Counter-Strike 2’s New Update Changes Flashbangs, Fixes Bugs, Lag, And Crashes

The small update may prove to be a big improvement to the new phase of CS: GO.

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  • Counter-Strike 2 has received new patch notes from Valve, fixing many issues with crashes and flashbangs. The small update also tackles many existing glitches and server lag.
  • The flashbang has received a minor overhaul, letting players throw multiple in a sequence. A movement bug in the Dust II map causing players to slide across a curb was also fixed.
  • The Mirage map saw many improvements with bizarre wallbangs. The patch notes also fix the game crashes, alongside anomalies in the buy menu.
  • The sell back feature was fixed, and the buy menu should also match the hud color now. The inspect items feature and issues between the acknowledge panel and inventory were also changed.

Valve has recently pushed out a new small update for Counter-Strike 2, fixing a bunch of anomalies that have impeded the user experience. Many small yet pesky bugs have been fixed in the new patch, like movement glitches, server lag, and crash issues that caused many gamers to suffer coerced losses amid matches. Perhaps the biggest change is the new minor overhaul for the flashbangs, letting players throw multiple in a sequence.

Many bugs in the Mirage map were patched in the new update released on June 15. A specific spot near the bench was fixed to stop the server lag. Many strange wallbangs were also rectified, meaning that players can no longer shoot opponents through particular obstacles at weird angles. The screen during the end of the match was also adjusted to become smoother and more organic.

Counter-Strike 2's official announcement was nothing short of a pleasant surprise.
Counter-Strike 2’s official announcement was nothing short of a pleasant surprise.

The buy menu also saw some apparent changes in the new update; the sell back feature will now work more smoothly, and as intended. The buy menu also matches the hud color now, which has been a much-requested change by loyal Counter-Strike 2 fans. Similarly, the loadout features have also been improved in the new patch notes. The ability to inspect items and issues between the acknowledge panel and inventory was also improved.

Small glitches, like one occurring during refreshing the loadout tab and localization bugs were also fixed in the Counter-Strike 2 update. Moreover, the uninvited bundle of crashes during random moments in the game was phased out in the new patch notes. A few miscellaneous bugs and glitches were also tackled by the devs. A movement issue that would lead to a slide across the curbs in the popular Dust II map was fixed, for instance.

While no new game feature was added, the new patch notes help smoothen the Counter-Strike 2 gameplay for new and veteran players. However, there are many ways to enjoy the game, with a UI framework adding the ability to watch videos or streams inside the game for a fun time with friends.

It has only been a little while since the beta for the original CS: GO was rolled out for the small bunch of lucky players, and many updates have continued to improve the game in different ways. The beta build even leaked online for all gamers to test, but multiplayer was pretty much impossible with it. Moreover, Valve may even be working towards adding a mobile port for the Counter-Strike 2 in the future, as per recent datamined findings.

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