Dark And Darker Playtest Attracts Nearly 70,000 Concurrent Players

Over 50,000 users are simultaneously playing the cunning FPS dungeon experience right now.

Dark and Darker is a unique take on the FPS extraction genre, which amalgamates the fantasy and dungeon crawler genres. It is a hardcore multiplayer experience where both the monsters and the players are your foes. It forces you to be tactical and slow as you seek treasures before the opponents can finish you in a few hits only.

The title has been a great success, and its alpha playtest has introduced it to a lot of new users that appeared to have wholly enjoyed it. The result is apparent by the massive numbers of concurrent players that poured into the playtest. It has drawn a slew of users wanting a nibble of the upcoming cunning FPS dungeon crawler.

Major Takeaway

  • Dark and Darker is a hearty ode to the popular Dungeon crawler games that have long dominated the fantasy genre.
  • It amassed nearly 70,000 users playing concurrently in the alpha playtest for the game 19 hours ago, as recorded by SteamDB.
  • The title has over 50,000 players crawling the dungeon together, at the time of writing down the article, and the number is expected to cross its initial peak again.
  • The playtest will end in 2 days, and the game is expected to release in the fourth quarter of 2023.

The Steam tracking site, SteamDB has captured the inpour of players into the successful playtest, and it reveals how the numbers slowly rose over the days of the alpha testing. Dark and Darker seemingly drew nearly 70,000 players wanting a taste of the harsh and shrewd dungeon crawler during its all-time peak. 

Dark and Darker gathered over 70,000 players crawling in its dungeons simultanously 19 hours ago. The current figure is above 50,000.
The game gathered over 70,000 players crawling in its dungeons simultaneously 19 hours ago. The current figure is above 50,000.

At the time of writing down the article, the numbers are averaging above 50,000 users traversing the dim dungeons together. Moreover, Dark and Darker is currently the 22nd most-played game on Steam as it looms over AAA titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.

The title is currently holding the 22nd most-played game position on Steam.

It was much higher on the podium 19 hours ago during its all-time peak. The gruesome FPS dungeon crawler is currently only overshadowed by behemoths like Elden Ring and The Witcher 3. The title has seen two playtests in the past, but they were not as large or prolonged as the one currently dominating the storefront.

Dark and Darker’s current playtest began on December 10th, and with time, it attracted a variety of players as the game gained popularity. Many popular streamers and YouTubers also seemingly played and enjoyed the tactical and severe experience, further boosting the title’s growth.

The alpha testing will end in only two days; it is the perfect opportunity to play the game now. Dark and Darker is slated for the anticipated release next year, during quarter four of 2023. However, we may see more playtests as the game’s development progresses in the future.

Dark and Darker is an unforgiving and ruthless dungeon crawler experience that challenges you to survive gruesome monsters and other players halting your progress. It feels like an indelible fantasy venture coated with the new FPS extraction genre and a more realistic approach to dungeon crawlers. 

Team up with friends and survive the darkened labyrinths to find the hidden routes to escape with the treasure. Or test yourself and fend off each monster and player you see; the choice is yours.

What are your thoughts about Dark and Darker already garnering almost 70,000 active players crawling the dungeon menacingly? Do you think the game is as good as the hype has made it out to be in the gaming community? Do let us know your opinions in the comments below.

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