 3 to attain second place in this elite FromSoftware Steam ranking. The 2016 RPG debuted with a decent 129,000 concurrent players when it first launched to universal acclaim, placing at No.3 behind Armored Core 6. In addition, the mecha-combat title also got more users at its peak than 2019’s Game of the Year Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, which peaked at 125k players.

In the overall scheme of things, Armored Core 6 was only unable to beat Elden Ring in peak concurrent player count on Steam. The 2022 Game of the Year winner got a gigantic 953,000 users at the same time on the online platform when it came out early last year. To put this number into context, the role-playing title was the sixth biggest launch of all time on Steam and was also one of the highest for a single-player title without multiplayer.

Even though the Hidetaka Miyazaki masterpiece has lost most of its concurrent users now, its peak on the digital platform is still one of the best achievements in gaming and remains FromSoftware’s biggest success on Steam. Hence, Armored Core 6 missed the first spot by a long margin even with its tremendous peak player count. But, that should take nothing away from the game’s performance and owes more to how good Elden Ring is.

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Furthermore, Armored Core 6 is now also the fifth biggest launch on Steam this year due to its peak concurrent player count. Only some of the best and most popular titles released this year were able to beat out the Bandai Namco game in concurrent players. Resident Evil 4 was one of these titles as it stayed just above the combat game at No.4 with its 168,000-player peak.

Sons of the Forest, the 2023 survival title from Endnight Games, was a much bigger margin ahead of Armored Core 6 with its 414,257-player peak in 2023, placing it at No.3. Considering how both of these games have received universal acclaim and been major sale triumphs, especially Resident Evil 4, trailing behind them isn’t a bad look. Moving on, the current favorite of the gaming world, Baldur’s Gate 3, is No.2 in this ranking with its 875,343 peak.

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The RPG based on Dungeons & Dragons probably needs no introduction right now as its critical scores and sales speak for themselves. Last but not least, Hogwarts Legacy is still the biggest release of 2023 on Steam with its 879,308 concurrent player peak hanging by a thread at No.1 in the face of fierce competition from Larian Studios.

In conclusion, Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is one of the top 5 biggest titles on Steam this year and has become a solid success for FromSoftware so far. Only time will tell how far this success goes but considering its reception among fans and critics, it will probably have strong legs. The vehicular combat title from Bandai Namco is playable right now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and PC.

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