Modder Has Created A VR Version Of The First Far Cry Game

It even supports bHaptics vests.

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  • A Modder has created a VR mod for the first Far Cry game, and it comes with a few interesting features.
  • The mod has full roomscale 6DoF VR rendering and movement, along with motion controller support.
  • Players can use their hands to stabilize their guns and aim more naturally. Additionally, aim-mounted and vehicle guns can be pointed with the main hand.
  • Far Cry VR mod supports bHaptics vests and provides haptic feedback for damage, recoil, and more. 
  • The mod is completely free, and its creator has even provided installation instructions along with a manual. So, players can explore the world of Far Cry in virtual reality as soon as they want.

Holger “cabalistic” Frydrych has created a VR mod for 2004’s Far Cry, allowing players to experience the archipelago of Micronesia in virtual reality. The mod comes with several features, including full 6DoF roomscale, improved aiming, physical machete swing, support for bHaptics vests, and much more. Far Cry VR mod is available for free, and its creator has even provided installation instructions along with a manual.

YouTube video

Frydrych has done an incredible job with this mod, which is evident from the array of features that players can enjoy. You can play while seated or standing with VR motion controllers as there is a full 6DoF roomscale VR experience. 6DoF refers to the “six degrees of freedom” of movement of a rigid body in a 3D space. Players can also aim guns naturally using their two hands to stabilize the weapon.

Moreover, aim-mounted and vehicle guns can be pointed using the main hand. If you are a left-handed person, then fret not because the mod has left-handed support. To make things even more natural, players can climb ladders manually, as can be seen at the start of the video. Not to mention, the mod allows you to swing the machete physically so you can go wild as a buck.

Aside from all those features, the one that stands out the most is its full support for bHaptics vests, which provide haptic feedback for player damage, recoil, and more. This mod is completely free, and Frydrych has even provided an installation guide so players can get started immediately. In case of any confusion regarding the gameplay, the creator has also written a manual to answer your questions.

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Far Cry—the starting point of one of the most popular series—is a first-person shooter developed by Crytek and published by Ubisoft. It was released on PC in 2004, with the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions coming a decade later, in 2014.

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Far Cry VR

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